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"Phew! I finally made it"

After about 45 minutes of walking, America found the club. The club was in a dark alley way. It was a large black building with show lights. The word "misfits" glowed purple and blue with flashing lights around it and heavy music could be heard from inside. He walked up to the doors where a tanned, heavy looking fellow guarded the doors which America assumed was the bouncer. He walked up to him.


"You here to party?" the bouncer, who was a few feet taller than him, looked down at him eye to eye.

"Uh... y-yes?" America stuttered. He wasn't quite sure of himself. He just wanted to find England.

"Haven't seen you around here before. You must be new. Anyway come on in." the bouncer opened up the door for America letting him inside before closing the door behind him.

"Heh...he's in for a good night."

***inside the club we go! ***

As soon as America stepped inside, the bass music was so loud he could feel it pump through-out his body. He walked down a small corridor which led to the grand room. Inside was 1 main stage with a pole, 10 tables eachwith a male stripper, a huge bar with possibly hundreds of different liquors, a room in the back that said "private", which he assumed was for private dances and a large booth which held DJ equipment and a microphone. He had to admit this place seemed pretty cool. The atmosphere was dark in that good kind of way, the strippers were sexy, and the place was clean. Why not loosen up a bit? He walked over to the bar where he was greeted by a tall and handsome Spanish man. The name on his tag said 'Antonio'.

"Hola amigo! What can I get for you?" the bartender asked. His mood was bright and cheery and he held a smile on his face. America blushed a little.

"Oh! Um w-what would you recommend?" in all honesty America never went out drinking too much. He just stuck with his basic beers so he wasn't quite sure what he would like. He looked up at the bartender and the man smiled at him.

"I would recommend a 'red evil'. It's pretty popular here"

"Oh? What's in it?" America questioned. The name itself sounded scary. Like the devil would take his soul and impregnate him with Satan's baby. He really should stop watching so many horror movies.

"What's in it? Hmm. well there's 1/3 amaretto, 1/3 vodka and 1/3 cranberry juice, mixed and served in a shot glass."

"Hmm...ok! I'll have a 'red devil' then"

"Right away sir." the bartender left with his usual smile on his face to get the liquors to make his drink. America watched in awe as he did tricks with the bottles. He never saw someone do that before. In his mist of staring, he felt a light tapping on his shoulder. He turned around and was met by France.

"Bonjour Amérique! I see you were able to find the place. Getting a drink?"

"Hey France. Uh yeah. Something to help me loosen up a bit" he smiled. The bartender came back and placed his drink in front of him

"Here you go amigo. One 'red devil'. Please, enjoy"

"Ah thank you" he smiled. He turned his direction towards France.

"So France. Where is England? I can see now why he probably didn't want me to know where he worked. It's a gay club so what? But what does he do? Is he a manager? DJ?"

"Oh you'll see in a moment Mon Cher" he smirked as he looked at his watch. Just then the music was lowered and the DJ's voice came on the speaker.

"OK OK OK! FOLKS ITS 12:30 AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS RIGHT?!" all the lights slowly started to dim while the stages light started to brightened. America drew his attention to the stage and the voice came back on again.


Slow upbeat music started playing before the curtains started rising slowly. Tight black leather boots were the first to be seen. Followed by long slender legs, short black leather shorts with studs, a smooth and flat white stomach, then a widely opened black leather vest, a long beautiful neck, shining green eyes, disheveled blonde hair and to top it off a fitting black leather cop hat.




The crowd went wild and Americas jaw nearly hit the floor. England! He...he was? Sweet baby Jesus. He was lost for words. England looked dead sexy. His seemingly cold eyes looked over the crowd as a smirk made its way upon his lips. He walked out on the stage towards the pole before starting his dance. His hips moving to the beat of the music and twirling around the pole. he worked the pole for a bit before giving the crowd a teasing view of his ass in those 'oh so tight' short shorts, smacking his ass and throwing a lust filled glance at the crowd and licking his lips.

