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President Eva Lee (Evilly!) POV

As I walked up to the stage I felt nervous and excited. I was the new President of Panem and this was the first time I would meet the capitol audience in person. I knew this years games would have the most exciting yet terrifying twist yet.

"Everything will be fine Miss Lee," My Head Gamemaker Kai said.

He was only young, I think he'd just turned 20 but, he was the one reassuring me, the 29 year old. I had my own 2 year old daughter rooting for me back home with my fiancée Load.

As I stepped up to the microphone, I could barely here myself think over the noise that the capitol were making. All I could see was row after row of bright coloured strips where they were sitting with the occasional face I could spot in the blinding lights of the stage.

" Welcome! Welcome!" I said "To the Quarter Quell announcement of The 125th Annual Hunger Games."

The crowd cheer, which is almost deafening, as a response. Then a young boy, who only looks about five, walks across the stage carrying the box which contains at least fifty yellowing cards with each of the twists for year to come.

I smile at him as he hands the box to me and he flashes me two rows of white teeth and then walks off the stage.

I reach into the box and pluck out the card which has the number 125 written on the front of it. The back holds the newest twist which will be remembered for years to come.

"In honour of The 125th annual hunger games this year there will be two twists." I say. "This year, only tributes of the ages 4-10 will be reaped plus when the tributes reach the capitol they will be placed in pairs. They will train, interview and do the opening ceremonies together. In the arena if one of them dies the other will be alone."

The audience began to whisper as I walk off the stage discussing and contemplating this new twist in the games. I smile to myself knowing this year will definitely be a great success.

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Social Status:

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What's Their Favourite Colour:

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What Do They Think of Themselves:

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How Do They Choose Their Friends:

What Do They Think of the Capitol:

What Do They Think of the Games:


Reapings Outfit:

What Do They Think:

Justice Building Visits:

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What Food Do They Fall In Love With:

What Do They Think of The Train:

Ideas For A Chariot:

Chariot Outfit:

Training Strategy:

Who Do They Eat Lunch With:

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What're Their Dying Thoughts:

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Careers Only ( 1, 2 and 4 are Career Districts.)

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Why Did They Become A Career:

Non-Careers Only

What're They Training To Do:

What Useful Skills Do They Have:

Any 'Weapon' Training:

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Tribute List

District 1:

F: Leia Love (10)

M:Velvet Garand (10)

District 2:

F: Reserved!

M: Sladen Marksman (9)

District 3:

F: Pandora Carson (4)

M: Xander Bolt (8)

District 4:

F: Mia Kent (6)

M: Reserved!

District 5:

F: Amara Lockhart (9)


District 6:

F: Ariadne Mallinsky (9)


District 7:

F: Nevaeh Juniper (7)

M: Casper Branch(5)

District 8:

F: Jada-May Silke(10)


District 9:

F: Sofika Dagan (7)

M: Carter DeMagne (7)

District 10:



District 11:

F: Willow Star (7)


District 12:

F: Ademeira Chord (9)


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A bowl of soup: 16 points

A bag of trail mix: 10 Points

An apple: 10 Sponsor Points


A small water bottle filled with water: 11 points

A medium water bottle filled with water: 15 points

A big water bottle filled with water: 19 points

A huge water bottle filled with water: 23 points

A pack of water bottles (6 water bottles): 48


Burn ointment: 18 points

Iodine: 11 points

A bag full of Tracker Jacker leaves: 10 points

Anti-Poison medicine: 26 points

Anti-bacterial Medicine: 20 Points

Alcohol for cuts: 16 Points


A bow: 31 points

6 Arrows: 15 points

10 arrows: 19 points

A dagger/Knife: 15 points

6 Daggers/Knifes: 33 points

A sword: 43 points

A spear: 33 points

A trident: 53 points

Ax: 28 points

Mace: 28 points

Dart gun: 48 points

Gun: 78 points

A mutt: 150 points

Comfort and other stuff

A blanket: 13 points

A sleeping bag: 18 points

A pillow: 18 points

A pair of Socks: 10 points

A jacket: 18 points

A Tent kit: 38 points

A pack of 20 Matches: 9 points

A pair of Night vision goggles: 11 points

An empty backpack: 18 points

A full backpack: 28 points

A plant guide-book: 53 points

A "how to survive in the woods without anything" book: 78 points

Rope: 13 points

Small First aid kit: 48 points

Big First aid kit: 63 points

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