Supernova VII "Royal Treatment"

Horns blared, the soft rumble of drums, the splash of ice diving into liquid pools of alcohol, laughter, soft kisses and artificial pale red light filled Eden. A woman's paradise.

Mamoru, wearing his designer tuxedo turned to Leo who was finishing another glass of sake. "Can you try to not be a dick to her?"

Leo yawned, silently objecting.

"What's going on with them?" Mamoru asked.

Leo held out the pink incense. "They're curious. They wanna know why I have this," handing the pink strand to Mamoru who examined it.

"They're concerned about you walking around with a small bundle of sticks?" Mamoru sighed then inspected it. To the naked eye they looked like normal incense. Then Mamoru spotted it. Coiled around the pale red straw were tiny markings. "This is getting weird," returning the incense to Leo.

"Here they come," Leo asked, his eyes instantly locking eyes with Taiki, then Yaten. Reading them. "They're high," He muttered as they strode towards their suitors.

(Stay cool.) Taiki reminded herself as Mamoru guided her back to her seat.

Yaten had a poised look on her face as she sat her eyes were glued to Leo.

Mamoru glanced at Taiki. Her eyes were no longer on him. It seemed both women's attention had turned to Leo and the pink incense in his hand.

Was he taunting them? Did he know? Yaten wondered. "Are you mocking us?" Yaten asked, pouring herself a glass, her eyes not leaving the incense.

Taiki flinched. The powder had made Yaten a bit bolder. She wasn't holding anything back anymore.

Leo stared into her eyes. Reading. He had to speak to draw the truth out, "How would I be mocking you? I barely know you?" He innocently shrugged, pocketing the incense in his jacket.

Taiki placed a hand on Yaten's shoulder, "She's a bit feisty. Psycho ex."

"Psycho exes," Mamoru thought aloud, trying to steer the conversation, "You know a thing or two about that, don't you, Leo."

"I'm sure you do." Yaten nodded, sipping her glass.

(Princess.) It was the only word Leo could pull from the two. It kept repeating through the mist of impulses in two women's minds right now. "I always treat them like a princess." Choosing his words carefully, "When you're used to being a princess, it's tough being a peasant again、so now…I'm searching for my next princess."

Yaten and Taiki exchanged glances.

"What," Yaten spoke brashly, "do you intend to do with this princess once you find her?"

Leo stared at the two. "I don't know, to be honest. If you were me, what would you do?"

Taiki answered, "Protect her and make sure no harm came to her."

Mamoru cautiously glanced at the two guests. Their eyes had not moved from Leo's pocket, the place where he had stored the incense.

"What kind of smell do those produce?" Taiki asked, pointing to Leo's jacket.

"I don't know," Leo admitted, "I've never lit them and don't intend to."

"Why not?" Yaten snapped quickly.

"They're a memento." Leo sipped his sake, "From someone…special in my life."

Yaten and Taiki's eyes narrowed.

"Well," Taiki smiled, softly squeezing Yaten's arm, "Thank you for a good time. We've got a show tomorrow."

Mamoru turned to Leo, searching for answers. He returned his eyes to Taiki "Are you sure? We're just getting started. The night is young."

Taiki squeezed Yaten's arm.

"Yeah," Yaten nodded, "We have to get ready for our show."

The two men slinked from their corner seats, allowing the ladies to pass.

"I didn't catch your name," Yaten smiled, looking into the platinum knight's eyes.


Yaten smiled, "I'll be seeing you again," were her last words before departing.

"Thank you for a good time." Taiki smiled before following behind her counterpart.

Mamoru and Leo both bowed. "Did you get anything?" He muttered.

"Princess. He knows where the princess is?" Leo summarized. "They were both high. Its tough getting into someone's thoughts when they're like that because they're having so many thoughts at once."

"What about when people are drunk?" Mamoru asked as the two made their way to the dressing room for a quick break.

"Nah, drunks are easy. Their thoughts are impulsive but telegraphed and eloquent. Weed smokers are tougher because so many thoughts happening at one time but the thoughts are slower and more poetic. Its like trying to grip a bar of soap, I guess." Leo explained. "Drugs though, like coke, speed, meth, their thoughts are erratic and coming at you at light speed. Depending on how much they take and their personality it can either be like a sumo wrestler trying on a wife-beater or finding a needle in a haystack."

Sometimes, Mamoru couldn't help but envy Leo's ability to probe into minds of others. It also made Mamoru nervous, "The things you must know about people. I mean, jeesh, I have to patrol my own mind when I'm around you sometimes," Mamoru admitted.

"It was scary at first when I was a kid." Leo admitted. "Not being able to control whose mind you go in. My nightmares used to be me walking through someone's thoughts or imagination. Imagine being six and walking into the thoughts of a eighteen year old teenager. There was no one to talk to about it really. Then, as I got older I learned how to control it."

"How does it work?" Mamoru asked.

"Darien," Matsuda called, interrupting, "Leo," Signaling for a word with the two.


Politics. To restore the balance of power, moreso the balance of the wallet, Mamoru and Leo were excused for the night. Having already made more than enough to cover over three month's worth of their salary. It was time for Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to take a seat on the bench and let the other talent win some games.

When two walked out of the sidedoor of Eden it was after midnight, the trains had stopped which left them only two options for getting home, walking or a taxi.

"Mamoru," Leo spoke in a low-voice, "They're coming for me. They want the incense." He reported.

Mamoru turned to Leo. They stepped onto the sidewalk. Aside from other hosts on their way to work, club hoppers or the hustlers that were fishing for customers the streets of Shinjuku were barren.

"So this is goodbye then?" Mamoru asked.

"For now," Leo nodded, "They know something about this," patting his jacket pocket, "and they're close."

"How close?" Mamoru asked, slowing down and putting money into a vending machine.

"They never left." Leo revealed, "They've been waiting outside the club for awhile."

It suddenly made sense to Mamoru. Why else had the manager been so willing to let his top two earners leave early. The two guests must've have paid him a lot. Sure, Leo and Mamoru had earned a lot quickly but not enough to allow the rest of the night off. Taiki and Yaten had dropped a ton of money.

"What do you think they'll do?" Mamoru asked, picking up his bottle of Aquarius.

(We have to move quickly before it's too late.) Their thoughts were easier to read now for Leo. The high must've been wearing off.

"Whatever it takes." Leo shoved his hands in the pockets of his coat. "They're connected to this somehow."

A rush of strange energy drew Mamoru's eyes. He knew this energy. It was the same energy he felt whenever the Usagi and the other senshi transformed. "Did you feel that just now?"

Leo nodded, "Ready?" grabbing his wristwatch.

Mamoru dug within his jacket, fingertips coiled around his rose. "Yeah."

The never heard it. Never saw it. It was coordinated, quick and a dead hit.

With a quick gasp, Leo and Mamoru both slumped forward, collapsing onto the sidewalk.

Taiki panted, trying to catch her breath. Across the street from her Yaten had done the same. It was dark; none of the other civilians had seen the attack or the two unconscious men yet.

Yaten nodded, leaping across the street and to the side of her partner. They stared at the two unconscious men. It was time for them to learn where their princess was.