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Itachi, Deidara and Hidan quickly ran up the flights of stairs and searched for Sakura's chakra signature. Although, a sight had caught their attention, making it quite evident where their blossom was.

At the end of the hall was a door, or at least, what's left of it.

It seemed like it was reduced to nothing more than chunks of wood and splinters.

They all assumed with matching smirks (a twitch of the lips for the cold Uchiha) it was the pink haired medic and her monstrous strength, attempting to free herself from the youngest Uchiha.

The trio vanished at once, all reappearing inside the huge room. Where they expected to find Sasuke and Sakura in some epic battle for her freedom and him for….whatever the hell he wanted.

Oh Kami were they wrong.

"Holy Fuck!"

The last thing they expected to find was their blossom, holding the black hair of an unconscious Sasuke in a steely grip, with her foot on Sasori's chest, pinning him to the floor.

It seemed like she hadn't noticed them yet since she was yelling something to the red head, who looked rather….pleased with the events.

"What the hell Sasori?! I thought you came here to rescue me, not mouth rape me!"

The three men at the door shared a look of anger after hearing her words.

"I did rescue you….I just wanted to taste you again doll."

The anger transformed into fury at the endearment the puppet master had just used. Not to mention his words, which made all their eyes glow green with jealousy.

Her face flushed in embarrassment, her eyes widening at his blatant statement.

"W-well you can't Sasori." She muttered, her teeth nibbling on her lower lip.

The other Akatsuki members present

"Why not?"

His hazel eyes were filled with genuine curiosity, making her tummy flood with butterflies.

"It' obvious why not." She said, her voice exasperated.

"Care to enlighten me?"

If her pale cheeks were red before, they were absolutely flaming by now.



The pinkette glanced at the door where she saw three Akatsuki members watching her intently.

Surprised, her hand released the head of hair as she took in the sight of the three men before her.

Relief, Awe and a tiny bit of anger were evident on all their faces.

"Itachi, Dei, Hidan."

A smile appeared on her lips, which made four hearts beat rapidly, madly for her.

"What happened here yeah?" The blonde wondered aloud, making his way towards her.

"None of your business." His partner muttered, his eyes never leaving Sakura's.

"Tch….the fuck?! Cut the crap puppet boy, Seriously!"

Itachi suddenly vanished, only to reappear next to the pink haired medic, thoroughly invading her personal space.

"Let's go love."

The unexpected movement shocked her and made Sakura stumble away from the Uchiha. Who stared at her in confusion, not that he'd show it of course.

"Y-yeah….I'll meet you downstairs."

"Where are you off to yeah?" Deidara furrowed his eyebrows, really baffled with the whole situation.

"I'm going to get my stuff and maybe help Kisame. Kami knows he would have one hell of a hangover if I don't." She went one, taking slow but measured steps to the door.

"Fuck that! We'll do all that-"

"I also have to put something on Hidan…"

The silver haired nin scoffed and skillfully wielded his scythe.

"You look fucking hot and we all know that."

Without replying to Hidan, Sakura fled, unable to face the Uchiha.

It would be quite odd but considering the encounter she had with Sasuke…she needed some space away from Itachi.

Space to think and to sort out her feelings.

When Sasori had arrived, it made her heart skip a beat and her stomach do somersaults.

Never before had she been so utterly glad to see the red head.

Sure, she was still intrigued how he had assembled his body however her curiosity could wait.

Right now all she wanted to do was pull the wooden man in a bone-crushing embrace.

And when he pushed Sasuke's body off of her form, she almost let out a carefree laugh.

Once again, an Akatsuki member came to her rescue.

True, the pinkette would prefer teaching the bastard a lesson herself, yet she was thrilled to see Sasori.

Those hazel eyes gazed at her with so much warmth that she knew he couldn't be the heartless monster she had once fought so long ago.

It was frightening, the way he had handled her former teammate.

Sakura heard bones being crushed and saw blood being spilt.

Sasori was merciless, grasping the boy's jaw in a tight vice like grip. He had been so brutal, punching…..kicking….killing the boy she once knew.

