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Dark eyes glinted, excited by the sight of the pinkette leaving her circle of friends. Or was it lovers? He honestly couldn't tell. But from what he'd seen and heard the past few days tailing them, he concluded that almost all of the men present were greatly infatuated with the pink haired medic. Not that he could blame them.

If he didn't want to kill her so much, then maybe he might have asked her out.

"Be safe Sakura-chan!"

A loud and energetic voice called out, effectively bringing out the dark eyed man from his trance.

"And don't worry, I'll keep these perverts away from you-"

The silver haired one delivered a harsh but not fatal blow to the head of the noisy blonde.


"Shut it you brat! I'll be the one keeping my bitch safe!"

"Hey, don't call my Sakura-chan a bitch!"

"Oh yeah?!"

As the pair bickered while the rest of the men watched in mild amusement, He crept away, fully intent of following the girl and draining the life force from her beautiful body.

"Finally, some peace and quiet." Sakura murmured to herself, stretching her tired limbs as she walked.

Tch. That's what you think. I was actually enjoying the attention from those fine male specimens.

A familiar voice purred, which made Outer Sakura roll her green eyes at the utter perverseness of her Inner self.

Just as she was about to reply to Inner, a noise echoed within the woods.

The pinkette halted her movements and disappeared, only to reappear above the ground behind a large branch of leaves.

A second later, bubbling sounds of rushing water filled the air.

She released a small sigh of relief.

For a second there, I thought someone was following me.

Ooh, I hope it was Itachi. Or maybe Hidan, those two never fail to get my blood flowing.

Red flooded her already flushed cheeks.

Shut up.

Whatever, at least you admit your affection towards them. Kami knows how long it took for you to finally see.

Sakura rolled her eyes once more, annoyed at the smugness and exasperation radiating from her Inner's words, as she made her way to the hot spring Kiba had located earlier.

They all took turns using the natural bath, However Sakura wanted to go last. Not trusting a particular dark haired man who had no respect for boundaries.

Once her feet landed before the steaming water, the pinkette smiled, more than excited to relax.

Despite her desire to get home as soon as possible, she was dreading a reunion with her mentor. As much as she missed Tsunade-sensei, Sakura rather liked her head attached to her body.

Speaking of her tired body, it was practically itching to submerge itself under the water.

While the pinkette shed her clothes, she admired the landscape before her.

It was as if the entire forest were in tune. The setting sun cast a warm, orange glow on the setting, which gave it almost an ethereal look. Something she didn't think was possible after seeing the danger and death present in the shinobi world. However the scene before her made Sakura feel as though the war didn't even happen.

The hot spring was circled in large rocks, tall grass and there were even some pristine white lilies floating around the water. It was a serene view, especially with the small waterfall that sprouted from the top of the pile of rocks, supplying the spring with efficient amount of water.

Only clad in her undies and chest bindings (As if Sakura would allow herself to be completely vulnerable)

She executed a perfect dive into the surprisingly deep pool of warm liquid.

The pinkette was so immersed in her thoughts and relaxation that she didn't notice the chakra signature that flared to life near her.


The voice was slick, just like a snake's skin.

The girl within the water held back a shriek at the sound of his voice.

"N-no…it can't be. You're supposed to be dead."

The dark figure smirked.

"Hn…so sorry to disappoint."

With that, he lunged after her.

There were several times that He had felt inexplicable anger in his life. Once was when his crush had rejected him. Another was when he didn't get many missions due to his lack of skill. The most recent one was when the pink haired bitch cast an age defying jutsu (Of all the tricks in the shinobi universe!) against him. Unfortunately, her justsu molded with his parasitical attack and mutilated, forming a crazy as fuck curse.

It took weeks to wake up after the attack and once he did, he woke up in the worst possible condition possible….a child's body!

Needless to say, Roku hated it.

After trying several healers and days of chakra exhaustion, He finally realized that only she could help him.

Besides, if she couldn't, then he would take her life as payment for the horrible life he was living now.

But this….

This was just stupid!

He had waited impatiently for days just to get her alone so that she could fix him the same way she fixed herself (Roku had witnessed the remarkable way she cleansed the curse from her body)

Then some Uchiha ruins his chance.

