Instant Attraction.

By S.S.I

Disclaimer: I don't own Mass Effect, if I did we would see a lot more of Vega. If you know what I mean.

Rated Mature for a reason.

She exited the elevator on the floor she selected. Exiting, she noticed with a grim satisfaction that people weren't stumbling around drunk. People weren't enjoying themselves simply because they could. They finally realized after the Cerberus raid on the Citadel, the war was real. It wasn't a dream, it wasn't a myth and it was really happening.

She frowned as she looked into the distance. The billowing black cloud's were proof of the raid. Proof of anything, everything, that she had been trying to show people. Shaking her head, she looked to her wrist and immediately her omni-tool popped into view. Her omni-tool resumed her previous search and what it was open to was a message she received.

Jack, the convict turned teacher, had sent her an invitation to have drinks at Purgatory. Naturally Shepard couldn't refuse an offer to have drinks with one of her old companions. The message didn't state what type of occasion it was, whether or not she should dress down. Knowing Jack though, Shepard knew Jack wouldn't mind if she wore whatever she wanted to wear. Whether it be her uniform or a slinky dress that she had bought on a whim.

Scanning the message once more, Shepard straightened her back and smoothed her hands down her front. Effectively smoothing out all wrinkles in the front of her dress. She gracefully and purposefully walked towards the club's doors. With every step the music grew louder and the vibrations thrummed through her being. Once she was inside she spotted Jack immediately and Shepard shook her head.

Only Jack would attempt working on shore leave and in a club. In a few short steps Shepard was at Jack's table, the Biotic noticed her and spoke before Shepard could. "Hey, soldier. Buy a girl a drink?" Jack asked with a smirk on her lips. The Biotic gestured with her left hand and Shepard noticed the empty glass Jack held in her grasp. Shepard looked over her shoulder and then flagged over a waitress.

The waitress didn't bother to come over and take their orders. Shepard had been here enough times before that the bartender knew her order and Shepard could only guess Jack had been at the bar quite awhile. Shepard looked back at Jack and gestured to the collection of datapad's on the table top. "Didn't expect to find you reading." Shepard spoke as Jack placed the datapad in her right hand down a midst it's brethren. Jack gestured for Shepard to sit as she replied, "Duty rosters for the students. It's what I do for fun now."

Shepard watched Jack's face pinch in discomfort. The pained expression at the sudden amount of work didn't seem to sit well with the Biotic. Shepard smirked as she sat down. Jack paused in her speech as the waitress came up unannounced and deposited their drinks. "Keep them coming." Shepard said to the waitress as Jack handed over her empty glass.

Jack smiled as she grabbed her new glass and swirled the liquid before downing the amber substance. "Anyway, they've got us spread out across Alliance units. Reinforcing barriers, modding ammo, that kind of thing." Shepard held her cocktail in her hand, sipping at it as she listened to Jack. Jack paused again as she looked at Shepard's fruity looking drink, "What the fuck is that." Shepard looked at her glass then to Jack, "It's called a 'Thessian Nights'... oddly enough it's made with a Krogan Ale..." She trailed off as she swirled the blue liquid.

Jack shook her head as she gestured to her empty glass, "Why can't you drink normal shit like Tequila or Whiskey?" Shepard smirked as she sipped on her cocktail, "I like drinking something exotic besides most, if not all, human drinks don't work on me like they use to." Shepard pounded a fist against her chest, "Cerberus put me back together that way." Jack scoffed but didn't continue on the subject. Neither of them liked Cerberus, both of them having their obvious reasons not to.

Shepard looked around the club as Jack picked up a datapad, staring at it but not reading the text on the screen. The wrinkle in her brow and her pursed lips made Shepard see past her youthful looks. She was worried and stressed, finally understanding what Shepard had to go through. "How are they holding up?" Shepard asked, her voice quiet but her gaze and slight smile showing her genuine interest. Jack placed the datapad back on the table as she straightened up in her seat.