Despite his barbaric demeanor, the pink haired medic wasn't scared.

If anything, she was at peace.


For one thing, Sasuke was too damn stubborn and proud to die like this, without putting an end to his only living relative. So she wasn't worried for his safety.

And, she knew that the red head wouldn't kill him.

If he did, she'd be upset.

No, not because she loved him.

It was because he had unfinished business with Naruto.

As much as she wanted to see Sasuke burn in the pits of hell for putting everyone who loved him through so much pain….she couldn't.

Her stupid, compassionate heart wouldn't allow that.

And so, the fight between the Uchiha and the Akatsuki member went on.

At some point, Sasuke escaped his opponent's grasp. Only to appear behind her, holding her in a tight grip in an intimate position.


This position seemed oddly familiar….

"Let me go Sasuke!" Sakura squirmed within the cage of his arms, which only tightened around her body, making the air in her lungs escape through her mouth in one breath.

A sword, silver and sharp, appeared under her chin.

She tilted her face upwards immediately, having no desire to be decapitated so early in her life.

Her green eyes quickly snapped to a pair of hazel, which were glaring daggers at the man holding her captive.

"So pathetic!" The man behind her growled menacingly, the sound sending chills down her spine.

"Don't you see? She is a nothing."

The puppet master clenched his jaw, his eyes locked onto hers.

To Sakura's surprise, he was no longer glaring.

Instead, he was looking at her so tenderly that she almost forgot her precarious position with the Uchiha behind her.

"Lie. She is everything."

Inner promptly had a nosebleed at his fervent declaration while outer Sakura blushed heavily.


Kami, she really did want to say more than his name like a useless damsel in distress.

But how could she?

Never before had the pinkette encountered men vying for her attention, treating her so wonderfully.

It was unknown territory for her.

Suddenly, a flash of pain brought her back into reality.

She looked down and saw the tip of his blade, scraping her cheek.

In spite of the pain, Sakura showed no emotion, merely kept in her gasps and whimpers as he dug the sword deeper into her skin.

As if Sasori could sense her discomfort, he spoke. His voice was tender and soft, much like the man he was under the shell he used to protect himself from others.

"Shhh….it's alright baby doll."

It was like Sasuke wasn't even in the vicinity. The way he whispered so lovingly to her made her feel like it was the two of them alone.

"I'll be there and that bastard will regret ever touching you.."

A tiny chuckle left her lips at his casual way of threatening the Uchiha.

"You're insane."

The way she spoke wasn't in an insulting manner. If anything she was elated. For some reason, she wasn't really concerned with her captor. Her voice was tender and just….happy.

"And you're beautiful."

Their conversation sounded much like the one they had sparring in the underground base of Akatsuki before. Although the situation was very different and so did the way she felt about him.

"Shut up!" Sasuke yelled, his red eyes blazing with fury.

He was offended by the girl within his arms and the man standing ominously before him.

They acted as if he, an Uchiha, wasn't even present.

The dark haired man tsked and gripped his weapon tighter.

And when he spoke, he did with anger and spite, feelings he had an abundance of.

"The moment you let her into that pitiful excuse of a heart of yours, is the moment you're dead." Sasuke snarled, his fingers digging so deep into her skin that she was sure there would be bruises in her skin the next morning….if she survived tonight.

"Foolish boy."

Sasori shook his head slowly; the air around him suddenly turned heavy and tense.

"The moment I let her in my heart…"

The red head used one hand to unzip his Akatsuki cloak, only to reveal his chest.

A wooden hand placed itself over his left chest where his core was.

"…was when it belonged to her, making me feel more alive than I have in decades."

The wooden appendage dropped, giving Sakura and Sasuke a clear view of his heart.

A gasp escaped her slightly parted lips.

Instead of the character for scorpion, the character for Sakura was imprinted on his core, his last living essence.

It was beautifully written in vivid green ink.

The sight made her heart palpitate madly in her chest.

