Night had long settled when Sam, Dean, and Castiel arrived themselves into the park, armed with more than enough silver to take down a small army of werewolves.

"The meeting spot is that large tree." Sam gestured to the large singled out pine that seemed to be the very center of the park.

"Okay, we wait." Dean looked to Castiel. "Stay aware." Then he looked to Sam. "And don't get too friendly with them." Sam shot him a cold look but Castiel only nodded.

"I'm taken, Dean. Shut up," Sam quipped before he walked away to find a good sniping point. Castiel got up to go in the opposite direction. Dean waved his hand to Castiel.

"Cas, wait a minute." Dean walked closer to Castiel as the other man stopped. "Maybe we should stick together on this one." Castiel frowned.

"Dean, we've been together since we started hunting and it's done little good." Castiel waved a hand in Sam's direction. "You let Sam go off on his own."

"Sam's done this before," Dean argued and Castiel shot Dean a glare similar to Sam's, only more offended, if that was possible.

"Dean, I am a soldier," Castiel affirmed harshly. "Grace or not, I can fight and defend myself. Stop treating me as if I'm weaker than you." Castiel puffed up his chest and Dean could only imagine when Nemamiah puffed up her wings to make herself look bigger; only he knew the wings weren't there. "If you stalk me instead of our prey, I will shoot you." Castiel marched off into the trees and Dean held up his hands, feeling thoroughly threatened since the first time he met the angel.

Dean's feet urged him to follow, even after Castiel was out of sight, but he also didn't doubt that Castiel would follow through on his threat. Dean grumbled, cocked his gun and started walking in another direction.

The full moon lit up the park in greens and blues. Sidewalk lamps lit the concrete but in the trees there was only shadows. Regardless of vendettas, there would be werewolves out that night. The moon was high long before 10 o'clock rolled around. Dean jerked as a shot was heard from Sam's direction and Dean immediately started jogging towards the sound. If their theory of werewolves hunted in packs held any water, then he was sure Sam could use some back up.

Dean did find Sam, and there was a man on the ground, still in the process of turning back into a human after death. Sam gave Dean a nod, assuring that he was unharmed and both heard a couple shots from the other side of the woods.

"Think Cas needs some back up?" Sam asked and Dean thought yes, and it was a perfect excuse to go check on him. But before Dean could say anything, something blunt and heavy rammed into his side and he was met by the ground. Dean jutted his elbow upwards into a throat and when he actually got to see, it was a woman with really sharp teeth and she looked like she wanted to eat his face the way her toothy jaws snapped at him. The impact had jarred his gun from his hand and her claws were digging into his shoulders and chest.

"Dean!" Sam yelled, like it was going to help and aimed his gun, waiting for a clear shot and Dean instead gripped the silver knife he had in his jacket for just a moment like this.

"God, your breath reeks lady." Dean gagged and she did not seemed pleased with his wisecracks. She yanked him from the ground since she couldn't bite him and chucked him into Sam. Sam let out a startled noise as Dean collided with him and they both went down.

"Shit!" Dean rolled off Sam, holding up his knife as he got his bearings. The werewolf growled at him and stalked them slowly, walking around them in a slow circle. Sam rolled onto his feet and took aim but she leapt away, back into the shadows, and Sam was the next one knocked into the dirt from behind as a different woman had her claws in his back. Dean didn't hesitate, he lunged sideways and stabbed her in the ribs. She made a loud and pained canine mixed yowl as she stumbled away, her skin sizzling as Dean yanked it out of her flesh. She turned her furious yellow eyes on him and snarled. "Try it again, bitch," Dean dared but she didn't, she started the same circling motion. Sam gained his senses and he rolled over to shoot her. He fired but she bounded away like the first.

"They have a strategy," Sam deduced as he pushed himself up. They instinctively pushed back to back and caught glimpses of the werewolf women through the trees.

"You think?" Dean jeered and looked around for his gun. It was a few yards away from where the first lady tossed him like a frisbee. "Going for my gun."

