A World Gone to shit

Reloaded, rearmed, Time to kick ass,

It was a winter day in Canada, Tasha and I were in school, this year we were suppose to be the school leaders The grade 12's but that fucked up badly, it was our lunch break and all the grade were going down the street to Mac's Tasha and I where too on our way to Mac's when we heard it a Grade Nine Girls High pitched scream, at first we ignored it but then we heard the girl scream "No get away!" I shot look at Tasha, she started running towards the cry for help, Tasha rounded a corner and lunged to a stop, as I caught up with her I noticed what she was staring at we had walking Into a group of people who looked like they had just been bulldozed by a garbage truck, and Lived, the grade Nine girl was no where to be found, then from a crowd of those People, Things, arose the girl she too looked like them, the looked like they were, well Im fact they looked like zombies, then as if we provoked the group they started running after us, we turned and ran for the safety of the school...

Dear anybody reading this, This here is the part 1 of 2 of a chapter I'm writing, anybody that has read my stories before will notice the title "A world gone to shit" I have re created the story with new characters, a new story and new location, the theme is Survival Horror, I am doing this because of my amazing girlfriend who finds the stories about me and her cute likes my stories, Thank you Tasha babe, This is a way that helps me express My words and if gives me a good feeling babe,