"Oh Kami…." The pinkette murmured, unable to believe the man in front of her.

It was silent for a long time. Or at least, it felt like forever for her.

That is, until the quiet was interrupted by the youngest Uchiha, who was busy laughing like a maniac behind her.

His laughter sounded hysterical and dark, thoroughly creeping her out.

"Sakura is right!"

Insert evil maniacal chuckles here.

"What the hell are you talking about Sasuke?" She growled, her arms almost trembling from the effort she put into escaping her captor.

"He is insane! He and the rest of Akatsuki are crazy! Most feared group of missing-nin my ass."

Pink brows rose at that while a scoff was heard from the red head.

"All of you are weaklings! Falling for a pathetic piece of trash? This would be almost comical if it wasn't so tragic."

Sasori took his opportunity to end this battle by using one hand, bringing it behind his back. Where it would not be seen by his foolish enemy. The wood parted at a hidden seam from his palm and out came a tiny needle. So slim and miniscule, it couldn't be seen with the naked eye. Sadly, the unique bloodline of the Uchiha's made it easier for him to see the needle tipped with poison and avoid it. However Sasori had a feeling the boy would be too focused on his speech, it would be too late before he noticed the toxins flowing through his veins.

"Although, I can see why you all chose her."

Sasuke turned his attention to Sakura, rubbing the length of his nose on her neck, right under her short pink tresses.

Although the sight irked him, it gave him the chance to put an end to this fight.

"Stop it you bastard!" The pink haired medic snarled, her green eyes sparking with anger.

The Uchiha's eyes snapped to his own hazel ones as he pressed his forehead against his doll's temple.

"No. Touching you obviously hurts them." He replied, his voice husky and deep.

She turned her head to the side so that she could stare right into those evil, crimson depths.

"You're sick."

Sasuke merely smirked at her before speaking again. Although he wasn't addressing her. Instead, he directed his attention to the red head in the vicinity.

"You all love her."

The statement was more like an accusation instead of a question.

"Unfortunately." The puppet master replied, upset that he had so much competition for his doll's compassionate and fierce heart.

To Sasori's great dismay, Sasuke started leaving a trail of lingering kisses on her cheek, moving lower to her jawline then her swan like neck.

He noticed that although the position he held Sakura in was threatening (her being held captive with bothe her arms pinned to her sides thanks to Sasuke's one strong arm and his other held a steel blade over her throat) it was also intimate. Which made him more than angry.

The artist watched with angry eyes as the boy even licked the blood that dripped from her cheek, a wound that he had inflicted on her just moments ago.

It was disgusting.

The intimate way he traced the thin ribbon of red that flowed down her creamy skin with his tongue.

He had a very good feeling that the boy was doing this to spite him, to hurt him since he knew that he valued Sakura safety over his own.

"Do you hear that Sakura? He, my brother, everyone in Akatsuki actually feel something for you."

Sasuke's voice was cruel and harsh as he whispered so intimately in her ear.

"Let me go you-"


As the pair argued, Sasori moved closer, the needle in his hand dripping with a violet substance. Thick and potent, it was his deadliest venom yet.

"All I wanted was to hurt my brother by killing you…because watching someone you love hurts a thousand times more than you yourself suffering."

At this, Sakura spoke, her voice soft but hard.

"You would know a lot about that Sasuke. Watching your family being slaughtered-"

Red eyes hardened immediately. If she wasn't so damn stubborn, she would have flinched away from him.

"By him! He deserves to die and rot in the lowest pits of hell for what he did to my family!" He said roughly, using his sword to make another gash on her shoulder.

She hissed at the fresh wound marring her creamy skin.

"He isn't as bad as you think!"

Green eyes looked deep into bloody red mingled with black.

She saw so much pain and anguish….so much sadness….

"You're a fool if you believe that Sakura. He is a murderer."

"Then call me a fool because I know someone who can love can't kill without good reason. And why didn't he kill you? Did you ever think of that?" She questioned, realizing that pushing his buttons wasn't the smartest thing to do right now but who the hell cares? She certainly didn't.

