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Third person POV

Sophia had just been dropped off at her ballet class by her mother Fiona green Aka witch. "Hey sweetie have fun! Mummy will pick you up in an hour" She said to her daughter. "Okay Mummy, I love you" The six year old said. "I love you too" She said.

Sophia went inside and then Fiona got in her car. She started heading back to her house. As she was driving home she was thinking about where would be the best place to move. 15 minutes of driving later as she arrived at her house that was by the forest. As Fiona got out of the car she could feel that something was wrong. She slowly walked towards the house. She hesitantly opened the door.

When she went inside she met with the familiar face of Katherine. Katherine was after Fiona's daughter "Hello where is your daughter?" . Fiona grew very angry and stared at Katherine until Katherine's head felt like it was going to explode. The vampire screamed out in pain. "You better leave my daughter alone or I will kill you!" Fiona warned.

She stopped causing Katherine pain for a second "This can be done the hard way or the easy way" Katherine hissed. "You will never hurt my daughter I won't let you! Even if you do kill me to try and get to Sophia I have a backup plan." Fiona shouted. Katherine laughed " I will find the brat wherever she goes, I will even get some of my vampire friends to help me find her so I can kill her and then I will finally be safe from Klaus"

In a flash Katherine had snapped Fiona's neck and Fiona's last thought was 'Please protect our daughter Damon'

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