A World Gone To Shit, Chapter 4 A New Life

I went to Tasha and. Explained to her "you were right babe, we are going to get transportation and food from here babe and maybe some weapons, and we will fight on our own babe we will find Rayndon my brother parents Kurt Ect we will fight together and make our own group babe" Tasha stood there processing what I just said, "of course babe I will go with you, " she finally replied, I told Mrs. Hudson our plans and she didn't fight them she actually asked if I could take a can and bring a few students with me, "Yes" I told her "But only if I can choose who to take" she nodded in agreement "Dylan, Tanner,James," "Ill come back for more if we need it, mostly need them for there strength" I went to the van we would use it was loaded with food and weapons the armour around it I custom made a few days ago Tasha got in beside me and Tanner James and Dylan got in the back, we had enough fuel so we went we drove first down to Bishop Klein are enough people were there we backed the back of the van up to the front doors, where they opened, we sat there for awhile armed ourselves with some M14's that were hidden under the seats and got out, people at first where scared we would kill them, then they recognized us, I immediately ask, " Is Logan here?!" Only was the one to reply, "No your mother picked him and your cousin up a few minutes ago, do you have any supplies we can Have or borrow?" "not at the moment" I replied " I will talk to out principal about sending supplies over here"we all loaded up back in the van, we tossed a blanket out for them to have extra warmth, we started back on a course toward then then headed to my house, the windows were boarded up and the front door too, we grabbed our M14's as we approached the house,'we parked in the hack and carefully edged through the gate, I knocked on the door ,'I waited 2 minutes No answer,

I turned the handle, and swung it open *Bang* a gunshot went right past my head, I turned to see My uncle was the one who fired the shot, we quickly had our guns facing him he

Dropped his, "where are they?" I asked in a angry voice,'"downstairs"he responded in a taint voice thinking how he could have killed me by accident, I went downstairs there 7 faces stared at me, My mom, dad, brother,cousin and grandmother, "were getting out of here," I whispered " bishop Klein there I will take charge of the group there, " I turned around to see Tasha James and tanner behind me, "James to get Rayndon"'...