"I got ya," Sam assured and Dean moved quickly and maybe there was a gap of 2 feet as Sam backed up with him so they wouldn't be blind sided. A few twigs and green leaves dropped too late above them and a third werewolf dropped between them, knocking Sam aside before turning for Dean. Dean turned and pulled off a wild shot at close range, catching the werewolf man in the shoulder. The werewolf shrieked but did not stop as it caught Dean in the throat and held him against the tree. Sharp yellowed teeth were bore and Dean's gun hand was grabbed and bent at an angle where Dean couldn't budge it or hit the werewolf. There were more growls that Dean couldn't see and the werewolf was opening his teeth to rip into him when there was two sharp shots and Dean's face was spattered with blood. The werewolf sagged, dropping off of Dean and Dean expected to see Sam, but Castiel was there instead. Castiel went down on one knee to pop the first werewolf lady in the head from several feet away, making her crumple on top of Sam. Sam shoved her off of him and sat up quickly, getting his gun.

"Cas, shit..." Dean had nothing after that. Castiel moved quickly over to Dean, looking down to the male werewolf and the body was still twitching; at least until Castiel sank another bullet into the chest.

"I discovered that a head shot will slow them down." Castiel looked up at Dean. "But they still regenerate if you don't pierce the heart." Dean was breathless for but a moment then he moved closer, resting a hand on Castiel's shoulder, looking serious.

"Y'see, this is why we need to stick together," Dean told him and Castiel's face bunched up, as if to protest. "I need you as back up, you know." The anger melted from Castiel's face. Dean grinned and lifted his gun over Castiel's other shoulder, shooting the bitch from earlier who liked to sneak up on Sam. He caught her in the back, piercing her heart. Castiel winced from the sharp bang and looked over to see another body crumble, "Sorry. I think we're done." Castiel stared up at Dean and then he wiped his hand over Dean's face, smearing most of the blood away from Dean's mouth. "Yeah, yeah, I know-" Though maybe he didn't fully know because Castiel pressed up against Dean and kissed him hard, toppling Dean against the tree.

Sam squeezed one last shot into the heart of the one woman that had gotten the drop on him and turned around to find his companions making out heatedly against a tree. "Guys," He said but they only pulled each other closer. "GUYS." Dean broke off first but he was still gripping Castiel by the shoulders and Castiel looked back at Sam. Sam's arms waved out at the scene. "Werewolves."

"Uh, right, werewolves." Dean stood up from the tree and Castiel stood back. Castiel cleared his throat and stabilized himself with one leg, because one was bleeding, his pant leg soaked from the thigh down. "Three down."

"Five down," Castiel corrected. "Two of them ambushed me earlier."

"Is that how you got cut?" Sam asked.

"I got thrown into some sharp rocks," Castiel admitted. "No bites."

"None here either," Dean said and grinned at Sam. "Good thing no one called the police."

"Well someone will when they find these bodies." Sam sighed.

"Do you think that's all of them?" Castiel asked.

"I fucking hope so," Dean said. "7 is way more than I was expecting on this trip."

"I'm hoping they didn't change any more people." Sam rubbed his sore arm. "But I sent five emails and five came. I think we're good."

"Good." Dean rubbed his head, which had been thoroughly knocked around. "I think I have a concussion." They headed back to the Impala and Castiel had a limp to the injured leg. When Dean offered his arm for support, Castiel took it.

"Dean," Castiel said as they were half way back to the parking lot. "Did you mean it when you said I was your back up."

"Course I did." Dean pulled Castiel's arm around his neck to support him as they walked. "I don't think you're weak, Cas, okay? Even if you are out of angel juice. I mean seriously, you took out two werewolves that ambushed you? You kick ass." Castiel's face flushed with pride and a wide smile skittered across his face. "You know, if I say something stupid like that, you get to remind me that you saved my ass."

"I will remind you." Castiel lifted his head primly.

"Is that why you were pissed at me all week?" Dean asked.

"Yes." Castiel nodded. "You doubted my ability to fight without my grace. I am a soldier."

"Yes, yes, you are a soldier," Dean agreed. Hell, if Castiel kissed him like THAT after just telling him he was back up, he'd tell Castiel he was Chuck Norris if he did it again in a bed, preferably with clothes off.