The two guardians followed the little girl to a stockade building. By this time, Dawn had noticed that she was being followed, but she did not know by how many or why. She did not care. Grovyle was in danger, and she needed to save him. "It's my fault that he is in there in the first place. I need to save him." She said to herself.

The two guardians smiled on the inside at hearing this. K.O. made the first move and landed next to her. Dawn jumped to her left in surprise. "Oh! What the…?" Mandara landed on the other side of her. "Ah!" She was startled.

"Calm down, Dawn. We came to help you." Said K.O. His voice was as calm as a lake, but as fluid as a river.

"How did…"

"We've been watching you since you entered the forest." Mandara explained as she stared at the stockade. She looked at all of the guards surrounding the stockade. She saw some small gaps in security that they could get in.

Dawn looked at them both and nodded. 'They must live in the forest.'

'Just like that, she accepts this? What a strange kid.' Mandara looked at Dawn with her piercing fiery black eyes.

"Well then, if you have a plan, I'd love to hear it. If not, I'm going in by instinct and hope I make it to Grovyle." Dawn looked at them both one more time to see if they did have a plan, neither did. She then nodded once more and ran towards the building. She dodged the guarding Sableyes as though they were not there. She ran over to the stockade and started to climb the dark, brown-bricked building. She used the brick ledges that were available to her to climb. 'Feels familiar, but a little worrisome as well. I think the term 'Rock-climbing' can be used here.' She climbed up to a window ledge and went in. K.O. just shook his head and the two guardians followed.

Once inside, Dawn found herself in a dark room. The room was so dark that it would blend with Dawn's lightning bolt. She took off her hat and shoved it into her bag so that it would not fall off. Her hair was in a ponytail so she did not have to worry about it getting snagged on something. She then closed her eyes and followed her instincts. The whole building smelled like fire, ashes, steel and death. Among those scents were two that did not fit. The smell of the sea, and the smell of the forest. The smell of the sea was near her, so she guessed that the blue little creature was it. 'K.O. was his name, if I remember the card right. So that means that Mandy is the other one.'

The forest smell was farther off and surrounded by the smell of ashes and death. Dawn walked towards the smell without faltering for a second. As she followed the scent, she noticed that she never crashed into anything, yet only her instincts guided her. It was as though she really could see in this darkness. Dawn stopped at the edge of a domed room that had a hole in the floor for someone to lift a chandelier and place a light in it. She opened her eyes and slid down the chain that held the chandelier slowly, and silently. Her eyes were full of determination. Her left eye glowed with the ferocity of a fierce forest lion, while her right grew to an even stormier ocean blue. Right below her was a death chamber. In that chamber was a pole in front of a fire. Tied to that pole was a beaten, bleeding, bruised, unconscious, smoking, and charred Grovyle.

Dawns eyes flashed with fear as she saw this. "Grovyle!" she whispered.

About three yards away was Darius, laughing all the while, his hands seemed to be smoking from just shooting at something. That something was Grovyle. "Now my Sableyes, finish the traitor off!"

A group of Sableyes started towards Grovyle with their claws outstretched for the kill.

'Oh no you don't!' Dawn jumped down right in front of the Sableyes and startled the purple, sable-eyed creatures. They stopped for a second, confused by the human that stood before them. "Stop right there." She had landed on her feet in a crouch position, with her ponytail right behind her. She stood up and lifted her head. Her eyes showed no fear, but instead, they showed anger. "I won't let you hurt him anymore."

Dusknoir looked at the child and recognized her to be the same child he had brought from the portal. "Who…?"

Dawn grabbed her little wooden sword and said, "I am Dawn!" She said this with such deliberation and energy, that each syllable seemed to radiate power. When she said her name, she had her sword raised in a defensive position. The Twilight side facing up, the gem in the hilt started to glow. When she had finished her sentence, the light from the sword became a bright, white light that seemed to consume everything. Dawn was still able to see though. She turned around to untie Grovyle, but then saw that K.O. was already on it. He nodded once and she in turn.

Mandara was busy on the defensive, because the Sableyes had gone on a rampage, as had Dusknoir. Dawn grabbed her slingshot and shot a few that were surrounding Mandara. Mandara nodded her thanks. Dawn then stuffed her slingshot into her trench coat pocket and at the same time, she blocked a Sableye's attack from her right. She now was defending with both hands on her sword as best as she could. She was only blocking, not knowing how to use a sword properly, she was afraid of hurting someone by accident.

Mandara dodged each attack with ease as though dancing with a soothing summer's breeze. She seemed to move with the ferocity of a wild fire with every attack from her.


Mandara looked at Dawn and noticed she was bleeding. Dawn was standing sort of wobbly, with her right foot in front, and her left behind her. She was clutching her right side with her left hand and had her right hand clutching her sword. Her eyes were full of determination and fury. Mandara started to move towards Dawn.

"Stop! Defend yourself. I'll defend the boys." Her eyes no longer showed those of a little girl. Instead, they had glowed with the eyes of a warrior who knew no mercy. Dawn then knocked down three Sableyes that were coming near her. She jumped near K.O. and Grovyle as they were about to be attacked. She countered the fury frenzy with one of her own. Her eyes now glowed with a tinge of grey. She seemed to have no control over her actions as she took down five Sableye. "We need to get out of here." She huffed. Her voice was even and strong.

Mandara nodded and started a fire ring around them. The ring blocked out all Sableye and Dusknoir. Its flames were bright and tall. The flaming tongues seemed to be trying to lick the Sableyes, but kept away from Grovyle and K.O. "Master, I hope you have a plan to get us out of here." Her voice was even and did not even show any signs of stress. It was as though she had been in worse, which she had. Her gaze was on the flames, concentrating hard.

K.O. nodded and said, "We need to get to a place where they can get medical attention. Try for route five, Unova region. The market in town will help."

Mandara nodded and stared at the flames with more intensity, as though trying to do something with them. Dawn sensed danger and started towards Mandara. Mandara took a glance at her and noticed that Dawn's eyes were completely filled with a grey and golden glow, as though filled with power. Dawn was no longer in control of herself. She was on the defense while everything was going on. Her slingshot was knocking out anyone who came close to the ring of fire, but it was as if she was completely possessed by something. Mandara looked at the flames again and said, "Teleport." She sounded unshaken, but she was concerned. She used her own abilities to drain some of Dawn's powers, which seemed ready to explode from her. 'This will help her so that she won't explode with energy. It will also help me so that I can get us all to safety.' The fires started to turn blue as soon as Mandara tried to use some of Dawn's energy. The fires flickered for a second and then burst into a shield like dome all around them.

Dawn regained her senses, but kept her look of determination. She looked around as her eyes faded back to normal. She was dizzy though. 'What happened? I was scratched, I remember that, but after that, what?' Her eyes rest on Grovyle, who was still unconscious, being supported by the Oshawatt, K.O. "Here, I'll carry him, you help Mandara, deal?" She offered.

"She's almost done, I've got him. You need to save your strength anyway. That's not exactly a paper cut you got, now is it?" He gestured to her side with a small smirk.

She did not really care at the moment and looked at Mandara. Mandara raised her arms and then seemed to swish them down in an attempt to silence the fires. As she did this the flames disappeared into the ground. They were no longer in the dome shaped room with the Sableye and Dusknoir. They were now in a cavern it seemed.