The crossover story of Star Wars The Clone Wars and Winx Club

Disclamier:I don't own Star Wars the Clone Wars or Winx Club

In this story Ahsoka and the other female Jedi have Believix from.

And this story is before Barriss will betrayed Ahsoka and put into prison.

Chapter 1 Great Power

"Woo-Hoo!"Said Ahsoka (Ahsoka's believix from is similar from Bloom's believix.)

"Ahsoka slow down I can't follow you."Said Barriss (Barriss's believix from is similar from Tecna's believix.)

"What's the matter Barriss can't fly?"Asked Ahsoka

"It's hard for me to control the wings."Said Barriss

Anakin and Luminara had watch them at Jedi Temple.

"So one week now that Ahsoka do this."Said Anakin

"Thanks to Ahsoka we are wizards but for them. They're fairies."Said Obiwan

"Hi guys."Said Shaak Ti

"Oh hey Shaak Ti what're you doing here?"Asked Anakin

"I come to practice to be like them."Said Shaak Ti

"Okay I want to see it."Said Anakin

"Are you want to see me practice or my slender body?"Asked Shakk Ti

"Umm your practice."Said Anakin

"SHAAK TI BELIEVIX!"Said Shaak Ti (Shaak Ti's believix from is similar from Musa's believix.)

"Okay let's fly!"Said Shaak Ti and she's jump out and start to fly.

"Look like she can't control her wings."Said Obiwan

"What about our practice?"Asked Anakin

"Oh I'm almost forgot that Master Plo gotta wait for us so longer than he thought now."Said Obiwan

On planet Midgard...

"Senator Amidala we found another ring but it's black."Said Typho

"That's must be the Black Circle!we must tell this to the Jedi!"Said Padme


"Now I have found the Black Circle now that must be the one of the source of the dark magic power."Said Padme

"If Dooku know about this he will do everything to get that ring."Said Yoda

"We must find that ring before him and keep it from him and the Separatist."Said Anakin

At Dooku's ship...

"Are you called me master?"Asked Gunray

"Yes Gunray I need you and General Grievous go to Midgard and find the Black Circle of the Wizards of the Black Circle."Said Dooku

"Yes but why do you need it?"Asked Gunray

"If I have it we can defeat the Jedi and the Separatist we win the Clone Wars."Said Dooku

"Okay I will do it my lord. I will find and give it to you and the Separatist will win the wars."Said Gunray