"Corrie, Cor... baby are you home?" Shane walked around the lower floor of their Cynthiana Kentucky home, turning off light switches as he walked room to room looking for his girlfriend. "Woman can't turn off a light to save her life." It didn't matter how pretty or awesome his girlfriend was, her not turning off the lights drove him crazy.

"I'm upstairs!" Corrie yelled out, as she climbed into their king sized bed.

Corrie Grimes, she was the sort of girl you married. She was the girl who would do anything she could to keep her man happy. Independent, and insanely brilliant. Corrie had turned down a scholarship to Harvard University only 2 years prior to the day to be with then secret boyfriend Shane Walsh. Corrie was only 19 years old and baby sister of Rick Grimes - Shane's best friend. The affair started the night of Corrie's 18th birthday party when the neighbors called in a noise complaint and Shane responded he was greeted by a very intoxicated Corrie.

When he seen Corrie drunk he knew he couldn't bring her home to her parents - they would have killed her. He knew she deserved to have a little fun and bringing her to Rick's was out of the question. So he did what he thought was best and brought her home to his house for the night. His entire world changed when he woke up the next morning to Corrie smiling at him.

Things were rough for the couple when their small town found out about their romance but against all odds they managed to make things work, 21 year old Corrie and a now 32 year old Shane Walsh were about to be married. Everyone in town was floored that Shane Walsh was getting married.

They all knew what kind of guy Shane was, since high-school Shane has spent his entire life dedicated to chasing girls around and trying to get them into bed. When all he ever wanted had been in front of his eyes forever. Of course it took him a bit longer to come to that realization due to their major age gap. Corrie was everything he could want in a woman, she was flawless, her long brown hair and crystal blue eyes made him do things he couldn't explain. She was so intelligent - no.. she was more like brilliant. She was smarter then any other woman he had been with. He knew he would never love another woman as much as he loved her.

"Hi future husband, how are you?" Corrie said with a bright smile sweeping across her delicate features.

"I would be better if you learned how to turn off a light baby. How many times do I have to tell you that it drives me crazy?"

Corrie laughed as she shook her head "How many times it is going to take for you to realize I am not going to listen to you?" She laughed, her body slid down the mattress until her head hit the pillow, she pulled the red blankets over her body and smiled at Shane who was undressing for bed.

"I'll never stop nagging you for that." Shaking his head.

Shane threw his white wife beater t-shirt into the laundry hamper that sat in the corner of their bedroom about 7 feet away. Reaching the bottom of the bed he grabbed a hold of Corrie's ankles and pulled her down to the bottom of the bed. "I don't care how sexy you are, start truing off the lights baby."

Both Shane and Corrie smiled. All it took was one kiss from Shane to send Corrie's body into over drive. She pushed the blanket off of her body, wrapping her legs around him she pulled him closer into her body.

"I love you." Shane muttered as he left a trail of kisses down Corrie's neck. He pulled at the bottom of the pink tank top that separated him from her skin against his.

Her nails dug into his back, she moaned with pleasure feeling his lips pressing against her neck, leaving trails of kisses down her body. With the reach of her hand she pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it to the floor without a second thought she reached behind her arching back and unclasped her bra. Corrie closed her eyes as Shane's hand reach for the straps of her bra and he pulled it off of her body.