Kami, if this wasn't karma then what was?

The peace of the hot spring had been disrupted by the Uchiha's attack, its waters sloshing around, creating ripples and ruining the serenity.


Sakura let out a muffled yell of pain when Sasuke grabbed her arm as she was about to make her escape, twisting it into a disgusting angle. Not enough to break but definitely more with than enough pressure to inflict pain.

"Scream louder Sakura, let the men who desperately love you, hear how pathetic you are."

The pinkette refused to give him the satisfaction, biting her lips till they bled.

"Tsk Tsk, you shouldn't disobey me."

Bravery and maybe a bit of stupidity filled her right then, pushing her to reply to his words with venom that even his snakes would find deadly.

"And why not? You're just some sick bastard trying to exact his revenge on someone who is innocent."

Every word seemed to anger him even more, something Sakura did not want but found great pleasure in.

"You have no right to speak about things you know nothing about."

Sasuke tightened his hold on her limb applied just little more pressure, eliciting no reaction but anger in Sakura.

"How hypocritical Sasuke-kun."

"Tch…stop talking and start screaming."

"Why?! I didn't do anything to you. I don't want you back home anymore!"

The youngest Uchiha smirked at this and bent her arm, using his free hand to wrap intimately around her waist, bringing her closer to his body. The position was more than familiar, which made the pinkette inwardly gag.

"Hn…I said start screaming, not lying."

Green eyes flashed dangerously at black ones.

"It's the truth, I've moved on."

"Oh yes, from me to my murderous older brother."

"Why don't you find a life instead of trying to ruin mine."

Ice coated her voice, hardening it to the point that Sasuke found…..pleasing.

"Time has changed you Sakura. Not only do you no longer crave my affections but you resent the mere thought of it as well."

A dark chuckle left the woman's lips at his statement.

"Yes, I once thought about nothing but you."

The Uchiha leaned closer, anticipating her response, which he knew would be biting and harsh.

It was rather unexpected, how this whole meeting had started out. Actually, he planned everything. How he was going to confront his brother after hurting Sakura. Yet for some reason, her rejection made him feel quite unsettled. Not only in the hotel where Karin had healed him using her special techniques, but even now, wrestling in neck deep water, under the orange sky.

Sasuke was still bothered by the need to possess her, body, soul and heart.

All things he found frivolous and trivial.

However after seeing the fire, the strength burning in those green depths, he couldn't help but feel enraptured…by her beauty and her hatred.

How ironic that the girl who used to follow him around like a love sick puppy would have him wanting her when she no longer wanted him.

Karma is a bitch.

Speaking of bitches, the one squirming in his grasp was getting difficult to control. Which was something Sasuke always loved and never gave up on, a challenge.

"But now, You are dead to me."

It was strange, how her sarcastic and sharp words merely fueled his desire to dominate her.

Maybe it was because he had never been rejected before.

Or because he could triumph over his brother in this aspect of life.

Nevertheless, he wanted her.

Was this endeavor pathetic?


She was a conquest, a challenge that he had every intention to answer.

He leaned forward, closing what little distance between them existed and ran the length of his nose across the nape of her neck.

"Get the hell off me Sasuke!"

The thrashing and squirming strengthened but it was all useless. True, she could have pumped chakra through her body so that she could easily overpower him. But the pinkette needed more time to recover, to heal from her recent excessive use of chakra on certain techniques she wasn't allowed to do.

"Why should I listen to you?"

Before a threat including castration and particular bits of Sasuke's body was voiced, someone spoke, his voice filled with anger.

"Remove your hands from what's mine little brother, before I detach them painfully from your body."

As much as Sakura wanted to berate the older Uchiha who must have been waiting in the shadows to seduce her again, she couldn't help but feel inexplicably glad he was here, strangely enough, with a guest.

Itachi had his hand around the man's neck, a murderous expression on his face.

"Forgive me for intruding your privacy blossom, but as you can see, I found vermin following you."

Red glinted menacingly as the man struggled to breathe, his veins popping out.


