Hello Guys! This is my second fic in fanfiction! :) I have a confession, most happenings in my fic are based on my dreams, when i woke up, i will grab my red notebook and jot it down, because if i wont, I will forget it after 5-10 minutes :) Here's In The Arms Of The Devil! Please enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Submitting

It's been a year since the outbreak in kijuju, Christopher Redfield's life returned to normal, he happily married Jill, they moved on their new house, and his little sister lives in a few blocks on a new apartment complex

No more umbrella, no uroboros and no Albert Wesker

Chris lazily stretched in his king size bed, thus, wakening the fragile beauty in his arms

"Good morning, beautiful..." he said and kissed jill's forehead, and ran his fingers on her soft mass of her brown long hair

"Good morning, honey" Jill said and kissed her husband, he returned it, thus, they engage in rounds of fiery kisses, then also rained her neck

"Chris!" Claire called from the kitchen

"Your sister is calling you, chris" Jill said, breaking the kiss

"You know, sometimes, i regret giving her the keys to the house, ok i'll come down, after i get through with you" he said, the continued to kiss her

"Okay, Chris! I'm coming to pull you down here!" Claire yelled and rushed to his brother's room

"Chris, claire is getting impatient, go greet your little sister" Jill said, she break free from his powerful arms, then he heads to the bathroom, thus, making him sigh, then his sister knocked the door violently, he chose to ignore her, while he's getting dressed with a fresh white T-shirt and sweat pants

"That's it! Christopher Redfield! if you don't want to open this door, i'll kick it open!" Claire shouted, she got back and rushed to the door, ready to kick it open, the chris opened

"Oh, jesus, Claire! for crying out loud!" He said, looking at her sister with a mad face, her usual ponytail are gone, her brunette hair is on her shoulders, and wearing a red tank top and black jeans

"Do you want to sleep forever huh?!" she said, putting her hands on her waist

"I cooked breakfast, call jill down, ok?" She added and returned to the kitchen

Chris walked to the room and informed jill, then he followed claire on the kitchen, the smell of delicious omelet and bacon filled his nose, he sat down on the dining chair, his head is starting to hurt, he gripped his forehead, and found his sister puts the mug in front of him, the freshly brewed coffee assaulted his senses, he began sipping his coffee, then he approached him

"Hang over?" she playfully asked him

Yeah... a hang over of interruption, he said to himself, he choose to ignore her, then claire gave a 'Hmnp' then returned to the kitchen, she puts the food on the plate and sets in the dining table, she gets the finished coffees on the coffee maker, then poured on the larger mugs, then she set it also on the table, chris noticed that his sister, surprisingly drink her coffee black, he knew she dispises black coffee, and she drinks her coffee with a lot of creamer

"When did you like your coffee black, huh? Claire-bear?" Chris asked, still surprised

"Why? Do people don't change? She said, in a sarcastic tone, he frowned, as he finished putting the omelet on his bread

Serve you right, chris, for ignoring my question she said to herself and smiled

"Good morning, claire" Jill greeted, her damp, long brown hair is loose on her shoulders, her favorite mint perfume filled the room, she wears a sky blue tee and white pants, she joined the siblings

"Good morning to you too, jill" claire greeted back then smiled

"This Smell's good and delicious! Thank you for this claire!" Jill praised and began to eat, claire smile and ate in silence

"You do look good in your natural hair color than blonde" the younger redfield said to the mature woman

"Fuck wesker for that, and for toying with her" chris said, chewing the unfinished omelet on his mouth, and deadly silence occurs

"Now,now, wesker is dead for good! No one can survive that volcano, right?" Claire said, lightening the mood

"Yeah, no ones gonna blow another biohazard" chris said, then smiled to jill

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The phone rang, jill got up from her chair to answer it, then chris stopped her and answered the phone

"Redfield Residence" chris said in his natural voice

"Chris..." Leon said, like zombies rule the world

"What the heck is up with your voice, huh? Leon?"

"Chris... *sigh* another outbreak occured..."

"What in the name of?! Where?! how did it happen?!" Chris yelled at the phone, making jill and claire worried

"Please, chris, calm down..."

