Chapter 5

A/A: I have another account on this site and I sometimes take some same plot elements from my stories from both accounts. So if you see something that is identical to another story, there's a chance its mine. The bond thing in this chapter is the same idea in my other story The Apprentice.

Dumbledore smiled genuinely at the assembled group before inviting them all to sit.

"Thank you all for coming," he said in a loud voice, "I have great news for you all. After 15 years of searching, we have finally received confirmation that Harry Potter is indeed still alive."

The resounding gasp from the collective was so loud that the Headmaster was surprised the windows hadn't broke.

"You mean," Sirius started, voice breathless with hope. As the closest to the Potter family, along with Remus, Harry's disappearance had been the hardest on him. While for everyone else, the boy had just been a weapon against the Dark Lord, but for him, Harry had been the son he had never had. "You found him?"

"Unfortunately no," Dumbledore replied with a shake of his head and saw Sirius slump down in disappointment. "We do not know where he is but we do know is that he's in perfectly good health. Our biggest concern at the moment is that Voldemort has somehow obtained the same information and has allied all his forces to find Harry. We have to do the same. This is the turning point we have all been waiting for."

"Has anyone revisited to Privet Drive yet?" A new recruit piped up from her seat. She was younger than all the others, having just graduated from Hogwarts, but her eagerness and bravery were a great fit in their little misfit group.

"I have asked Severus to go take a look," Albus admitted, ignoring the sour look Sirius was throwing him. Petty schoolyard rivalries really doesn't have its place in a place like this. "But I do not think he will find anything new. So for now, I ask you all to be on the lookout. Finding Harry is our first priority."

"Yes sir!"

"He's awake, he's awake," Harry heard somewhere in the distance. He wasn't really sure who had spoken because his mind was still muddled with exhaustion but he was sure it was a man's voice.

"I know Gerald," another man's voice snapped, this one sounding annoyed, "Stop hovering."

"Stop hovering both of you," said a third voice, this one Harry recognized. It was Tony.

The young man groaned, trying to move his body and was relieved that he managed to do so without much trouble. Encouraged by his success, he slowly opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was Tony's worried face, hovering just above him. The other man's eyes widened when he saw Harry open his own eyes and a big smile spread across his features.

"Thank god you're conscious again," he said, "Pepper would kill me if I had broken you just after a day."

"It's not really your fault," Harry croaked, his voice hoarse from thirst. Luckily before he had to ask, a glass of water was thrust in to his hands. He grabbed onto it clumsily and gingerly took a sip. The cool liquid made him want to sign in contentment.

"Right now, I don't know whose fault it is," Tony admitted, "I have no idea what had happened."

Harry nodded. Understandable since he too has no idea what had made him faint.

His gaze swept past Tony towards his other two companions. The other two men in the room were older then Tony. The taller one of the two were wearing some sort of robe, which in Harry's opinion, looked absolutely ridiculous. He wondered if they were dressing up for a costume party or something. The shorter of the two was dressed normally, although he looked a little uncomfortable under Harry's scrutiny.

"Who're they?" he finally asked, gesturing to the two with a thrust of his head.

"Oh those two," Tony shrugged, "They said they're government types and can explain to us why you have fainted."

"Really?" Harry asked incredulously, "And why would anyone from the American government know about anything that has to do with my body?"

Tony shrugged again.

"I don't know but since I have no idea where to begin finding answers, I figured I'll give them a chance."

Harry nodded again.

"Alright, can you guys tell me what's going on?" The question was directed directly at the two men.

"We have theories," the taller one admitted, his eyes boring in to Harry's, "We have done some tests on you while you were still unconscious but without more sophisticated equipment, all we can do is tell you what we think happened."

"Well, that's better than what I have at the moment. So shoot, what theory have you come up with?"

"It's simple Mr…"

"Dursley," Harry supplied.

"Mr. Dursley," Tall, dark and admittedly handsome agreed, "We believe it's just a simple case of magical exhaustion."

"Excuse me…but WHAT?" Harry spluttered. Beside him, Tony actually choked on his mouthful of water and was coughing rather alarmingly.

Harry didn't pay him any attention.

"Magic? Really? Is that code name for something?"

"Magic is magic," the shorter one explained, looking confused, "It's energy, it's control. It's not a code name for anything."

"Magic doesn't exist," Harry said slowly, as if he was talking to a particularly stupid child.

"Yes it does," Short man argued, his eyebrows going up. And with a wave of a stick he pulled out from his pockets, the empty chair next to Tony turned in to a box.

"Holy fucking shit!" Harry exclaimed, eyes going so wide his eyeballs were nearly popping out of its sockets, "What the actual fuck!?"

If his aunt Petunia could hear him now, she would be berating him for speaking so crudely. But at the moment, Harry didn't care. Because Harry had just saw a chair transform in to a box in front of his very eyes.

"Oh you really didn't know," the shorter one said in dawning understanding.

"No shit Sherlock," Harry spat, gaze still fixed on the box. From the corner of his eyes, he could see Tony gaping at the changed object with an almost manic glint in his eyes. The scientist within him must be going crazy.

"Well, I don't know how to put this," Taller guy interjected, "Mr. Dursley, you are a wizard."

Once the initial panic had died down and Harry had somewhat assimilated the new information, Tall man, who finally introduced himself as Agent Tyson of the American Ministry for Magic's Accidental Magic Department, started to explain his findings.

"As it turned out, there's a big block on your magic, Mr. Dursley. That probably explained why you never had any hint of accidental magic until now. Normally, children stop having random burst of magical energy at 11 when they would get a wand and they would start school to learn about control. You however never had an invitation because the block made everyone think you were just another mundane."