Shepard caught the eye of the waitress again, gesturing for the scantily clad woman to bring her another round. "They're fine." She huffed, "They're not the ones reading duty rosters while on shore leave." Jack eye balled the waitress as she came up, replacing the empty glass with a full one. "Complain if you like, but I think military life suits you." Shepard said smugly as she watched Jack swirl her full glass. The amber liquid swirled around forming a mini twister and instead of downing the liquid in one go, Jack sipped at it.

Shepard could see the reluctance but Shepard knew deep down, or maybe not so deep down, Jack loved the military life now. "Come on. Plenty of combat..." Shepard rose her index finger on her left hand. "free room and board..." She rose her middle finger and ring finger as well. "... and people you can depend on." She finished, opening up and extending her left hand to pat Jack's free hand in a friendly gesture. Jack looked away in embarrassment as Shepard pat her hand but a small smile was on her lips.

"Yeah, yeah." She said, agreeing with Shepard. Shepard pulled her hand away as Jack looked back at her, "Maybe your little suicide squad taught me something about teamwork..." Shepard smiled before she took a drink of her cocktail. Jack perked up as she took a drink of her own beverage, "Speaking of which... thanks." Shepard quirked a brow in confusion, Jack looked at her glass as she leaned forward in her chair.

"My guys are handling the support stuff well." She glanced up at Shepard, "Still see some action, but they're not on the front lines. They've saved a lot of lives." Shepard nodded and opened her mouth to speak but Jack continued, her voice mixed with pride and frustration. "That's what pisses me off." She looked at her glass again, "We're doing good work. If we were useless, I could drop this shit and come with you." Her voice held a note of longing in it as she finished. "But we're not... and they need me."

Shepard smiled, "You are shaping up to be quite a leader, Jack. They look up to you and you are the only one that can lead them. " Jack smirked before she finished off her drink, "Only you, the Queen of the Girl Scouts, could put it that way and make it sound worthwhile." Shepard laughed and stood up, she downed her drink and placed the glass on the table. She came around the table and grabbed Jack's hand, pulling Jack up from her seat. "Come on." Shepard smiled, tugging Jack along after her.

"What?" Jack said a smile on her lips as she placed her glass hastily next to Shepard's. Shepard let go of Jack's hand once she was sure the Biotic was following her. "The duty rosters can wait." Shepard smiled as they reached the bottom of the steps to the upper bar, "Right now, you're on shore leave." Jack shook her head as she followed Shepard up the staircase. Both of them looked over the crowd and Jack laughed as she looked at Shepard's excited facial expression.

"Shepard, everybody knows you can't dance!" She laughed. Shepard shrugged her shoulders, "I've got the money and the time Jack with enough booze it won't matter if I can't dance!" Jack looked at Shepard with a confused expression, Shepard shook her head. "Have you seen a drunk person dance?" Shepard said as she gestured to the dance floor, "They can't dance either!" Jack laughed as Shepard tugged her upon the dance floor.

With the unending song both women didn't stop dancing until Jack guided them towards the bar. Maybe it was because they had danced for an hour straight from time to time. Maybe it was because Jack was embarressed of Shepard's flailing she called dancing. Flailing limbs that hit two random dancers on the dance floor. Luckily, they were too afraid to start a fight when they looked at who hit them.

But regardless, It wasn't discussed as Jack dragged Shepard to the side Bar. "I haven't seen you throw around this much money since Omega." She said as both of them threw back a shot of something strong and Batarian. Shepard wiped her mouth, "Hey, those dancers aren't going to pay themselves." She laughed as Jack rolled her eyes. "Why not just get yourself a man or... woman and get yourself laid." She said as if it were the most obvious and simple answer in the galaxy.

"Don't you have an Asari on your team this time around? This time, she may spread her legs for you." Shepard blushed as she ran a hand through her hair, remembering the time she propositioned Samara. "Will you never let me live that down?" Shepard asked, her face heated in embarrassment. Jack barked a laugh as she shook her head and gestured to the bartender for another round. The Salarian bartender swiftly came up and poured them both another shot each.

