Pain is Pleasure
Summary: Pain was all he knew. His life was nothing but hell on earth that is until she reentered his lie. Join a teenage Vegeta, Bulma and the rest of the gang as they go through all the ups and downs of a teenage life and battle some post enemies and painful feelings. V/B, G/CC, K/18, and T/L
Warning: this story contains abuse, mature language, and minor self-harm later.
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Ch6 Drama

It was Monday 2 weeks after the events with Burter. The group had opted to forget about it while Bulma and Vegeta had overlooked their new "power." The gang walked into the cafeteria for breakfast. They took their usual table by the vending machine. Goku sat next to Chi-Chi, Krillin next to 18, Tien next to launch, Piccolo and Turles leaning against the wall, and Bulma and Vegeta sitting across from each other.

"Kami this morning is dull." Vegeta stated as he put his head down on the table before him. He had actually gone the morning without chasing Goku. Because of this he didn't have his usual kick of adrenalin he normally used to boost him through the day.

"I agree it's rather boring." Bulma told him. "This day needs a pick-me-up."

"Too bad they don't sell coffee on Mondays." Vegeta said.

"Yeah it sucks, the one day we need it the most." Bulma said.

The bell rang dismissing the students to class. The group all went their separate ways. Goku, Bulma, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, and Turles all decided to skip homeroom and wait in their first period English class. 18, Piccolo, Launch, and Tien went to first period history while Krillin was sent off to period one gym all alone.

The first period group strolled lazily into class early and choose seats in the back of the room. There were other kids in the room as well, there was only a sub in the room until Mr. "Perfect" was to arrive and soon he did. In walked a man wearing a green suit and he was clearly not human. He looked almost like a beetle. He walked in put his attaché case down, took out his papers, and began to write on the bored. The bell had now rung signaling the first period had started. Only seconds after in walked a boy about Goku's height wearing an orange jacket similar to Goku's. The Teacher stood up alongside the boy in front of the room.

"Now class." The teacher begun. "This is our new student Yamcha Lee. I expect you all to be kind and show him around the school." He looked at Bulma and Vegeta when he said this. "Mr. Lee please go sit by the blue haired girl, her name is Bulma. The one next to her is Vegeta; after going over your class list's you three had many classes together."

Yamcha made his way to the back of the room with a goofy yet fake smile. He was now about to see how well his deceptive skills really worked. He sat down in front of Bulma then turned around and looked at her. He smiled and she smiled back.

"Hey like he said I'm Yamcha. You're Bulma right?" Yamcha began the conversation.

"Yes, it's nice to meet you let me introduce you to my friends. That one with the wild spikey hair is Goku and next to him is his twin brother Turles." Goku and Turles waved and said their hellos. "This beautiful girl behind me is Chi-Chi, but she's already taken by Goku." They all chuckled and giggled except for Vegeta that is. "Last but not least this is Vegeta."

Yamcha said hello but Vegeta simply ignored him. For some reason he didn't trust this guy, not for a second. Vegeta could sense deception inside him, he could feel something that was the mixture of egotistical, evil, and a weak will. Vegeta didn't want to have anything to do with this guy at all. More importantly he didn't want Bulma to have anything to do with this guy. He had the thought that we would tell Bulma to stay away from Yamcha later. He wanted it to be later but then again it looked like fate wanted her to hear now. Unbeknown to Vegeta, Bulma had heard a base of his thought. In her heard his voice rung 'Stay away from him.' Over and over again his voice rang those words in her mind.

The bell rang dismissing the class from first period. They all hurried out of the room, away from that teacher. Goku and the others took Yamcha to second period Science which the whole group had together. Bulma had taken Vegeta to a hallway on the other end of the school; this wing was closed for construction so they wouldn't be bothered.

"Why don't you want me to go near Yamcha?" Bulma directly asked.

It took Vegeta a moment before he realized that Bulma must have heard his thoughts. "I feel evil within him. I'm not telling you to stay away but stay on guard. If anything happens let me know."

"You sound a bit worried. Could it be you actually care about me?" She asked in a joking tone.

Vegeta began to blush and quickly turned around to hide his red face. "Don't be stupid. I simply need you alive so I can exact my revenge for what happened when we were kids."

"Now I get why you're so brutally honest, you're a horrible liar." She giggled and pulled him by the wrist playfully. "Come on were going to be late."

Skip to the end of the day. Now leaving school.

Now that the day was over the gang was going to head over to the mall not too far from the school. Vegeta had to stay late and told the rest of the gang to meet him there; this left him with no idea of what was to come. When he finally got out of school an hour later he decided to just fly to the mall. On the way he got out his cellphone and began texting while flying, being a badass.

Vegeta's phone

Vegeta: hey Kakarot im on my way 2 the mall.

Kakarot: Ok…

Vegeta: ?

Kakarot: Don't get mad….

Vegeta: ?

Kakarot: ummm


Kakarot: Um Bulma told me you don't like him and all but…. Yamcha is here with us.

End conversation.

"I am going to hurt so many people." Vegeta said as he flew a bit faster.

He wanted to get to the mall for some reason. Actually he knew the exact reason why he wanted to get there; he didn't want the new guy with Bulma. He felt a connection to her and he could scene that there was something un-pure about that guy. Vegeta finally landed at the mall door and made his way to the "Chill spot." It was a new store that was made for kids to just hangout. Vegeta walked back through the store to the place where he normally hung out with the others. Goku was the first person he saw. Goku was waving his hands in the air warning Vegeta to not go into the back half of the store.

"Kakarot you look like an idiot stop." Vegeta said as he walked to the back.

Goku out his hand to his face and was worried about how Vegeta would take what was behind the door.

When Vegeta opened the door he was in utter shock. All he could do as he was staring at the sight in front of him. It was in that moment he yelled "WHAT THE FUCK?!" It was all he could do after seeing Bulma and Yamcha making out and about to go to third base.

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