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The next time he woke up again, he felt a bit better, though he was alone. He was still on the large blanket surrounded by pillows in Scott's large living room. He sat up, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes.

"Fuck I need to pee." He grumbled. He fought the pain protesting in his chest, and well, everywhere. The hit to the tree still took a toll on him.

He got to his feet, suddenly seeing dots clutter his vision. He swayed legs still unable to gather any strength and the pain from one of his ankles didn't help at all.

"Stiles?" he heard Derek call to him. He would turn around to him if it weren't for the fact that he was about to fall over. "Stiles!"

He felt arms wrap around his waist, but the jolt of being caught sent some pain in his chest.

"Fuck—that hurts." Stiles hissed. "Why is my body so weak?" he asked as Derek helps him to his feet.

"You died Stiles. Lydia brought you back and healed the wounds in your heart, but she didn't heal the pain everywhere else. She went unconscious a bit after you did." He paused for a moment to hold Stiles up a bit more comfortably. "Your body's still weak from the hit you took from the tree as well as your body is trying to get things to normal, now that your heart is beating again." Derek explained to him.

"Fuck—so not cool." He whined. "I need to pee." Derek chuckled. He helped Stiles to the bathroom down the hall, thank fuck Scott had two bathrooms, he was sure he wasn't going to make it all the way upstairs.

Stiles made Derek wait out so he can save his dignity and pee himself. He swayed, but kept his balance on the sink. As he flushed, he wobbled to the sink and glanced at himself in the mirror as he was washing his hands. He looked terrible. He was pale; bags under his eyes, his eyes were a bit pink from sleep. He shook his head and opened the door, seeing Derek hadn't move a single inch.

Derek lifted him in his arms carefully.

"Du—Derek it's only a few feet away." He whined, but didn't struggle. Derek sat him back in the nest of blankets and pillows, back into the bundle of warmth. Derek wrapped Stiles in it.

"How's your head?" Derek asked as he tilted Stiles' head.

"My head?"

"You had a cut on your head, remember?" Derek looked at him. "You don't remember?"

"—slipped my mind. Doesn't need stitches does it?" he tried to prod at it, but Derek stopped him.

"No. It wasn't deep enough for one."

"Where is everyone?" he asked, not seeing the pack here.

"Scott went to your house to grab some clothes with Allison. Jackson went with Lydia to gather a few more things so she can begin the healing process. Erica, Boyd and Isaac went to grab some things from the market, pretty sure to stop by and change too." He paused. "I don't know where Peter went."

"Oh god, Scott better not be making out with her on my bed." He groaned. "And is Lydia well enough to do it?" Derek nodded. "Peter…I'm sure he just needs some time to himself." Stiles leaned on Derek as he sat next to him under the blankets.

"Yea…" he looked at the boy. He continued to stare, even when Stiles looked up to him. His eyes glanced down to his lips, slowly trailing up to his eyes. He could feel Stiles' heart beat a bit faster, which makes him glad he can hear it.

He watched at the boy leaned up to him, and pressed his lips on his. It was a bit chapped, but nonetheless soft. Derek had his hand in Stiles'. The moment was perfect.

"What the hell?" a voice shrilled. They snapped their heads to the door, seeing Scott's mom standing there with her mouth gaping.

"Melissa, what's wro—" Stiles groaned. Oh no, no, no, no. Why now? "Stiles?!"

"Uh…hey…Dad...Ms. McCall…" he waved awkwardly.

"What the hell is going on here?" Melissa exclaimed as she threw her bag on the floor.


"Stiles. Care to explain why you're alone, on the floor, surrounded by blankets and pillows, with…Derek?" he set his hand on his gun. "Why in the hell were you kissing my underage son?" the sheriff walked towards them.

Stiles realized that his shirt was split open, and that his bandages had blood on them. He instinctively clutched the blanket closer to him and sunk down a bit. His Dad froze, seeing his movement just now.

"Are you naked Stiles?!"

"N-no! I-I'm not! Just cold, ya know, cold weather in all." He pretended to shiver. "Brrr."

"It's seventy-five."


"Stiles, you told me you were helping Scott with a Vet convention out of town." He glared at Stiles. "You lied to me." he bent down to pull the blanket off, but Stiles held it tighter. "Let go of the blanket Stiles, we need to talk." He pulled on it harder.

Whoa, hey there, he didn't send that message. So he wasn't lying.

Crap, crap, crap.

"Ah—uh, why can't we just sit and talk here?" he did a fake laughter. "No need to get…up." he noticed Melissa walking over and pulling on it too. "N-no, come on, give the injured man a bre—ah crap." He realized what he said. Melissa gazed over to Derek, who was avoiding all eyes because damn that pillow was interesting. She looked at Stiles, and noticed the gash on his head.

"Stiles what happened to your hea—did he do this to you?!" Melissa asked him.

"What—no! No, he'd never to that! I wouldn't sit near someone if they did!"

The sheriff shifted his feet, leaning on the other foot, hand still on his gun. "Why are you sitting so close to him?"

"Ah—uh—well—" Stiles stuttered.