"Drink up Shep, we've got all night to find you a date and get you laid." Shepard laughed as she shook her head but regardless she downed the shot without much protest. "I'm not looking for a date, I'm just here to hang out with you." She elbowed the Biotic lightly. Shepard turned to face the dance floor, leaning back on the bar to prop herself up. Heel's were not such a good idea after all. Her and her stupid whim's.

Jack followed suit, mimicking Shepard's laid back posture. "You know you're Queen of the Girl Scout's, a Big fucking Hero." She gestured to all the people dancing, "You could get anyone to fuck you." Shepard sighed as she rolled her head from side to side. "Look Jack, I'm not looking for a fuck." She glanced at the Biotic, "I've got more shit going on then anyone of these people could comprehend." Jack frowned, looking genuinely confused. "So?"

Shepard rolled her eyes, "So, I don't need to comfort them. I need the comfort, someone to take care of my needs." Shepard gestured to all of the people Jack did a moment ago, "None of these people are capable of that." Jack rolled her eyes, "Well you don't even know if you won't even try." Shepard smiled as she turned to face the bar again. "I've got too much shit going on to give them a chance." She sighed as she gesture to the Bartender for another drink.

Jack turned as well looking at Shepard with a mixture of frustration and sadness. "Look Shep, I know the galaxy is shitty and you are the only one who can deal with it. But you still gotta get some you time." She said as she pat the Spectre on the shoulder. "If there isn't anyone in the room that you wanna fuck, there has to be someone." Jack said, Shepard bit her lip in thought. "Anyone." Jack emphasized as Shepard was silent for a long moment. Jack grunted and rolled her eyes as she grabbed her refilled glass, "Cause' let me tell you, your hand isn't doing the job anymore. You look like shit."

Shepard choked on her drink as Jack downed her own shot. "Thanks, Jack." She coughed, Jack laughed as she slapped Shepard's back. "Yeah well, you're welcome." The Biotic laughed as she rested her arms on the bar top. "But seriously, if embarrassment is going to be a wake up call for you I'm going to do it." Jack said as she looked at Shepard, seriousness written on her face, "You need to think about your sanity, for once."

Shepard looked at Jack, both of them watching each other for a long moment. Jack, in her own way, was looking out for Shepard and hell maybe even the whole galaxy. If Shepard's head wasn't in the game, it was game over for her. It would be game over for the galaxy too. Shepard sighed as she looked away from the Biotic to stare at the fully stocked bar.

No matter how much she drank, she knew the emptiness she felt wouldn't go away. She knew that but there was never that someone to fill the void. Kaidan died so many years ago, for her, for the galaxy. Thane died fighting, for her, for the galaxy. And the people left, the people she could truly connect with had moved on.

They had found someone else to love. Jacob and Brynn, he had moved on and he was going to be a father. Garrus and Tali were very fond of each other, she knew, and it wouldn't be long til they were together. Edi and Joker were slowly coming together as well. They left her alone and aching for the same thing, a connection, love even.

The only other person she found herself fond of... it was against the rules to be with him. A part of her wanted to rebel, throw the rules to the wind and have him because she deserved it. The other part believed that if she didn't stick to rules, the things that humanity built... What was the point of even fighting for them if you broke them?

Rules and regulation's had always been there throughout her whole life. Even as an orphan, there were rules to follow. When she joined The Reds, there were rules. She shook her head, "It feels wrong to want what I want." Shepard spoke in a slow drawl like she didn't want to voice her opinion at all.

Jack simply looked confused, "Why does it feel wrong to want to blow off some steam?" The Biotic asked, curiosity in her voice. Shepard straightened her posture and gestured with her hands. "It's hard to explain..." She trailed off, not even sure where to start.

Jack made to wave the Bartender over again but Shepard stopped her. "No, I need to think this through, without liquor confusing me." Jack nodded and placed her hand on the bar top, "Say what you gotta say, Shep." She stated pointblank, not bothering to beat around the bush as she waited for Shepard to speak.

"Haven't you ever thought you don't deserve something?" Shepard asked, a little self-conscious. Jack's face twisted up and Shepard knew there was going to be an angry reply. Shepard rose both hands gesturing for Jack to let her continue, "I mean, yeah, I saved the galaxy twice but how many people had to die for me to make it there?"