"How the hell will i calm down? Only one person can do this leon! Only one could! Chris yelled once again

"The president assigned us to go to laba, an hidden village on the lands of germany, the people are getting histerical, an information said that, people are somewhat possesed, their eyes are glowing bright red and they are really violent and they are infected by-"

"Uroboros..." chris finished and whispered on the phone

"Let's meet on the airport, the private chopper will get us there, please go now, i'll be waiting, later..." leon said and hang up the phone, he dropped the phone and faced the two, then sighed

"Who is it chris?" Claire asked, patting his right shoulder, to make him turn to her

"It's your old crush, the pretty boy, leon"

"What did he say? Did-" claire didn't finish, when her brother pulled her on the living room, away from jill

"What the heck, chris? What did leon exactly told you? why do you have to drag me here? is it something serious?" Claire asked to her brother, who is peeking to the kitchen, then he turned to her

"I don't want jill to hear this, this won't do any good to her"

"Just tell me chris!" she yelled and crushed her hand on his shoulder, chris looked at her oceanic eyes then sighed

"That boy told me that there's another outbreak, somewhere in germany, a small village, laba, me and leon are assigned to investigate the said village, and it's people are somewhat infected with uroboros, I don't want jill to hear this, remember that she has a trauma, wesker played her like a thing, that heartless bastard!" he can feel the grip on his shoulder lighten

"Promise me, claire, that you won't tell her, promise?" Chris said seriously, she just nod in response

The redfield siblings returned to the dining table, leaving jill puzzled

"Who is on the phone earlier, chris?" Jill asked him, he almost jumped, he can read on her eyes, how much she worries, he cooled off after he drank his coffee

"Leon, something at the office, don't worry it's no biggie, just another robery case"

"If you say so.." she said with a soft tone

Claire finished her breakfast first, she got up from her chair, and eyed chris to follow her on the porch, chris set down his mug and followed her. He approached her, finding that her eyes are glued on the two arguing two children, a little girl, whose hair is brown and he believed the older boy is her brother

"I want to go to the field trip! Why can 't you let me? I'm a big girl, carlos!" The little girl said

"No! I won't let you! It's far and dangerous! go in the house now,catherine!" Her brother yelled

"I hate you! Carlos!" The girl also yelled and ran straight home

Claire gave a faint smile, chris can picture them when they are younger, they used to fight with simple things, he brought his hand on her shoulder to get her attention

"Claire, what do you want to talk about?" He said, feeling a little nervous on what she would say, then claire sigh, feeling a little courageous

"Chris.. I want to go with you on this mission" she said, now he knows why he's feeling this way

"You know the answer for that, claire no, this mission is not walking in the park by all means, it's dangerous claire! And you should stay with jill and-"

"If you don't want me to go, I'll tell Jill, right now! Claire threaten, she grabbed the knob of the door, the chris pulled her arm

"Don't you dare! Claire!"

"I don't understand, chris, why do you always treat me like a child? I CAN take care of myself! And rockfort island is the proof of that!" Claire yelled, yanking off her arm from his brother's steel grip, then he sadly shook his head

"I cannot risk losing someone claire, I don't want to repeat the same mistake again" he confessed

Claire hugged him, she felt that chris hugged her tightly, chris has to understand, that she's not the little sister he knew, she's grown up, she have to do things that she want to do on her own accord

"How can we leave?" Claire asked breaking the hug

"We will meet at the airport, we will ride an private helicopter" chris explained

"Should i call rebecca to be with jill, while were not around? Claire suggested

"That would help a lot, feed her with lies, your good at that, anyway, be prepared after 10 minutes" he said then goes inside the house

Claire informed rebecca, she tell her some false information about the matter, she gave rebecca 20 bucks, feeling a little sorry for the girl, but she have to do this, claire came from her room and goes down on the living room, she's wearing a black t-shirt, with matching red leather jacket and black jeans, not oo long, chris joined her, he is wearing a camouflage jacket and brown pants, he tells to his wife that they have a meeting and he won't be able to come back quickly, they arrived at the porch, in the road, chris's red honda suv is waiting, claire entered the car first, leaving her brother and jill to have a moment

"When will you come back?" Jill said to her husband, rebecca is on the house looking at the window

"I'll call you, I promise" he said, then kissed her, after they say their goodbyes, chris joined claire and drove to the airport in no time, they entered the place, then a tall russian guard approached them

"Are you Chris Redfield" The russian said with a serious tone

"Yeah, where's leon?" He asked, looking around to find him

"My name is sari, it's a pleasure to meet the famous 'Redfield', he is waiting for your arrival, I was assigned to guide you, please come with me" he said then eyed the young lady with him

"Sari, she's my younger sister, Claire Redfield and she's going with me" chris said, sari smiled at her then nodded

