Part 1

There were a few things that she wanted to accomplish this junior year: 1) get her pre-pregnancy body back, 2) get back on top of the social hierarchy, 3) get Santana to back off from whatever duel they're having, and, most importantly, 4) find new ways to torture Rachel. She already got number 1 under control now that she's back in the Cheerios. Number 2 was also secured now that she's the Head Cheerio and with a new quarterback boyfriend. Number 3 was going well too because she can ordered Santana around now that she has the power and control. As for number 4, that's something that she's been thinking a lot these days. Some might say that it almost consumed her, but she loved being passionate about things, and was it so wrong to pour that passion towards torturing Rachel? It's just that, there's something about that girl that aggravate her. She can't really put her foot in it; maybe it's the way she talks, maybe she's still pissed that Rachel had managed to steal Finn right under her nose, maybe she's also irritated that Puck somehow liked her, or maybe she's annoyed for her existence. Or maybe she's just bothered that somehow she always managed to agree to do whatever Rachel asked her to do. Of all the silly things that she had done, she still can't understand why she would agree to ask Finn if he wanted to get back together just because Rachel asked her to. Who in their sensible mind would open themselves up for a possible rejection? Thinking about that strengthen her resolved, I need to make Rachel's life a living hell. She had a chance a few weeks ago when Rachel asked her to perform that duet with Sam. She could have said no, but for some reason she did it anyway. What's wrong with her?

Quinn was currently in the gym. Some guys were playing basketball but she wasn't paying attention. She had her laptop on and making full use of the school wi-fi to view cute animal videos in YouTube. That's how she liked to spend her time before Cheerios practice. Somehow her mind brought her back to Rachel and she decided to check Rachel's MySpace page. Occasionally she would check Rachel's page to see if she posted any new videos. Rachel didn't post as often as before, not since she had a boyfriend. Quinn wasn't sure which one annoyed her more, that Rachel's too busy with Finn to post new videos or that Rachel's with Finn. Her face lighted up when she saw there's a new video. She was about to view it when Santana joined her.

"Hey Q, what are you doing?"

"Checking out Berry's page."

Santana sat next to her and they watched the video. Rachel was singing 'I'd Rather Be Blue Over You (Than Happy With Somebody Else)'. They were both laughing at Rachel the whole time; laughing at her clothes, laughing at her facial expression, laughing at everything. It seemed everything about Rachel was laughable. Rachel's performance was amazing though, but Quinn and Santana wouldn't admit it to each other.

Quinn commented on the video under her username, Sky Splits: 'Somewhere a dog dies listening to your voice.' Santana laughed even louder reading that.

"Is anyone else even watching her videos?" Santana wondered.

They browsed through her other videos; they had only a few hits and some comments saying they're good. Quinn had commented on all her videos but they've all been deleted. Her comments had all been nasty, so it's no wonder that Rachel deleted them. She's surprised that Rachel had never said anything to her about that.

"She's only doing this for attention. That Idiot Boy apparently is not giving her enough. I bet she'd dumped him as soon as someone else lavishes her with all the attention," Quinn said.

"Maybe we can hire someone to pretend to like her," Santana started scheming.

"Nah, I don't want to waste my money on this."

Suddenly an idea came into Quinn's head, it's like you can see a light bulb above her head. She instantly logged out and signed up for a new account. She created a new username, 'Arnstein'.

"Who's Arnstein?"

"It's a character from Funny Girl."

"How come you know so much about Funny Girl?"

"I like that movie," Quinn stated, but instantly shot Santana a look that said not to make any comment about that.

"So what are you going to do?"

"You'll see."

She went back to Rachel's page under the new username and left a comment: 'You're very talented. I hope you'll post more soon.'

After she submitted the comment, she turned to Santana, "Now we'll just wait and see. If Berry is as desperate as she is for attention, it'll be hook, line, and sinker."

Santana smirked, "What are you planning to do?"

"I'll … well, 'Arnstein' will befriend her, shower her with compliments, make her feel special, get her to spill her deepest darkest secret, and one fine day, we'll use that against her and she wouldn't even know what hit her." Quinn's eyes were gleaming, she's proud of her plan. "And if 'Arnstein' play their cards right, 'Arnstein' might be able to persuade her to dump Finn. And then I can get Finn back under my control, and she'll be left all alone."

"Woah Q, when you have a brilliant evil plan, you have a brilliant evil plan," Santana was impressed. "But you already have Sam, why do you want Finn?"

Quinn quirked her eyebrows, "Why have one when you can have two?" Santana shook her head. She had to hand it to Quinn, that girl was a great manipulator.

Santana left the gym to get ready for Cheerios practice but Quinn stayed for a little bit more. After Santana left, Quinn watched the video again, but this time she's not laughing.

Author's Notes: I thought of taking a break from writing because I miss reading other Faberry fics, but I have this idea in my head. Please tell me what you think.