Chapter one- Towards The North


I walked away from the alpha den, my world coming down around me, and smashing into pieces. I name is Humphrey, I was born in the northern pack, my father and mother disappeared when I was one, Winston took care of me, but none of that mattered now. I was a fun-loving omega, but not anymore.

I heard the train whistles in the distance, and knew I had to hurry if I wanted to get away from jasper, away from her. Kate. She ruined me. We've always been best friends. She gets all close to me on our way back from Idaho, and pretends to like me. She even howled with me. Then she goes and marries Garth. How could she?

I see the train coming, and I knew I had a decision to make. It hurt to know that she was marrying another wolf, but I couldn't let this be are goodbye. I turned away from the train and walked towards the valley. This was probably a big mistake. I make it there just in time to see Kate and Garth rub noses, symbolizing their love. It was a mistake. I just couldn't take it. The only wolf I ever cared about was now taken from me. I gave a short saddened howl, gaining the attention of everyone in the valley. I turned around and jogged away, towards the north. I began to feel light headed. I stumbled into a couple of trees, and finally stopped. I was outside of our pack territory now. That's a start.


I froze. Why was she here? I turned around to the sight of Kate, looking at me in sadness.

"Why are you here?" I ask.

"I wanted to talk to you" She says.

"It's not safe for the pack leaders' daughter out here" I say.

"It's not safe for an omega" She says.

Anger rises in me. This is all it's ever been about. Alphas and omegas. That's the reason we're not together. That's the reason she's always treated me poorly. I would become an alpha; whether I had to teach myself, or find a new pack that would teach me.

"Don't worry, nobody cares about an omega" I snarl at her.

She stumbles back a little, as if I hit her.

"Please stay here. If you want I could promote you to an alpha" She begs.

"I guess that's the least you could do for me" I mumble.

She takes a bold step forward. She looked pissed now.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She growls.

"I have always been there for you, but you've never been there for me. You're a selfish, blind fool" I growl.

She strikes out and claws my face. I yelp in pain and take a few steps back. I look at her sadness and anger filling inside me. I feel blood run down muzzle, and watch it hit the ground. I look back at Kate before turning and walking away.

"Wait. Humphrey, I'm sorry. You're right. I'm selfish" Kate runs after me.

"Please don't fallow me" I say flatly.

"Don't leave" Kate says.

She continues to fallow me, begging me to stay. I make it to a cliff. Just wonderful. I look down and see water. Kate steps beside me.

"Don't leave Humphrey. I need you" She says.

"No you don't, You have Garth" I say half heartedly.

"You're more important to me than Garth" She says.

This is the only way to get out of here without her fallowing. I have to jump. I'm seventy percent sure that I'll live.

"Should have thought about that before you married Garth" I say as I jump.

Kate yells after me. I hit the water's surface, and go under. I come up after a few seconds, finding myself being swept away by the river. The current is strong, but I'm able to pull myself to the shore. I did it. Now I could continue on my way towards the north. That's the only thing I could think about. If I thought of her, I might turn back. I look into the water where it is still. I have three big gash marks on my face, one going right over my eye. I was lucky that I wasn't blinded. They made me look like an alpha. I smile to myself, and began walking. It's going to be a long day.


I run alongside the river, trying to keep up with Humphrey, but the current is too strong. I quickly lose sight of him. I break down, and begin to cry. This was all my fault. If I didn't hit him, he might still be here. I hear a twig snap behind me. It's my mom.

"What's wrong sweetie?" She asks.

"It's Humphrey" I say.

"What did he do?" Eve snarls.

"He's gone, He left me" I sob.

She pulls me into a hug, and pats my back.

"He was my best friend. I would have rather married him instead of Garth" I say.

Eve doesn't say anything, and just hugs me tighter. I let it all out, and sob into her shoulder. Humphrey was the only thing I had outside of family. He's the only one that truly ever cared about me, but now he's gone because I didn't care about him.

"Come on" Eve says.

I fallow her back to the pack, trying best I could to dry my eyes.

"You'll warm up to Garth" Eve says as we walk.


I began to climb a huge mountain. It was getting cold, and the climbing exhausted me, but it was the only way. It felt like I was going to freeze to death. I just might. I begin to hurry to the top of the mountain. I exit the tree line near the top. I get a good view of where I came from. I could see howling rock from here. I wonder if anyone was howling tonight. It was the moonlight howl. A tear rolls down my face, but quickly freezes. I cross over to the other side of the mountain and look to where I'm going. There's a huge valley, surrounded by mountains, and covered in trees. I descend the mountain and It shields me from the wind.

"There has to be a pack down here" I tell myself.

I re-enter the trees. The valley is full of life. Birds chirp around me, squirrels watch me from the trees, and I can smell deer not too far from here. I can smell something else too; something oddly familiar. I hear rustling in the bushes next to me. I cautiously back up away from the bush. I sniff the air. It's not a deer, but judging by the amount of noise it's making, it's big.

"Hello" I call out nervously.

It growls. It's not a wolf's growl, that's a bear. I freeze, scarred stiff. The bear takes advantage of this, and charges out of the bushes towards me. It was a huge brown bear. It was ten feet away when I realize that I had to do something. It was five feet away when I decide what to do. One foot away when I dodge to the right. It was too late. Its claws catch my left foreleg, and trip me up. I yelp in pain, and struggle to get back up. I keep my left leg off the ground. The bear roars, and I take that time to inspect my leg. There are huge gashes, but because of all the blood, I can't see how many.

The bear charges a second time. I know with a hurt leg I wouldn't be able to maneuver away from its attack. The only thing I manage to do is fall onto my back in an attempt to get away. I look up at the massive beast. It rises on its hind legs and prepares for its final blow. A tan wolf propels its self into the side of the bear; knocking it off its paws. Kate? If it was Kate I owed her a big apology. I take a closer look and realize it's not Kate. I find myself slightly disappointed. The bear got up and stumbled off into the woods. The adrenaline wears off, and I whimper in pain.

"You alright?" The tawny wolf asks.

Now that she's facing me, I can easily tell it's not Kate. She has Blue eyes, which don't compliment her fur like Kate's do.

"I think so" I say.

"Go report the intruder to my father" A feminine voice says behind me.

My ears flatten by the mentioning of me as an intruder. I turn around and see a beautiful black furred female. She was slightly bigger than Kate, and had blue eyes. I find her eyes fixed on me, and I realize she's studying me, the same as I'm doing to her.

"I'll escort him to the pack healer" She says.

The tan wolf runs off into the woods. The black female stares at me, and avert eye contact.

"Can you walk?" She asks.

"Yes" I reply quietly.

I get up, and she leads me in another direction from the tan wolf. I limp on three legs as fast as I can but it's still very slow. The she wolf is very patient with me and waits whenever I fall behind.

"My name's Shelby" She says in a sweet, friendly tone.

"Humphrey" I say.

It sounds kind of hostile so I add "Nice to meet you".

Shelby leads me to a big den, which I presume was the healers den.

"Go on. My father will be here in a minute" Shelby says walking away.

I walk into the healers den, nervous and anxious.

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