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Chapter 2: The Music Section – Edward Masen

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." ~ Victor Hugo


Sheet music, a piano, a guitar, a ukulele and even a guzheng! The music section has every single musical instrument you ever need or ever know. From western musical instrument to eastern musical instrument, the in-store help, Edward, knows it all. But beware, he can be moody. But that is to be expected right? Moody musician equals heart-wrenching, touching, happy, whatever emotion you name it, you have it. Music is the soul of the person no? Well let us not be stuck with the manager talking only. Let us speak to Edward, the musician expert!



Welcome to the Music Section of The Twilight Store. We have a range of all kinds of instrument present for sale in this store. Once you buy our instruments, you will have a lifetime guarantee of tuning for those who hate to tune their instruments by themselves. Most instruments here come with a five year warrantee. That is how confident we are in our instrument.

For those new instrument musicians, feel free to sign up for our classes here. I will of course be the teacher teaching you. If you like, we have one on one lessons or group lessons. The prices are printed on this sheet of paper.

Feel free to walk around and have a look at our instruments. But please limit the touching. Ask me if you would like to pick up or touch any instruments. They are fragile. Also, no sitting on any instrument benches here. If you have no other questions, please feel free to wander. I'll be hanging around here if you need help.



Now thank you Edward. Wasn't that absolutely moody of him. Well no bother, if you have any queries, please direct it to him. But take note that whatever directions he gives in this area is final. He is after all the expert here. Now if you are interested in this area, hang around. If not, then follow me and let's move on to the next area.

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