Chapter seventeen

Bella's point of view

The next morning I woke up to see Aro, Caius and Marcus talking in low voices. But I could still hear.

"Are you sure?" Aro asked. Both Caius and Marcus nodded their heads. Marcus was the first one to notice that I was awake. He gave over with a huge smile on his face.

"Good morning my dear, how are you" he asked, I could still see the worry in his eyes.

"I'm fine, what were you talking about" I asked. They all looked at each other. It was Aro who came closer.

"My dear, we have some news" he said. I hope no one else got hurt because of me, but something in his eye's told me it was bigger than that.

"What's wrong" I asked.

"Love, there is only one way to say this. You're with child" he said. I think I went into shock because Aro looked at me weirdly. I was going to have a baby, with Aro. The love of my life, as a girl I always thought of having children. But I was till seventeen.

"What do you want to do?" Aro asked, I don't know I thought.

"I don't know" I said, just then I thought back to. When Sulpicia pulled something out.

"Wait didn't Sulpicia pull the baby out?" I asked

"No, you she was very stupid and didn't know what to pull. So she just pulled on anything that would hurt." He said in a hiss.

But that still didn't answer my question. What was I going to do; I didn't want to kill it. what if Aro didn't want it.

As if hearing me. Aro got my hands and held them.

"My dear, I just want to let you know that if you want to keep the babies. I would be the best father and husbanded that I can be" he said, I started to get tears in my eyes. He really was everything I have ever wanted.

"I want to keep the baby, Oh and what do you mean by babies?" I asked. Aro just laughed.

"My dear we know from the test. The doctor took while you were sleeping, that we're having twins" Aro smiled. His smile was filled with so much love and happiness. I smiled back at him. He was going to be a great father.

"We also want to let you know that, you will be moving in with us. We have all really set up a 4 leave apartment for the two of you" Caius said. Great I have to again.

"Don't worry some of the grads have already moved your stuff" Marcus said.

"Ok" I said

"How will I be giving birth to the babies?" I asked. I looked at all of them. It was Aro who answered.

"You will be giving birth in our new apartment; we have everything that you will need. Within two weeks you will be ready to give birth. The birth will not be normal; we know that for a fact. Our children will be a half vampire and a half human" Aro said with pride in his voice.

I smiled back at him. I don't know why but everything seemed to be falling in to places.

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