Bored...bored...bored. This is ridiculous! It was mid-evening on Friday and America was bored. Ugh! It was frustrating. Normally he would indulge himself in delicious foods and treats, but even he had a limit to how much he could consume. He took a nap; he played video games, hell! He even cleaned his house! Him! Alfred f. jones, the personification of the United States of America, actually cleaned his house. He may seem useless but even he had to capability to do even the simplest of tasks.

"Ugh!" he really couldn't take this. The feeling of being too bored and might he even say, lonely. He just sat on the couch. time seemed to slowly pass by.

"If only England were here-" that's it! Why hasn't he thought of this sooner? England. His ex-caretaker. His friend and his secret crush. All he had to do was give England a call and ask him to come over or maybe he can go see him. America pulled out his phone from his pocket, scrolled down his contacts until he came across 'England' and pressed the call button. He didn't know why but he always had this nervous feeling when talking to England. His heart beat would increase and he would even stutter.




"Maybe he's busy?" America thought. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't even notice the voice on the other line.

"Hello? America? Helloooo?"

America shook his head as to clear his thoughts

"o-oh. Hey England! What's up?" god! He sounded so nervous

"Hello America. What is it that you want?" England wasted no time. He wanted to get straight to the point.

"Nothing much. yea... I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight and-"

"I can't Alfred. I have to work till 3 in the bloody morning." he quickly cut Alfred off.

"b-but we don't have any planned meetings for another week or so. What job do you do that you have to work till 3?" he questioned.

"That's none of your bloody business, git. Now if that's all you have to say I'm going now"

"W-wait! I can come over there instead!" he jumped from his couch. He wanted to see England so bad. He hasn't seen him in weeks for Christ sake! He heard England sigh on the other line.

"That's not the problem. I have to work and I simply do not have the time. Goodbye America." and with that, America was left with the dull sound of the dial tone. He was so confused. Why couldn't he go see England? What was England doing? What kind of job lasts till 3 in the morning? He was worried. He was lonely and most of all he missed England. Without a second thought he quickly got up, booked the next flight to England, took a shower, packed his bags and was in a taxi on his way to the airport.


"Finally!" at last America made it to England. He swore this had to be the longest flight ever. He walked over to the baggage claim, got his luggage and went outside the airport to get a taxi. Of course it was raining and due to his rushing he completely forgot the thought of even bringing an umbrella. He tried flagging down a taxi but surprisingly they all had customers in them or were waiting for specific people.

"Ugh! You have got to be kidding me!" he rolled his eyes up at the sky and stomped his foot childishly.

"Screw it. I'll walk" he grabbed his luggage and walked through the rainy streets of London with a newspaper over his head to form some kind of shelter.

***another time skip heheh***

"Hah...hah...hah... m-made it..." America panted. For the last 15 minutes of his commute to England's house he had to run. The rain had gotten heavier and his temporary newspaper shelter was discarded long ago. He banged on the door.

"England! Are you in there? England!" no answer. Damn it! England must have gone to work already. But now he was stuck outside of his house in the rain.

"Damn it all!" he kicked a small plant pot that was next to the door. The plant fell to the side revealing what seemed to be a spare house key. He quickly picked up the key and thanked the heavens that he was able to get inside the house. He shrugged off his wet coat and hung it on the coat rack, leaving his luggage next to it.

"Hmm..." he looked around the empty house. England really wasn't here. He had this small doubt that maybe England was just ignoring him. He kicked off his shoes and walked towards the living room. His eyes caught sight of a blinking red light. He walked over to it and saw England had a message on his answering machine. He pressed the button and the message began.

'Bonjour Angleterre! It's France. Just calling to remind you that you 'ave ze late shift tonight. Seeing as it is 'come one, come all' night, zere will be twice as many customers as usual. I will see you at ze club.'


America stood there. He was more than confused. He thought England had to work. But he went to a club? With France? This didn't make sense! If he wanted to go clubbing all he had to do was say so. But wait, France did say he had to work a late shift. Maybe he was a bartender? Either way he knew where England was. Now he could go see him.

"But which club?" he thought. Only one way to find out. He pulled out his phone again and called France. The phone rang several times before a voice was heard.


"Ah...hey? France?"

"Ah! Amérique! How are you?"

"I'm fine, thanks. Um... hey, do you know where England works?"

"Angleterre? Ah yes. He works at a club called "misfits". Are you in London?" he asked

"Yeah I just got here. I wanted to visit England but he said he had to work till 3 and I got a little worried..."

"Ah. It is ze case of loneliness, no?" France smirked.

"Um...well" America blushed. Jeez what was he? Some high school girl?

"Well no matter ze case, England is at 'misfits' working now. Ill text you ze directions."

"O-ok. Thanks France." America smiled

"No problem. Oh and Amérique?"


"Enjoy the show" a small click was heard signaling that France had hung up the phone. America looked at his phone confused. Enjoy the show? What the hell did that mean? Oh well. France could say some pretty weird things so he shrugged it off. A few minutes passed before his phone went off. He looked at it and saw it was the text from France with the directions to England's job.

"Ok! Time to roll"

He put his shoes back on, grabbed his coat and an umbrella and walked out the door...

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