Shepard slouched against the bar and was sorely tempted to call the Bartender over. "Kaidan, Thane, Mordin, the colonist's, the Batarian's... How many bodies am I standing on to be at this point?" The anger in Jack's expression was gone and she looked at a loss for words. "In saying this, do I deserve to be happy?" Shepard finished, looking to Jack for her reply.

The Biotic was quiet for a long moment, so long in fact, Shepard was worried that she wasn't listening to her at all. "Look Shepard, I'm probably the last person that should be telling you what to do." Jack paused, a dark smirk on her lips. "I was the convict, killed for fun, fucked who I wanted..." She trailed off, a dark chuckle erupting from her lips.

"If not for you, I wouldn't be different. In fact, I would probably be dead." Both of them seemed to be adsorbing that information even though they both knew the statement to be true. "So, you tell me. Do you think I deserve to be in the position I'm in now?" Shepard quirked a brow in confusion, "Of course, you worked hard for it. You've come so far and you deserve it."

Jack nodded, gesturing to Shepard. "Why don't you feel the same way about yourself." Shepard paused, not sure what to say and Jack smirked. "There, see? You think it's okay for me, the convict, to get good things but you don't think you are deserving? We both had shitty lives and had to make tough decisions and made mistakes. We are fucking human, isn't that humanity what you are fighting for?" Jack ranted, throwing her hands up in annoyance.

"So, fuck hesitation. Fuck fear. You've spat in the face of a Reaper, you need to give yourself a break with this blowing off steam shit." Shepard laughed as Jack finished her speech, "I don't think I've spat at a Reaper but I get your point." Jack nodded as she sighed, she definitely looked like she needed another drink. Shepard smirked as she waved the Bartender over for another round, "That speech was impressive."

The Salarian was quick to pour their drinks and Jack rose her refilled glass in a toasting gesture. "I won't be taking your speech making job any time soon, Sweetheart." Shepard rose her glass as well, "Good, I would be out of a job if you did." Jack snorted before they both downed their drinks.

They both slammed their glass's on the bar top, Jack choked and Shepard wiped a tear from her eye. The liquor was finally getting to them both. They took a breath, both of them adsorbed into their own thoughts. Shepard looked to Jack, the younger woman becoming a better her. Jack deserved the chance to be treated differently.

A chance to be treated with respect and looked at proudly. Although her and Jack were alike in some ways, there were other parts of there live's that made them different. But what the Biotic was saying was true, Shepard deserved happiness. She deserved to give her romantic opportunities some light and see if they were interested in her too. She thought this with a smile and finally Jack noticed her staring.

"What?" Jack barked, her brow quirked in confusion. "What's with the grin, you drunk already? You lightweight." Shepard laughed and now that she thought about it, she felt a little tipsy but she shook her head in the negative. "I'm fine, I'm thinking... I might just follow your example." Jack frowned, the confusion not leaving her facial features.

"I'm thinking about blowing off steam." Shepard said, rolling her eyes at her own bluntness. Jack nodded, eyes wide in realization. "Who is the drunk one, now?" Shepard snickered and received a raised middle finger in return.

"So, did you spot someone in the crowd or did you have someone else in mind?" Jack asked, turning to face the crowd again. "No one here, the person is a part of my crew." Shepard said, waving a dismissive hand at the crowd behind her. "Who?" Jack asked, eagerness in her voice.

Shepard smirked as she shook her head. Jack frowned in annoyance, "What? We have pretty much been talking about this the whole fucking night and you expect me to just drop it. Fuck you, Bitch." Shepard motioned for the Salarian to pour them another round. "I think I'm going to leave soon, my feet are killing me." Shepard complained as they received their drinks.

Jack looked at Shepard's feet and snorted. "Why the fuck are you wearing heels, not to mention... Why the fuck are you wearing a dress?" Shepard motioned for Jack to follow her before replying, "What Jack? Can't a commander be a little saucy?" Jack laughed as she shook her head, following Shepard down the steps back to her table.

