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This fan fiction, will have a few chapters all holding different stages of Katniss's first pregnancy :) There won't be a plot line to it, just different scenarios.
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*Katniss's POV*

Oh my god. Oh my god.

I shouldn't be so shocked, we have been married exactly 6 years.

6 years today, in fact.

I guess I never expected this to happen so soon: we have never spoken about it, thought about it. Well at least I haven't.

The test stares at me, while the 8 letters parade around in my thoughts.


I haven't thought about having children. I always told myself, I would never allow it. Not with the constant threat of death looming over us. But now, none of that exists.
The District is a lot nicer than before. For starters, the meadow had now grown back to its original state. The once deserted shops within the town are now filled. They holding anything from basic goods, to party dresses. Peeta reopened the bakery, honouring his late family. Old faces have returned over the years, along with many new ones.

It is good to know that despite all the loss we have suffered, people were still managed to live their lives.
Isn't that what I should be doing?

The fear I expected to overcome me, never really came. I just sat on my bed, waiting for it to sink in. Of which, it never does.

I just stay there all day, waiting for Peeta to get home. My mind keeps trying to think of a way to tell him, but I never really think of one. All I can think about is how I have lost everyone around me, some several times over. What if I lost this baby, my own child?!
Maybe, If I didn't feel so alone, this might actually make sense? Oh, who am I kidding. All I need is Peeta to hold me and tell me everything will be okay.

It will, wont it?

I hear the front door click open, and I'm up in a flash. I stash the test in the best side cabinet, and dash downstairs. I reach the door, just as Peeta tucks away his shoes. When he sees me, his smile grows. I attempt to return it, but I fail miserably.

He walks over to me, and snakes one of his hands round my waist, while the other holds out a bouquet of lilies. The attempted smile fades, and is quickly replaced one with a less forced one.

"For you." He says, as I take them in my hands and smell them.

Once both of his hands are free, both of them are round my waist. I ignore the flowers in my hands, and place my arms around his neck.

"Thank you" I affirm.

I smile up at him, but he can see right through me.

"What's up?" He asks, concern lacing his voice.

I watch as his eyes search mine, looking for answers. I run through many of the rehearsed responses' to this question. But none of them fit right in my mouth.

"I, um..." I try, I try to get out the words but I fail.

I look down at our feet, cowering away him.

Wordlessly, he picks me up and carries me over to the couch. He places me on his lap, cradling me and rocking me back and forth. Trying to baby the words out of me, ironic right?

I start to sob into his chest, I don't really have a reason, I just do. Peeta holds me, patiently waiting for me to talk to him.

"I. Am. So. Sorry." I chock out, in between racked sobs. Clinging to his chest, clawing my way back to sanity.

"Shhhhhh, it's okay." He tries, rubbing circles in the small of my back. It's funny how the smallest of things, can make everything okay.

After a while, I calm down and the sobs are replaced with silent tears. Peeta holds me until I am completely relaxed, by which time the sun is starting to set.

"Peeta, I have to tell you something. And I'm not too sure how you will take it..." I begin, covering my face with my shaking hands.

"Hey," He cuts me off, and makes me look at him. His face is laced with concern, while his eyes search mine. "I will always be here for you. I am never going to leave you Kat. I swore 6 years ago that I would be here, always. There should be nothing in the world to make you doubt that."

"I know that." I say, sounding rather annoyed. How can I go from crying like a baby to having a temper-tantrum.

"Kat, what is it?" He whispers, bring his voice down a notch.

"I'm Pregnant." I declare, suddenly overcome with emotion.

I watch as his face lights up, with his smile stretching from ear to ear.

"Your what?!" He asks, even though we both know that he heard me.

"I'm pregnant!" I exclaim. Knowing that he is okay, even happy about this makes it so much easier. Hell, I'm ecstatic.

We both jump up, and lace our fingers together. We stare lovingly at each other for a while, before our lips find their pair for a loving embrace.

When we pull apart, we're on cloud nine. Without any warning, Peeta picks me up and spins me round. I start to giggle uncontrollably, reaching the point it makes my stomach cramp.

"I love you." He states, wrapping is arms around my waist.

"I love you to." I sigh, looking into his glistening blue eyes.

"Always." We then both say, at the same time.

Well, he took that better than I thought he would. Hell, I'm taking this better than I thought I would.

If the rest of our time together is going to be anything like this, I say bring it on.

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