Summary: The Winchesters find out that angels do not reproduce the same way as humans. Castiel explains that his vessel is not pregnant, his grace is simply spitting to make a new angel. But, even the best laid plans sometimes go awry, especially when Heaven is involved. When the Apocalypse is nigh and Castiel is running out of grace, Dean takes it upon himself to take care of Castiel and the new angel and ends up learning how much the angel means to him. Sam on the other hand, must make amends with his own angel.

(This is laced in with seasons 4 and 5, then AR afterwards. I will usually indicate after which episode it was.)

Tags: Destiel, Sabriel, Mpreg, Angel Reproduction, Asexual Reproduction, Parthenogensis, Nephilim, Alternate Reality, Top!Dean/Bottom!Castiel, Top!Gabriel/Bottom!Sam. Slight/canon Dean/Anna, Season 4, Season 5, end'verse, Alternate Reality, The End, Gabriel lives, Human Castiel.

The Destiel: Dean and Castiel begin as they do in Canon. Castiel raises Dean from Purgatory to stop the apocalypse. Complications arise in the story that builds the relationship.

The Sabriel: Sam and Gabriel have a history together, which I have written and posted called 'Back to December'. You do not need to read it, but there will be references to events in it. The events are close enough to canon that you may not need to read it though.

Violethyena: I do not write male pregnancy very often. Mostly because there's got to be good reason for it. popping out new characters are never my goal. So when I write it, there's generally a good reason/theory behind it; and so much has branched from this. But, as Cas will repeat, his vessel is not pregnant; but it falls into being tagged as mpreg.

I know there are many people who steer clear away from mpreg, and I completely understand. If you can not tolerate mpreg, please go find something else to read.

I was playing with this idea while re-watching season 5. I was exploring the concept of angel reproduction; because they die, and in theory there must be replacement for the dead, correct? It was going to originally going to be just that, and then it would be an super sad ending because of how Heaven would work with that. And then it branched off into Destiel as I was researching because of reasons (It was going to either end sad two ways or happy another. And I dislike sad endings). I hope it has come out tastefully and I'd like to get feed back.

Edit, Janurary 2014: Posting Hiatus is finally over. Thank you all for your patience. I have edited and added to the story with a little better dialog punctuation. Kind found out I've been doing it wrong for years. *Hides face with hands*. My Beta and sister finally told me, which I'm grateful for.

(Halloween 2008, It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester.)

Castiel did not want to explain his condition to the Winchesters. He strongly wished to not speak to anyone about it. He did not even wish to speak with his garrison about his participation in the growth of Heaven; as Michael called it so honorably. Yes, battling their way into Hell with tactical maneuvers was well said on Castiel's part. He reached Dean faster. Ripped him from torturing faster. But Castiel did not want to be 'rewarded' for it. Being by Dean's side to assist him was enough reward, because as crass as Dean was, he found the human fascinating in his way of thinking and speaking; from a soldier's observation strictly, of course.

Heaven was gracious enough to suspend his natural reproduction for most of his existence; as with most soldiers. Because fighting while engorged with grace may have sounded more empowering, but in his case, Castiel would rather not participate with grace at all. But this line of thought was blasphemous, so he spoke not of it.

Uriel, while Frank and humorous, was cruel in many cases. After Uriel met the Winchesters, while trying to stop the break of the seal of Samhain, he let slip the infernal words, "Castiel's not quite in a condition to be on the field, so babysitting a couple of mud-monkeys is appropriate for this situation." Castiel wished his comrade had not used the word 'babysitting', because in hindsight, it led to an assumption that the humans would not let go of.

After Uriel took wing to seek revelation, Dean looked to Castiel, who was still there in the low-key motel room. Castiel was still new to his interactions with Dean, but he could already tell this current emotion was one of Dean's favorites; Anger, or frustration.

"What condition?" Dean's eyes narrowed at the angel, face tight with suspicion. Castiel mulled over the words to explain in plain human. But what could a human relate to reptiles, plants, and angels? Humans had their own mammalian way of repopulating, and angels had theirs. Dean was actively impatient. "Are you hiding something that will screw us over, Cas? 'Cause I seriously have had enough dicking around by junkless there. I don't need it from you too." Castiel wondered briefly if Dean was aware of the irony in his previous statement, but now did not seem the time to mention it. Sam was watching Castiel with equal unease and narrowed brows. Dean made Castiel feel... Feel - which was a new sensation in his being to begin with. Castiel did not want to wade through two difficult experiences at once; one of human concern and one of angel concern. Dean made him feel bad about keeping anything from him and Castiel did not want Dean to be suspicious of him; thus he was compelled to speak. He chose his words carefully.