"I see you haven't lost your touch with torture brother." Sasuke snarled, his arms tightening around Sakura's body. Itachi saw this and growled lowly, waves of anger emanating from him.

"And I can see how delusional you are to believe you can have what is actually mine."

Both brothers glared at one other, leaving their prisoners to watch quietly.

However, Sakura was never really one to be bullied into submission.

"Will everyone just shut the hell up?"

"Mmm…I fucking love it when you talk dirty."

The ground suddenly shook when yet another man joined the four at the hot springs.

Hidan licked his lips, a predatory smirk on his face.

"Why did you-"

The Jashin worshiper interrupted her question with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

"I heard you moaning in stuff so I thought I would catch you-"

This time she cut him off, a bright blush on her porcelain cheeks.

"I was in trouble Hidan! Sasuke was trying to kill me and I was trying to defend myself."

He nodded slowly as she tried to tame the flush apparent on her face.

"I should try to kill you more often then…."

"Oh Kami…."

Sakura shook her wet hair, casuing the droplets to fall around her shoulders and down her body. Which of course, caught the attention of the cussing man.

"Holy Fuck, you are so damn-"

"Don't even finish that sentence Hidan!" The pinkette huffed, annoyed how carefree he was in such a tense situation.

"Sexy" His voice deepened while his eyes glinted mischievously.

Officially giving up on trying to convince the silver haired man to focus, she turned to the most rational (hopefully) person in the area.

"Itachi, let go of that man." The medic of the group pleaded, unaware of who this person actually was.

Surprise showed on his face, especially in his beady, black eyes.

"Just because he was some perv doesn't mean he should die."

The Older of the two Uchiha's didn't move, but he did loosen his grip.

No, he didn't let go of his captive but he did permit some air to enter his lungs.

Once Roku could finally breathe, he spoke, albeit slowly due to the state of his throat.

"Like….I'd…..w-want to look…at you! F-fucking bitch! M-my jutsu…should have killed you by now…."

The silence that followed his words was deafening, making him regret speaking at all.

Green eyes widened at the wheezing man.

"You're the one who tried to steal the scrolls!" The pink haired medic felt a sudden burst of anger, powering her body to propel itself out of Sasuke's arms. Unfortunately…her former teammate was very fit.

"Tch…don't sully your hands with his blood. He is pathetic and isn't even worth it."

Sakura rolled her eyes at Sasuke's statement.

"Doesn't that sound familiar?" Her voice was cold and biting, much to his satisfaction.

"Your hatred is alluring."

Both Itachi and Hidan cursed, moving forward to hurt the boy keeping their blossom captive.

"Let me go Uchiha! I have to teach this guy a lesson for trying to steal my mentor's scrolls and messing up with my chakra."

The pinkette tried to escape again, only to fail thanks to Sasuke's muscled arms.

"I thought you were against murder." The youngest Uchiha replied, thoroughly enjoying the jealous glares directed at him.

"I'm not against inflicting pain on those who deserve it."

Almost all men, excluding the rogue-nin, were more than enraptured by her desire for justice and were excited to observe on how she delivered it. Yet they needed to hear more answers.

"You're coming with us fuckhead. And get ready for some torture, seriously." Hidan growled with a crazy grin on his face.

Sakura sighed but allowed her anger to slowly but steadily seep away.

It would be rather hypocritical for her to kill mercilessly when she had been berating Sasuke few weeks prior to today.

Sasuke, feeling the tension leave his former teammate's body, loosened his hold on her.

"Get dressed. There's no way I'm letting the dope see you like this."

His eyes scanned her dripping form briefly, eliciting a heated glare and blush to appear.

"You're coming with us?"

Both former members of Akatsuki glanced at each other, realizing that yet another man had fallen for their pink haired medic. And although they knew the boy wasn't any real competition, they still hated the prospect of Sasuke fighting for Sakura's love.

"Hn…nothing better to do. I'll have to bring in Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo."

At the sound of the red head's name, she tsked, showing her obvious dislike.

"Don't get jealous, we both know where my interest lies now." Sasuke smirked, his black eyes finally showing emotion, excitement.

Something that scared Sakura beyond belief.

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