"Holy...fuck." America stared. He couldn't get his eyes off of England. He couldn't believe this. England was a stripper. Not only was he sexy but he was so good at shaking his slender hips. If America didn't know any better he could have sworn he was getting hard.

"You like, Amérique?" France smirked. All America could do was nod his head in agreement. Fuck yeah he liked it! But he also felt a pang of jealousy. He had a crush on England, yet he couldn't convey his feelings. Seeing him on stage dancing erotically, not to mention stripping in front of all these men who would kill to feel his body under their fingertips. It was a storm of mixed emotions. Just then he saw England striving over to a chair on the middle of the stage and taking a seat.

"Someone must have put it on there will I was zoned out..."America thought. England slowly bent over the chair giving the crowd a pleasant view of his plump ass, giving it a nice shake. The crowd went crazy. Just then the DJ's voice came back on.


England did a few more chair tricks, lifting his legs and bending his self in ways America didn't think possible before pulling on a rope that poured water over his body and on stage. Slowly he stood whining his body and slowly taking off his vest, sticking out his tongue. He walked to the head of the stage, throwing his vest into the crowd of hot and bothered men who went berserk to catch it. The song came to an end when he slowly bowed his head and gave a wink to the crowd. His eyes scanned the crowd and landed on America. He bunched his eyebrows in confusion, whipping his eyes. He thought maybe he saw wrong.

"That's not America. Why would he even be here? He doesn't even know where I work." England thought to himself. He would have walked away if not for a piece of blonde hair that stuck up from the man's head. His eyes darkened in anger.

"America? AMERICA?!" he walked off stage and in America's direction. He would have got there 2 minutes early but was stopped by customers who complimented and thanked him for a terrific show. He quickly showed his gratitude before finally reaching America.

"You bloody idiot! What are you doing here!? I told you not to come, didn't I?!" he seethed.

America just rubbed the back of his neck. He glanced back up at England and looked back down. If England was this upset about him finding out, he might not want to ever talk to him again. If America's assumption was right then he would have to tell him his feelings now!

"Well? I'm waiting for an answer America!" England crossed his arms and looked at him.

"England...i-i..." he looked up at England. His body was still dripping with water, his hair stuck to his neck and side of his face. God he looked beautiful.

"You what?"

America looked over at France who put a firm hold on his shoulder, reassuring him. France knew the American was head over heels for the Englishman. He knew for a long time. Seeing the America stress about not knowing how to tell England how he really felt. He was here as support. He whispered to America.

"Go on, Amérique. Tell him."

England looked at France then back at America, his angered voice dropping a little.

"Tell me what?" England dropped his arms at his side. America took a deep breath as he stood. He looked at England before slowly leaning in and kissing him softly on the lips. England's eyes widened in surprise at this. America was kissing him. On the lips. And, oh god it felt good...really good. England kissed back but America pulled away. Both panted lightly.

"England... I love you. And I loved you for a very long time but...but I wasn't able to tell you how I feel."

England held America's face in his hands and brought his lips to his. The kiss was slow, just a molding of the lips then slowly it started getting heated and passionate. England pulled away.

"You bloody fool. You should have told me sooner...I...I love you too...idiot" he hugged the American. America's eyes widened in surprise. Before slowly closing in happiness. He opened them before looking over at France who gave him thumbs up and a wink. America smiled back. A few seconds later England broke from the hug. America looked at him.

"Let's go home, England" he smiled down at him.

"Yeah. Let's go h-"

"Uh uh uh!" France interrupted. "You have the late shift tonight angleterre." England groaned.

"Can't you get the twins to cover for me?" he looked up at France pleadingly. France looked down at him. Giving it serious thought before making up his mind.

"Fine! But just this once!" he smiled.

"Thanks France." he smiled. He and America walked away to go get England's clothes at his locker before waving off to France. France smiled back and gave a small wave in return before he walked to the dressing room to go get his twins.

"Roma! Feli! You guys are on!"

"Okay boss!" they said in unison. He wished them a good show before sitting back and thinking to himself, a small smile lingering on his face.

"You finally did it finally did it..."


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