"I've been chosen to carry out a duty of great honor and pride of Heaven." Castiel felt a little like he was required to say this, but he certainly did not feel honored or full of pride. He regurgitated words that Michael often spoke about it. "I'm replete with grace and in several months will render a new soldier of Heaven." Dean's face softened, but only in a way that left confusion.

"What do you mean, render a new soldier?" Sam asked, brows raised curiously. Castiel appreciated that Sam's vocabulary was up to snuff. Dean seemed to have hit a brick wall.

"Angels are naturally fecund." Castiel folded his hands behind his back, trying to explain it to a species which has never experienced such a thing. "It happens on it's own over time on a cycle every several hundred years. Normally Heaven will suppresses the phenomenon because other wise there would be a surplus of angels. Only in times of war does heaven allow strong and worthy angels to reproduce. I am... filling with grace as we speak, to make a new angel."

Dean suddenly stood straighter, pointing at Castiel. 'Reproduce' seemed to me the magic word for Dean. "You're pregnant? Are you pregnant? Do not fucking tell me you're pregnant." Castiel's head reared back with something akin to offense.

"I'm not pregnant," Castiel said and Dean let out a relieved breath, shoulders dropping. "It's called severance."

"Severance?" Sam asked, seeking out more clarity on the subject.

"Yes, I'm creating a new angel for Heaven," Castiel said simply. "There is no gestation or frailty to my condition."

"How..." Sam looked as though he wanted to formulate a more detailed question, but couldn't seem to find the words to complete it. "How?" Dean gave Castiel an accusing point of his finger.

"Did you get angel-boned?" Dean asked and Castiel did not appreciate that it tied in with the 'junkless' and 'dicked over' comments that Dean used earlier. "Man, you're not even in a chick body..."

"I'm not pregnant," Castiel repeated tersely. "This body is just the human vessel I'm using to communicate with and full fill my duties on earth with. My grace is growing so that in several months from now, it will be severed from me and there will be a new angel." Sam blinked in surprise and Dean's eyebrows lifted.

"That sounds painful."

"So you did get boned."

Castiel had indeed heard the final moments were blindingly painful. After all, his grace was going to be ripped in half. If nothing else it would be jarring and debilitating for at least a few minutes, if not hours. Angels in severance always retired to a safe place in Heaven for the moment of weakness. Heaven predicted the war of the seals to be over long before his severance's end. The brood from the angels going through severance presently would replace his brothers that were lost in the battles. Castiel hoped to prevent the Apocalypse before he was in his moment of weakness.

"I have not had occasion, Dean," Castiel admitted quietly. Without bodies, angels had no reproductive organs, so it was impossible for Dean's accusation to be true.

"Then how the hell are you making a baby angel?" Dean scratched his head and Sam stood straighter with a look of realization.

"Wait, Cas, are you saying that you're reproducing asexually?" Sam inquired.

"Yes, I believe that's what humans call it." Castiel nodded in agreement.

"Wait, what? So Cas just spontaneously impregnated?" Dean threw his hands up in Castiel's direction, mimicking a small explosion it seemed.

"Well, asexual reproduction isn't really the same as getting pregnant." Sam walked over to his bag on the small table where he took his computer out. He popped open the screen and started it up as he took a seat. Dean's eyes lingered on Castiel until Sam tapped his brother's arm to direct him to the screen. Sam had pulled up a site on the motel wifi. "It's when there are offspring inheriting only those genes from the one parent. Mostly one celled bacteria or lizards do it. But um..." Sam gave a curious glance to Castiel. "Considering angels are actually light and energy, I suppose they do it too." Sam looked to Castiel, as though to confirm it.

"I believe you've put it best in human terms." Castiel was glad the streak of confusion was lifted from Dean's face, but the man was still looking at Castiel with some perturbation. His shoulders were still tight, eying Castiel with his judgment. "This will not change anything." The words were bitter on his tongue. "Samhain still needs to be stopped. " Castiel left the Winchesters with that and his wings took him outside.

All Hallows Eve slowly set in on the land as little children were running around in costumes and tugged the hands of their parents; shaking cauldrons of candy in their small hands. Castiel's eyes lingered on the small, fragile humans. They looked happy. As did the adults, even if they were not dressed as silly as their children. Castiel's fingers gripped tighter in his hand and then slowly relaxed in resolution. He sat invisibly next to to an active house giving out handfuls of candy to children, regardless of how terrible or wonderful the costume was. It was achingly heartwarming.