They arrived at the place, he see leon, he is talking to a man wearing a suit, the private helicopter is waiting on his side he noticed the two, the approached them

"Chris, I'm glad that you are finally here, but, why claire is here?" Leon said and wondered

"She insisted to come, I don't want her to go, but..." chris said disappointly

"Well?" Leon pressed

"Nothing, forget about it"

Leon sigh and look at claire

"Aren't you glad to see me, leon?" Claire said and frowned

"It's not like that, this mission is dangerous, claire, leave this work to me and your brother" leon explained to her

"Sari, please escort claire to her apartment" leon ordered, sari nodded

"I'm not going home, leon! And you can't make me! I can take care of myself!" She yelled at him

"But, Claire I-" leon's words were cut, when chris puts his hand on his shoulder, looking at his eyes, it indicates that he has to stop, chris lets go of his shoulder

"We have to go now" leon said and cleared his throat

They hop on the helicpoter, they flew up in the sky, claire remembered when she and her brother few away from the rockfort island, there is him, his burning crimson eyes bore to her while the helicpoter is getting away, those unforgettable yeys keeps on haunting her in nigtmarish nights, even his black sunglasses can't hide it, those eyes belongs to one person... Albert Wesker

"Claire, claire! Are you alright?"Chris said, rocking her shoulder to come back from her spaced state

"Yeah, I'm alright..." claire assured her brother

At last, they landed on the forest, near the village, they got down, then chris handed claire a .45 Magnum, with other spare magazines, chris grabbed his shotgun and leon handled a standard handgun, they investigate the place, along the way, Claire smelled a foul odor and followed where it comes from, she found a dead wolf, it's head is seperated from where it belong, the body of the dead wolf are covered with worms, who is feasting on it's decaying flesh, another animal's body parts are seperated, only trailing a most disgusting sight, the lake looses it's cool color, it turned red piles and piles of dead bodies scattered, flowing lifelessly on any directions, black crows crowds the place, and black oily substance coated most of the bodies

"Chris! Leon! Come here!" Claire yelled to call the two man

"Holy shit!" Chris cursed looking at the pool of dead bodies, leon only tsked and rushed to the dead to investigate

"Most of them are infected with uroboros, but-" leon didnt finish when the surface of the rock beside the lake caught his eye, he rushed to it

"Leon, wait!" Chris yelled and they followed leon

"Look chris..." leon said pointing something on the rock

Chris's eyes widened when he reads the words on the wall

"It can't be!" Claire yelled, disbelieving


"Wesker!" Chris yelled

"How did he know that we were here?" Claire asked them

"That's wesker alright, he got his silly devices and satellites to track us" chris said, looking to the bloody wall once again

"Anyway, guys, we have to move on" leon said and followed the trail to the village

"Let's not be surprised on what lies ahead" chris said and followed the two

They arrived at the village, they covered at the bushes near the area, they spotted a woman, who is running away from someone, then she triped, prizing a left broken ankle

"Someone! Please help me! Please!" The woman pleaded for help, claire couln't bear to just watch, she rushed to the woman and helped her

"Please calm down, I will help you" Claire said to the girl

"They are after me! Those demons!" She screamed

"What?" Claire asked

In a flash, the angry growl of people are heared from their spot, a boy with red eyes spotted the two woman, he growled something, then hundreds of people like him rushed to them

"Shit! Those crazed majinis!" Chris cursed and shots the crowd, leon grabs his granade from his vest, then thrown on the creatures, crimsons splattered everywhere, then another rounds of majinis appeared

"Dammit! This never ends!" Leon said blowing the heads of the creatures

The motor of the chainsaws roared, two chainsaw majinis appeared, rushing to their location

"Do it get better than this?" Chris said firing at the new people to join the fun

Claire is firing at the majinis, then the woman she saved was held by one of the majinis, the creature puts something on her mouth, then she screamed in pure agony, claire fired at the creature and approached the woman

"Claire! Get away from her!" Chris yelled at her

"No! Chris! can you see that she's-" the woman chocked her, her mouth turned into tentacles

Chris blowed up the head of the woman, claire is still shocked from what happened

"Claire! Move!" He said, claire grabbed the gun from the ground and began shooting the approaching majinis

The laugh of someone roared through, the voice are coming from the roof of a big house, their attention fell to the person, his neatly combed blonde slick back hair, his crimson eyes glowing and his signature glasses belong to

