What if Bella became the Volturi receptionist? What would happen if they liked her a lot?

Chapter one:

Bella p.o.v.

Today was my first day in Volterra Italy and I already have a job interview with some rich people who my best friend Mary told me about. I hope I get the job, to start a new life after….no Bella don't think about it. the house that I brought looks great, its two floors and a garden and pool. I well I better get ready for this job interview; I went up stares to get dressed I put on a white shirt and black skirt and brown belt. The best part of this I can wear my new high heels, they are the best!

I got in my Blue Dodge Viper SRT10 that I got from a friend. I love the little blue car, plus I can show it off to people. It's now become the love of my life. it took me 5 minutes to get to the clock tower, I parked my car around the corner and walked to the door. The doors were made of a dark wood, me like for some odd reason I like old thing but not all. At the door I was met by a man, who was so fucking hot!

"can I help you" asked the hot man

Me thinking yes you can do a lot to help me, a lot!

"I'm sorry what" I asked

" how can I help you" he asked

"oh sorry my names Bella s..Smith" I said I have to remember my new name.

"yes you have a job interview tonight, pleases come this way he said the man who did not say his name which I think is a bit rude.

Unknown P.O.V

I lead the woman into Aro's office, that's where all the humans go for the so-called job interview, most of them only last a day or maybe a week. The masters are picky when it comes to the humans. But this one, so-called Bella was different she seemed to know what she was doing and she dresses different a lot of the girls try to dress younger but she looks her age. I don't know why but I think she is going to be a keeper. If not I will have a good time feeding off her, she is very good-looking.

Bella's point of view

The unknown man lead me into a very nice old office, I only hope it is not some sick old man's office. That wanted to feel me up. EW not going to happen. Again.

The man said I could take a seat and I did, I turned around and he was gone, something inside me said run for your bloody life girl. But who cares if I die I die.

Aro's point of view

My brother's and I were in the thorn room when Felix walked in.

"Yes" I said

"Master the woman for the job interview has arrived and waiting in your office" Felix said

"Oh yes the new woman I have talked about brothers" I said

"Really a new one, have you forgotten what the others were like, the last human we had did not know how to use a computer and had bad clothing" Caius said

Caius hates humans and hates his wife most of all. For some odd reason we all are not happy with our wives, they just don't fit and most of the time they are sleeping with someone else. But at least we didn't have to do it. We made our way to my office.

Once we got to the door of my office I opened it and stopped. The woman stood up and looked at us, but that was not the shock, it was how lovely and sexy she was. She was tall but not too tall with long brown hair, her body was perfect and thin. The woman seemed too thin to me. I hope she was not a crazy woman on a made diet.

To my surprise my Brother's got hold of my hand and told me they were thinking the same. Now this is going to be fun!

Bella's point of view