Chapter One - Looks Like We Saved The World..Again

It was Friday night in Sunnydale. Most of the residents slept in their beds without any knowledge of the eternal struggle between good and evil carried out on their doorsteps. They slept without knowing that their fate and the fate of the entire world rested on the shoulders of one person.

"Xander! Smash the Omulet of Therusse."


"Smash the weird glowing thing."

"Oh." *smash*

The evil demons that Buffy had been fighting suddenly all turned to dust. And there was silence.

"Is it over?" Asked a frightened Dawn from her hiding position behind a rock.

"Yes." Said Buffy. "You can come out from your hiding place."

"I wasn't hiding."


"I was waiting for my moment to strike."


"I was."

Buffy turned away from her sister and faced Xander. "So you just saved the world. What you going to do now?"

"I'm going to Disneyland."

"Can I come?" asked Dawn.

"I'm not actually going to go to Disneyland."

"Then why said you were?"

"It's just a phase that people use."

"I've never heard it."

"That doesn't mean it doesn't exist." Said Buffy. "Anyway he just saved the world I think we can give him some leeway."

"How about giving him something more than leeway." Said Xander speaking in the third-person.

"Did we stop them?" Asked Willow as she came in from outside the building.

"Wait let me check."

"We got them." Said Buffy while giving Xander a look.

"Oh good." A smile came across Willow's face.

"Yeah. I saved the world."

"Excuse me?"

"Okay fine. Buffy kept the demons off my back while I saved the world."

"You do know there is no I in teamwork?"

"There isn't. No wonder I failed English."

"Well the important thing is that the world was saved." Said Willow.

"Oh sure. When Xander saves the world the important thing is that the world has been saved. However when Buffy saves the world."

Buffy interrupted him, "Hey when you save the world as much as I do then I think you deserve some appreciation."

"We appreciate it. Don't we Xander?"


The three of them move in to hug each other.

"Not that I want to spoil the moment but can we go home?" Asked Dawn.

"It is late. Maybe I should be getting her home."

"Okay. Everyone back to Buffy's."


"I was thinking of a B-movie marathon as a sort of celebration.

"Oh can we?" Dawn was probably more excited by the prospect of staying up late than anything else.

"Alright fine. But no watching gory movies."

"No gory movies? You did hear that I said B-movies?"

"There must be some non-gory B-movies."

When he heard that Xander's face light up.

"Not that kind." Said Willow knowing exactly what kind of movies Xander was thinking of.

"Come on! You lot do know what a B-movie is right?"

Buffy was going to answer when she worked out what sort of movies that had made Xander' face light up.

"Oh. That's gross Xander."

"What? I'm a young red-blooded male. It is in my genes."

"I know that it's in your jeans. Oh wait you meant genes."

"Okay so it's decided. Xander you go get some movies and we will go back to Buffy's place." Said Willow.

They all nodded.