"Wesker!" Chris yelled while snapping the head of a majini

"Hmmm... it's good to see you, chris!" Wesker said and jumped down on the ground

"Do you enjoy your gift's first course?" The tyrant said then smiled

"Yeah, thankyou for going through the trouble!" chris replied sarcastically

"I'm glad to hear that, I wouldn't want my guests feeling, unattended" wesker said, walking towards their direction, leon finds the chance to shoot wesker, he dodge the bullets in a lightning speed, he rushed to leon and twisted his right shoulder cruely, leon groaned in pain, the tyrant kicked him hard on the chest, leon felt his ribs got broken, he landed on the barrels and lost conciousness

"Leon!" Claire screamed

"Dammit! You still can't die! That volcano should have killed you!" Chris yelled at him

"You think that would kill me? You are simply understimating me chris! It's time for the second course" wesker said, then points in the sky, then the private helicopter came falling, crushing on a house, it exploded, making the nearby majinis blown up too

"Fuck you wesker! You always hurt people that is important to me! You never satisfy yourself with one!" Chris shouted, dodging the attack of the chainsaw majini, then shot it's head

"Do you know what satisfy me? To watch you suffer and lastly kill you, the third course, involves you, chris!" Wesker said and laugh, he choked him, lifting him up in the air, he slammed him to the wall, chris cough a lot of blood, then wesker brought his boot on his chest, possible to break all his ribs, chris yelled from the agonizing pain, the sweet tone of chris's suffering is very pleasant to the tyrant's ears

"Chris!" claire shouted, she ran away from the crowd of majinis and fired wesker on the back, wesker yank his boot off to chris and faced claire

"We meet again, Dear Heart" wesker said with a smooth tone, he walks slowly towards her, the majinis are going to attack her, then wesker raised his hand, indicating the infected should stop, they stopped, as he takes a step forward, claire takes a step backwards, he only tsked, when he see that she's ready to shoot him

"Do you really think that would kill me?" Wesker asked her sarcastically

"You bastard!" Claire shouted then began firing at wesker, he dodge them flawlessly, then he dashed to her, he gets the gun from her grasp, the gun hits the wall, by the strong impact, the gun falls into pieces, then he grabbed her arm, she is frightened by his deadly red eyes, they belong to a devil

"Claire..." chris called her, still squirming in pain

"Chris!" She said, yanking her arm off in wesker's steel grip

"The last course has come chris, and it's your sister..." wesker said, looking at chris in his helpless state

"Let her go! Wesker! She has nothing to do with this!"" chris yelled with all his might

Wesker held her face closely to him, she struggle from his grasp, but no to vail, they made eye contact, then he whispered something on her ear

"What have you done to me?"

Her eyes widened, when wesker kissed her on the lips passionately, she struggle but she can't outcome his solid grip, then something came to her mouth, he broke the kiss and smirked, he see claire is getting hysterical with the uroboros that is making way on her body, wesker held her

"Fuck you wesker! Argh! Curse my bad state" chris said, as he tries to stand up, then the tyrant laughs

"This is getting fun, chris!"

"I'll make you eat your words, you demon!"

"What? I'm sorry, i didn't hear you" wesker said playing deaf

"Okay chris, claire is going to be infected by minutes, I'll give you two choices, give claire to me and i'll let her live or let her die in your side" wesker said cooly

"Wesker! Let her go!" Chris said, finally stands on his feet

"Tick tok, tik tok"

Chris remembers the very last day, they were with their parents...

"Chris, you have to take care of your sister, while were out, ok? no matter what happens, protect her, promise me..." Richard Redfield said to his 10 year old son, Chris Redfield

"Yes! I will protect her! whatever happens!" Chris said and smiled to his father, he brought his hand on the little boy's head and smiled back

"I know he would" Selina Redfield said to her husband and smiled to her son, she brought the young claire on the bed, who is sleeping peacefully

Their parents said goodbye to him, he never thought it's their last goodbye, when the news reached him, he dared not to give up, he would give her a bright future and fulfill the wish of their parents

Chris comes back to his senses, looking at her sister, still squirming in extreme pain, he sigh and shook his head

"Well?" Wesker said, getting impatient, holding claire, she's acting violently

"Save claire, wesker" chris said and shook his head once again

I promise that i'll protect you claire... I'm sorry, but this is the only way, but, i promise that i'll get you back chris said to himself, he fell to his knees

Wesker smiled and he brought claire, holding her in bridal style, then carried her away, away from her dear brother

At last, Dear Heart... You are finally mine...

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