"Stiles." Derek sighed out harshly. He looked at him, tugging on the blanket. "They—he needs to know." Stiles froze. "We can't keep it from him any longer."

"Know what exactly? Are you two going out?" the sheriff's face was getting mad. "Wait—he?" he turned to Melissa. "Do you know something I should know involving my son?"

Melissa threw her hands up. "I don't know! I was out of to—" she paused. "Does this have to do with Scott's problem?" she asked Derek and Stiles.

Derek nodded. He tugged on the blanket a bit more, looking at Stiles with a sincere face.

"—please, tell your father the truth. He's piecing it together; tell him before he finds out on his own."

Stiles looked to the ground for a moment, and finally let go.

"Oh my goodness, Stiles what happened?" Melissa asked as she bent down and examined his bloodied bandaged chest.


"You didn't even go to the hospital did you?!" as soon as she found his swollen ankle, she cursed. "Dammit Stiles, what happened! This can get a serious infection!" she demanded an answer.

"Stiles…what's going on…?" his father asked.

"Um, I don't know where to start honestly…"

"How about we have Derek explain." The sheriff suggested. He motioned at him.

Derek sighed. "You guys can come down now." He said aloud, in a demanding tone. "This conversation is happening, and you need to be down here."

The two adults gave a questioning look before peering over to the stairs, seeing heads poke down.

Stiles gaped. "How long have you been up there?!" the pack walked on down and awkwardly stood there.

"When we saw them coming up the driveway." Isaac answered. "We tried to get up as soon as possible to warn you guys, but we were too late."

"So much for your heightened senses." Stiles mumbled.

"Scott, you are grounded for lying to us." She glared at her son.

"I'm sorry—a lot of things happened and I didn't want you to get involved." He tried to reason with her, but by the look she gave him, she wasn't buying it.

"Are we gonna do this or not?" ah, Boyd, always the one to get straight to it.

Melissa sighed. "Oh god, everyone just—sit. You guys can leave the stuff in the kitchen while I go get some supplies for Stiles." She motioned for them to go along as she disappeared down the hall.

As Melissa came back with the supplies, everyone sat down and was situated.

"Take the shirt off Stiles. I need to take a look at your wound." She said as she went over to Stiles. He carefully peeled his shirt off, with the help from Derek and Melissa, and leaned onto the couch.

Melissa took out a pair of scissors and clipped at the bandages off. She winced as she peeled the last layer off, seeing it sticking to his skin from the dried blood. She searched through her bin for some peroxide and a cotton ball, so she can clean the wound and prevent an infection. "This will sting."

"Ah—geez, more pain." He winced as she started cleaning his wound. "Why can't Lydia just heal it?" he complained. "Less pain."

"For you, yea, for her, no." Jackson told him. "She's too weak to use her magic anymore. I'm not letting her do it. Take the pain like a man Stilinski, if we have to deal with it, so do you."

"I'm still waiting an explanation you guys." The sheriff's voice rang out. "Don't make me arrest all of you for putting my son in this condition."

Stiles avoided this moment. He actually had planned this out if the moment ever came, he just didn't think it would happen under the current circumstance.

He honestly was going to bribe his father with a large steak.

"We'll…" he sighed. "It started the day…" and so he explained to his dad on the day that changed his and Scott's life. The day when they went into the woods to find Laura's body (well the other half) and when Peter, with no sanity at the time, bit Scott.

He looked at the ground when he explained to his father, not wanting to see his disappointment because he kept something so important from him. That he broke his trust.

His dad had kept quiet the whole time. Every once in a while, one of the pack would interrupt to tell their side.

Derek also took the time to explain what really had happened involving the hale fire. Stiles could still feel the pain in his voice when he spoke of this subject, so he slid a hand and rested his fingers on top of his hand a little.

The small warmth from Stiles' fingers on his bit of hand comforted him. He slowly slid his hand closer to Stiles' as he shifts his body a bit.

Stiles then explained what really happened the day he was missing after he scored for the lacrosse team.

Then it all reached down to the battle with the Alphas. To when Deucalion stabbed Stiles in the chest and how he died. Of when he woke up in heaven and met her again, along with Derek and Peter's family.

He then told him, after seeing his father's face filled with pain hearing of his son's death and not knowing about it, Lydia, being a tribal elf, had brought him back from death. It was just Stiles whole heartedly outstanding holy fucking crap luck that all the necessary requirements were there to bring him back.

After he finished, he was really reluctant to look at him. Melissa had finished fixing him up a while ago and just sat there and listened to him as he explained.

The sheriff on the other hand, was speechless at what his son was keeping from him this whole entire time and how dangerous the situation really was. He looked at Stiles, aside from the small amount of anger, he felt disappointed. Little in Stiles, but more in himself because he didn't know.

It was his job to figure out these things, and he was damn good at it too, but for this to hide under his nose, in his own home and from his own, he felt like he failed.

When he thought about it some more, it finally made sense of all the things that were just…odd. It didn't add up to the case he worked on and the evidence also made sense.

"Why didn't you…ever tell me, Stiles?" he asked and saw the boy flinch as he said his name.