"None magic folk," shorter man explained.

"However, recently something must have happened to weaken the block and a small fissure was created to let a small amount of magic slip through. As any child who had never learnt how to control their magic, whenever you have a burst of emotions, your magic reacted. And since your body is not used to so much magic, it simply had to shut down to recuperate."

"So that glass at the arcade," Harry said, slowly putting pieces together, "it had really disappeared."

"You must have really wanted it to disappear," Agent Tyson agreed, "And your magic responded. However, it is extremely dangerous to leave the block in the state it is in. Your body is a natural regulator for your magic, but its senses are currently out of balance because of the block. Fainting is nothing compared to what can actually happen to you."

"What does that mean?" Harry asked a little fearfully.

"You may die," Tyson replied simply, "Your body may misjudge your tolerance level and you may use too much magic. In consequence your body will simply shut down…forever."

"That's terrible," Tony interrupted, talking for the first time since the reveal, "Is there any way to take away this block?"

"Unfortunately, this block is incredibly well made. Whoever put it there is a true master of the arts of magic. Our only chance of unraveling it is understanding what had caused the fissure in the first place."

Both agents looked at Harry expectantly.

Harry shrugged.

"I don't know what to say," he mumbled, "I think it happened a day ago. It's during my first meeting with Tony. I shook hands with him and suddenly I felt this burst of energy within me. That must be the moment the block weakened."

"I felt it too," Tony admitted, "It was incredible. I had a terrible headache at the time and suddenly it was just gone."

"Now that is interesting," Tyson's eyes narrowed, observing Harry and Tony with the keen eye of an experienced wizard, "Once again, I'm not completely certain but I have read about something like this sometime ago. I think it's an indication of a wizard finding his or her compatible partner."

"And that means?" Harry asked.

"It's simple really," Tyson continued, now watching Harry with curiosity, "Each wizard is born with a counterpart; someone who is so compatible to the wizard himself that a first contact will make said-wizard's magic react rather violently. It's magic's way of starting the new bond."

"And what does this bond do?"

Tyson shrugged.

"Finding your partner is so rare in our society that information about it is still pretty scarce. From what I've read, a bond between partners can let both parties talk telepathically and heal each other's illnesses. Of course, the stronger the bond, the stronger the benefits are. But one thing is for sure, once a pair has been completely bonded, both physically and emotionally, one party can't die while the other is still alive."

Harry mulled that last bit in his head a little before said in confusion: "But that means unless both parties are killed at the same time, they'll be immortal."

"Yeah," Tyson said a little dreamingly, "That is one of the perks. It's not called a life bond for nothing. Although," Tyson narrowed his eyes, "It's the first time I have seen a mundane ending up a wizard's partner. But none the less, if I'm right, you guys should be ecstatic; there's no higher honor in the Wizarding world than finding your true partner. Some wizards and witches search decades for their partners but to no avail."

"Is the bond supposed to be of romantic nature?" Tony asked.

Harry turned to him in surprise but the other man was looking at Tyson.

"Logically yes," Tyson admitted, "But that's because once the bond is completed, magic won't allow any infidelity in both partners' cases. Finding sexual release with anyone else would be impossible. And besides, in order to complete the bond, there will need to be a physical consummation."

Harry could feel his face heat up at the explanation.

"But let's not worry about that right now," he quickly interjected, glancing furtively at Tony, "I think the current problem is to get rid of this block."

Tyson nodded in agreement.

"I will contact a friend of mine who is an expert in these sort of things. For the main time, do try to keep your emotions in check."

A ringing sound made Tyson curse and turn to his partner.

"Is that?"

His partner nodded.

"I apologize but I'll have to cut this meeting short," he said, "We have another call on the other side of town. Looks like I'll be doing overtime again. Don't worry so much Mr. Dursley, we'll be in touch."

With that, both men turned on the spot and disappeared.

Harry blinked at the place where they were standing barely minutes ago.

"Right," he mumbled, "magic." He turned an accusing glare at Tony.

"It's all your fault you know."

"How is it my fault that you have superpowers?" Tony asked incredulously.

"Well, just a few days ago I was just a normal high school student about to start an internship. But because of you, the block that was helping me have a normal life is new cracked and I run the risk of dying if I don't keep my bloody emotions in check!"

His voice embarrassingly cracked a little at the end but Harry was too distraught to give it any thought. Now that the shock has simmered down, other emotions were starting to take its place.

"Oh," Tony said, "You're really upset about this. Shouldn't you be happy to find you have magic? I mean, isn't that every child's dream?"

"I don't want to have magic!" Harry shrieked, heart starting to pound faster in his chest, "I want to be normal."

"Normality is overrated," Tony commented, coming to sit near Harry, "This isn't a curse Harry."

"My relatives would think so," Harry snapped, his true fear finally surfacing, "I know what they think about these freakish things. If they know I'm a wizard, they'll reject me for sure! They're the only family I have."

"I'm sure they won't-" Tony started hesitantly but was cut off by Harry.

"Oh they will," the young man said empathically, "you should have heard them when I was young. They made sure I understood that being normal was more important than anything else in this world. I have tried so hard to be everything they wanted to me, but now all my efforts are ruined!"


Harry took a deep breath, trying to reign the tears he could feel coming. He knew Tony must think him mental, but he didn't care. At the moment, Harry just wanted to be alone.

"Please leave," he said quietly and was relieved when Tony didn't protest.

"Alright," the older man said, getting up, "If you need me, I'll be outside the door."

Harry nodded.

Tony sighed and left the room, closing the door softly behind him, leaving Harry alone with his thoughts.