"I'm surprised my shit is still here." Shepard sat back down in the chair she sat at before, Jack following suit. "Well, I'm in here enough for people to know certain things." Jack quirked a brow, "Certain things?" Shepard smirked before shrugging, "Don't fuck with Commander Shepard."

Jack laughed as she took a sip out of her glass, "Okay but don't think you're a sneaky Bitch and got out of telling me who you are considering fucking." Shepard sighed dramatically, "You seen through my plan, fuck." Jack rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah. Now, who is it."

Shepard waved off Jack's eagerness, "What I can tell you, it's not alien or female." Jack snorted in amusement before she sipped from her drink again, "Aw, you're not into the blue at the moment Shep?" Shepard shook her head, "No, I like to watch a little ass but it doesn't always mean I wanna fuck it."

Jack shook her head, "Okay, alien... or female... Wait, you aren't going to go for Garrus?" Shepard shook her head again, "No... He and Tali... Sorta have a thing." Jack shot her another confused look, "So, have you never heard of a threesome?"

Shepard narrowed her eyes at Jack, said Biotic rose a hand up in defense. "Sorry..." The Biotic mumbled as she sipped at her drink, "Okay, no alien or a female. So is Shepard admitting she doesn't want to use a dildo no more?" Jack laughed as Shepard slapped her arm, "You're fucking disgusting Jack." Jack smirked evilly noting Shepard didn't out right deny the claim.

Jack drank the rest of her drink before placing the empty glass on the table. Sighing, she leaned back in her chair, "I've gotta get this work done." Jack whined and Shepard shook her head as she finished her drink too. "I've gotta get back to the Normandy." Jack smirked at Shepard, "To get some ass?"

Shepard shrugged, "I'm not sure how I'm going to go about this yet." Jack shrugged as she looked at Shepard, "If he's into you, it won't be that hard to bed him." Shepard leaned forward and rested her head in her hands, "It's not the bedding him part, it's the keeping him part." Jack shook her head as she waved her hand dismissively, "You're a sexy Bitch, Shep. If he doesn't wanna stay with you, he isn't worth it." Shepard laughed, "And how will I know he's worth it."

Jack shrugged, "I dunno, use your Shepard senses. They tingle at the sense of injustice and guys looking for one-night-stands." Shepard laughed, "My what?" Jack shook her head, chuckling to herself, "I'm drunk and we both need to be going." Shepard looked to her wrist, her omni-tool flashing brightly.

She gaped at the time, she had been there pretty much all night with Jack. "Time fly's when you are having fun." Jack nodded as she gathered her datapad's up. It was a moment or to later when Shepard paid the bill and tipped the waitress before both of them left together. Shepard and Jack both walked in companionable silence, Jack walking over to the cab station.

"Here, let me." Shepard said as she swiped her omni over the deposit holo. It unlocked the cab, "You didn't have to pay for my cab too." Jack grunted as she opened the door, Shepard shrugged. Shepard watched Jack activate her omni and program the auto pilot for the cab. "Have a good night, Jack. I'll see you around." Shepard said before stepping away from the cab's door.

Jack nodded as she grabbed onto the handle to pull the door closed. "Shepard." She said, unsure how to continue. Shepard quirked a brow, "Yeah, Jack?" Jack huffed, frustration written on her face. "This guy, the guy who you are interested in? Probably isn't stupid enough to even think of you as just one-night-stand material. You are the fucking Hero of the Galaxy. You deserve a lot more then just a one night deal, got it?"

Shepard smirked as she saluted Jack. "Yes, Ma'am." Jack nodded, "Fuck yea, now go get some fucking ass. You fucking Girl Scout."


Hope you got through this chapter alright, I did my best to prep it before sending here. So hopefully you guys liked it. I know the timeline is a little bit messed, I'm talking about the Garrus and Tali reference here. I'm my opinion, if you were gonna bang someone you would chat with them via phone call or internet before you did. Anyway. As for Skyfall, I'm currently re-writing some of it so I won't be finishing it at this time. Enjoy this in the meantime.