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Chapter 1: Meeting the Manger Aro

Welcome! Welcome to The Twilight Store. Yes, yes, it is THE Twilight store with the capital T in front. Silly publisher forgot to capitalize the T in the previous chapter of this story and that just irks me. What is The Twilight Store without the The with the capital T right? It will just be Twilight Store and that will not be special. No. Totally not at all special and that is not what we are aiming for right folks?

Yes anyway, before I get carried away, my name is Aro. And I am the manager at The Twilight Store. This set up by me for you people out there to give you the ultimate perfect shopping experience in just one place alone so it saves you the trouble of travelling elsewhere to find what you need. I have assembled a perfect set of crew here at The Twilight Store and they will help you with absolutely whatever you need here.

Before I leave you to explore this store, just a word of caution. Aro, that is me if you cannot remember, absolutely do not tolerate stealing in any form at all. That includes no shoplifting, secretly tasting the food on the shelf, destroying our products, plagiarizing the perfection in which you find within this store layout and etc. etc. So please watch yourself and behave yourselves while exploring this shopping haven that I created for you. Goodbye and have a pleasant day ahead!

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