Elliot sighed. "Bored!" He groaned to himself. It was a rainy day and there was positively nothing to do. Nothing! Study for tomorrow's test was the only thing he could think to do, but he was going to put that off as long as possible.

The Nightray heaved another rather large sigh, flopping onto his back on the couch he was sat on and shutting his eyes. 'I could just sleep off the boredom.' He thought. Deciding this was the best idea he'd had in hours, he shut his eyes and tried to sleep.

Just as he had almost dozed off, the pleasant sound of music drifted into Elliot's ears. Curious, the noble got up and followed the sound. His ears led him to the school's music room. He smiled slightly and opened the door. He could see his best friend and valet, Leo, sat at the large grand piano, playing away. Elliot shut the large door of the music room behind him and walked closer to the noirette playing piano. Upon closer inspection, Elliot could see that Leo was playing perfectly...while blindfolded!

Elliot tapped Leo's shoulder gently. Leo startled, his playing coming to a stop. "What?!" He growled, scowling at his best friend. Elliot chuckled. "Why in the world are you wearing a blindfold?" He asked curiously. Leo silently reached into his pocket and pulled out his glasses. The lenses were cracked and the frame was all bent out of shape. "How did they get like that?!" The Nightray exclaimed. Leo sighed. "They somehow ended up on my floor and when I got out of bed I stepped on them." He frowned.

Elliot carefully undid the knot at the back of the noirette's head that held the blindfold in place, letting the strip of black silk fall onto the piano keys. Leo gasped and shook his fringe into his eyes. Elliot turned Leo to face him. "Let people see your eyes Leo, please." He gently brushed Leo's black fringe out of his eyes, smiling. Leo blushed and looked down. Elliot gently took his valet's head in his hands, tilting Leo's face to face him. Leo blushed more. "Elliot, what are y-" He was cut off by his master's lips touching his. Elliot almost immediately pulled away, his face beet red. He suddenly got an idea. He picked up the blindfold off the piano and stepped behind his servant. He took Leo's midnight hair in his hands and tied it into a messy ponytail with the blindfold, making sure to pull his servant's fringe back into the ponytail. Leo tried to reach up to the ponytail to pull his fringe out, but Elliot grabbed his hand, stopping him. Elliot just calmly smiled and sat down at the piano bench, beginning to play. Leo almost instantly recognized the piece and began to play with Elliot, the two boy's hands elegantly dancing over the ivory keys.

As the piece ended, Leo rested his head on Elliot's shoulder, sighing contentedly. Elliot smiled slightly and kissed the other boy's midnight hair. "You know Leo," He remarked. "Everything would be so much better, if you took a look at your eyes through mine."