"I don't need to explain myself to you."

Sakura huffed and bit her lower lip, lest curses would leave her mouth faster than Naruto being able to eat Ramen, making a particular Jashin worshiper proud.

A beat of silence passed between them before he broke it once more.

"Why would you defend him?" He asked, sounding genuinely curious.


Why did she defend him?


Sakura felt a wave of emotion wash over her in that moment.

Feelings of anger, shock, and embarrassment filled her body. Every sentiment and emotion she felt concerning the older Uchiha filled her with each memory she had with him.

When he had walked into her room (cell)

When he had shared sweets with her…..saved her from dozens of exploding tags….attacked (ravished) her with iced tea dripping from her fingertips….watched her so heatedly…..saved her once more from Sasuke…..confessed such deep affections for her…..entice and anger her at the same time…..the way he was so irritatingly graceful and regal…..the way he just…was.

Unbeknownst to the pinkette, as she relived her experiences with Itachi in her head, his younger brother was watching each emotion flicker across her face, including the blush that streaked across her cheeks.

The frown marring his face transformed into a malicious grin.

"Oh I see…"

Those fiery green eyes instantly met with his red ones.

Hers full of emotion and his devoid of any.

"You love him."

Sakura's breath caught in her throat, which made his grin stretch even wider.

"This makes things even more interesting!"

Just before Sasuke could utter another word, Sasori moved, his hand grabbing the sword (he was made out of reinforced wood, so he wouldn't get hurt) and pulling it away from his beloved doll.

The same moment he used his other hand to grasp the boy's neck. But before he could, a pale but strong hand stopped him from doing so.

"Do you think I'm a fool? I can see everything you pathetic-"

With a lazy smirk, he watched the needle launch itself from his palm, heading straight for the Uchiha's neck, where it embedded itself in his skin.

"Arrogance is a fool's trait. Remember that, boy."

"So… fucking kissed her? Right after poisoning the brat?" Hidan asked, his purplish eyes curious.

Sasori simply nodded.

"Is he dead?" The blonde crouched next to the unmoving body and watched for any signs of movement.

"He should be…However after battling with him, I can tell he is quite stubborn. I doubt he'll allow himself to die so easily." The red head muttered before standing up and dusting himself off.

"Hold it! How did you get your fucking body back?"

"Zetsu travels fast."

Deidara, Hidan and Itachi nodded, satisfied with his answer.

It was silent for a while before the blonde spoke, breaking the quiet with his voice. Which sounded rather….uneasy and worried.

"Sakura is going back to the room?"

"Are you going deaf now blondie? Seriously!"

"Then…wouldn't she see what we did to the Kyuubi container?"

Hidan rolled his eyes at the dumb question.

"Hell yes!"


"Oh shit." He muttered, almost dropping his weapon at the realization.

"My thoughts exactly." Itachi sighed, shaking his head.

Sasori was lost so he asked what did they do to the boy.

"We taught him a lesson yeah."

"Who the fuck cares! My bitch better be glad that we didn't kill him."

The conversation went on as the remaining members of Akatsuki left the area.

Although, Itachi stayed behind, his red eyes watched his brother's shaky breaths and his keen ears heard his weak pulse.

Just as he was about to turn and leave, Sasuke spoke.

Well, more like whispered angrily since the poison flowing through his blood stream made it difficult for him to talk.

"She is a weakness." He hissed through clenched teeth, Sasori's venom was painful, burning him from the inside out.

Itachi looked down at his younger brother, whose eyes were red and filled with so much darkness and pain. However, for once, it did not reflect his own.

"No. She is not a weakness, She is my strength."

With that, he left, leaving Sasuke to suffer alone. Which was exactly what he had been craving for all these years, to be left alone.

It was everything he wanted.

It's what he wanted since he battled Naruto after obtaining the curse mark willingly.

He pushed away his friends, the elders in the village, his sensei and those stupid perverted books of his...

Then…why did he feel so…pathetic?

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