Differences 2

A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

Set Before "Trickster"

"I simply don't understand it," Ratchet groused, glaring at the readouts in annoyance.

"What's there to understand?" the cheerful voice of the base's newest recruit piped up from where he was busily scraping away at rust spots on the piping. "You're the best medic in existence and Optimus Prime is super tough! Mystery solved."

"Something purged the dark energon out of Optimus's systems, traces so faint that I did not even detect them until they were pooled on the med berth!"

"Eh, that's a good thing right?" the rookie asked helm tilted to one side.

"The result is. My ignorance is far from it," the medic muttered.

"Stop worrying about it Ratchet! Optimus is fine and will be as good as new in no time."

However the cheerful comment was met with only a dark glare.

"Won't he?" the silver and blue mech asked nervously.

Ratchet gave a long tired exvent as stared morosely over at where the Prime was sifting through the contents of a data pad. The red and cobalt blue Cybertronian was cradling the device in his damaged arm, leaving the other free to reach down and occasionally stroke the sleeping human beside him. Despite his dark thoughts the medic gave a small smile on seeing the gesture. Notwithstanding his loud protests to the contrary the medic was truly grateful that Primus had brought at least this human into their lives. Jack's presence always seemed to comfort their leader when little else could.

"Smokescreen, would you do something for me?" the medic asked without taking his optics off of the soothing scene before him.

"Anything Doc-bot! You name it, I'm on it!"

"Please drive to the hospital and pick up Nurse Darby after her shift is over. That will be in approximately four hours. I will contact her to expect you."

The cheerful visage wavered for a moment on the silver and blue mech's faceplates before being replaced with a forced grin.

"Sure, okay, yeah. Just go pick up Mrs. Darby from work. I can tell her it was your idea right?"

The nervousness in the younger mech's voice finally caught the red and white medic's attention and a small smirk twisted his faceplates

"Don't worry Smokescreen," Ratchet nearly purred in satisfaction. "I am reasonably certain she was exaggerating when she detailed most of her threats. There is really no reason for you to be frightened of one human femme."

"I'm not scared!" the other mech hurriedly assured him sending glyphs to indicate stout resolution but that was belied by the high angle of his door wings. "I just wasn't too sure she'd be happy to see me after, well, everything."

"Simply transport her from her workplace to the base," the medic snorted dismissively. "I am certain you will survive that."

The sleek sports car obeyed but he still radiated a sense of trepidation as his alt mode peeled out of the base. Once the youngest member of Team Prime was gone however the smile faded from the medic's faceplates to be replaced by a look of resignation. He walked over to where Optimus sat with heavy peds. The one spark of light in this mess was that June would be here to assist him this time. Her small skilled hands were going to be a deciding factor he was certain, but there was no denying the underling fact.

"Optimus," he began gravely. "We need to talk."

The Prime looked up at him and nodded and the medic flinched at the pain he saw in those cerulean optics. One black had descended and cupped over Jack's form; shielding the youth from being woken by their conversation.

"I have finished my analysis of your injury and while some details still remain unclear one thing is certain. There is no way to save the severed portion. I must amputate and soon."

The larger mech nodded slowly.

"I suspected as much old friend."

"I have sent Smokescreen to collect Nurse Darby. She will be of great use to me during the procedure. However we must begin the initial processes now."

Optimus nodded and gently scooped up the sleeping Jack. The human stirred and blinked up at him sleepily. The Prime briefly touched foreheads with the youth and then set him on the floor. Jack stretched and walked over to the human's living area to collapse on the couch. Ratchet let out a relieved sigh. At least the human would rest well tonight.

He began pulling out the tools he would need and laying them beside the operating berth. At least he had ample resources this time. The medic caught himself in the thought and gave a low chuckle as he worked.

"What do you find amusing?" Optimus inquired curiously

"Do you know what the standard requirements were for this sort of operation back on Cybertron before the war? The surgeons in the Iacon Hall of healing would not have considered doing this without three certified Core level physicians, a full team of attendant support, and as for equipment and supplies, don't get me started. A gama-rated micro scanner and several hundred gallons of nannite solution would have been the very minimum requirements for such an operation. Yet here I am; a mere field medic about to attempt a class three amputation with this," he gestured at the small collection of tools, "and the assistance of one human with less than a year's experience."

The red and white Autobot snorted and shook his helm as he selected the first tool.

"You have not been a 'mere' field medic for a very long time my friend," Optimus stated with a hint of humor, "and I have no doubt that the quality of the work you do will be excellent no matter the circumstances."

"Thank you for the vote of confidence Optimus," Ratchet sighed as he moved to examine the powerful limb. "Now please place your arm on the examination table so."

The preliminary exam went just as the medic expected it to, as did removing the framework that supported the damaged limb. It was slow and tedious work but difficult to mess up if one paid the slightest bit of attention. By the time a subdued Smokescreen pulled in and released Nurse Darby the mech had the frame dissembled and was waiting patiently for the woman. He wordlessly handed her a cup of coffee and the human sized data pad he had reformatted for her use. The nurse nodded and quickly scanned the information as she drank the caffeine down.

"Well then," she smiled up at the Prime when she had finished the drink and the reading. "Let's get this started shall we?"