"I…just never wanted to get you caught up in all of this." he twirled his finger in the air slowly. "I knew it would hurt you for all the lying that would come, but that seem more ideal then to see you get hurt and…" Stiles didn't dare to finish the sentence. "—well, you know." Stiles looked over to his father, who stared at him in disbelief.

"You think I'm alright with that? Seeing you get hurt in unimaginable ways and I had no clue about all of this?!" he motioned to everyone in the room. "Yes, Stiles, it hurts me that you lied so much about this, but it hurts me more that you couldn't come to your own father about your troubles, that you don't have faith in me. I'm the one that's supposed to be taking care of you and make sure you don't get hurt and making it safer for you." He paused. "Not the other way around."

Everything was quiet for a moment. The sheriff looked on over to Melissa. "How'd you find out?" he wondered.

"Remember when we were held hostage by Matt?"

The sheriff groaned. "Please don't tell me you found out after I got knocked out."

"Sorry, but yea it was." She said.

John groaned and then sighed. "Even if I told you to stay away from all of this, you probably won't listen to me at all." He rubbed a hand back and forth on his forehead. "From now on, when something happens, come and tell me Sti—no—all of you, come tell me, understand?" he pointed at everyone.

"We will." Derek said. He nodded and repeated again. "We will."

"No more secrets alright? You kids don't have to do this all on your own, and that includes you too Derek." They all nodded.

"I have a question for all of you too." Melissa said. Everyone turned their attention towards her. "Do any of your parent's know about this?" she asked. They flinched.


"Were…waiting for the right moment…" Boyd said. "…to tell them. Just not now."

"What makes you think now isn't such a good time to?" she crossed her arms.

Boyd simply shrugged his shoulders. "A gut feeling." He said. "And I trust my gut."

"…oh gosh." Melissa groaned. "Just, try and be careful out there alright kids?" she sighed. "I hear a bottle of red wine calling me." she went towards the kitchen. "Glass for you, John?" she called out. He happily replied, ignoring the piercing look he got from Stiles. He never approved of drinking in the daytime.

"I'll talk to you two later back home." John pointed at Stiles and Derek. "Because we need to have a long talk." Stiles groaned. "For now…let's all try to relax. You guys look like you seriously need It." he observed the exhausted looks of the kids.

"We bought steaks." Erica said.

"Good, I need one after digesting all of this." John motioned at everything. "Let Melissa and I prepare some food while you guys just relax." He got up and headed towards the kitchen.

Scott turned towards Stiles. "I'm surprised you're letting your dad go near a steak."

"And that alcohol at this time of day, but I'm letting it slide this time." Stiles grumbled. "Considering the fact we spilled the entire shelf of beans and he's slowly taking it all in and the fact that He's going to give Derek and I 'the talk' later on I'm pretty sure this time is alright." Stiles yawned and slumped on Derek's shoulder. "Now I'm so freaking tired."

Derek, who had remained quiet, pulled the blanket up on Stiles and tucked him in it.

"Just sleep for now." He said to Stiles. He didn't want the boy to sleep, but dear god does the boy need it.

We'll, now that the Sheriff knew of Stiles and him, he wouldn't be bothered (much) if he just repositioned Stiles a bit.

Derek carefully lifted Stiles and set him between his legs, so Stiles could lean on Derek and be a bit more comfortable. He seemed to do the right thing when Stiles snuggled up to Derek and tucked one of his feet under his. Stiles' hand found Derek's and their fingers intertwined under the blanket. Derek sighed, finally relaxing and letting the huge load off his shoulders that had the label 'The Sheriff' over it.

Derek honed his senses onto Stiles' relaxed beating heart, his steady breathing. It assured him that he was asleep. The sound of this was absolutely soothing to him that he eventually fell asleep too.

That was how Melissa and John found him and Stiles as well as the rest of the kids. They all fell asleep, and oddly had huddled together. Jackson had a protective arm around a snoring Lydia (which they both held their laughter in at), Erica had an arm around Isaac, and Boyd had one around her. Scott and Allison were together and all were near, limbs and arms touching one way or another.

And a sight that had brought a smile to John's face was the content smile formed on his son's face and surprisingly Derek's as well. Derek had Stiles in his lap, head rested on Stiles' shoulder. He saw their hand peek out from the blankets that some of the kids had draped over them. Their fingers intertwined.

He heard a click nearby. He glanced and saw Melissa had snapped a photo of them from her cell phone. She smiled and saved it.

"Now how about those steaks?" a voice said softly behind them. They both turned to see Derek's uncle and Allison's father. Peter was the one that spoke out.

"Peter?" Melissa said. "Chris?"

"I was here earlier, sorry for barging in so rudely." He apologized. "I had to visit a certain someone."

"Melissa, Sheriff." Chris greeted them. "I just wanted to see how Allison was doing. She seemed pretty upset last night."

"No…no, not a problem."

"C'mon, let's leave them sleeping." John said. "We all need to talk."

Peter and Chris both nodded.

Peter nodded at John. "I'm sure once we get them cooking the kiddos will wake up."

Melissa laughed. "Scott's alarm clock is the smell of bacon." She said as the adults wandered off to the kitchen in the back.

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