Chapter 21

Bella's point of view

I all but ran to the babies' room, once we were outside. I took a un needed breath, Aro held my hand. We walked in together, Marcus was holding my little girl while she fed and Caius was doing the same but with my little boy. When we both walked in, they looked up. I smiled and walked over to pick up the baby girl before I did. I said I was in control, Marcus handed her to me. Then I walked over and picked up my little boy. I kissed them both, they were so perfect .

"Well Bella are you going to name them" Marcus asked. I already told Aro the names and he loved them.

"The girl's name is Rose Marcus Volturi" I said and smiled at Marcus.

"The boy's name is Jordan Caius Volturi" I said and smiled at everyone. I gave Marcus a kiss and a hug; I gave the same to Caius. Everything was perfect.

"Well everyone has asked about Rose and Jordan, I was thinking of showing everyone them on the mask party" said Aro, I just looked at him.

"It would be the safety's way. we don't want to have people breaking in" Caius said

I knew they were right, I just nodded my head. I didn't like it, they could get hurt and I don't want people to looking at them as if they were a freak and get a hard time.

"Don't worry my love, we won't let anything happen to them" Aro said, giving our children and I a kiss.

I just hope it will go well.

i will be writing a new story about the mask party. it will be called mask: Bella and Aro.

i also will start a new story called three.