NA: It's my first fic of Infernal Devices, so don't kill me... It's based in the first book, Clockwork Angel and it's a little Charlotte centered although it's a Henry/Charlotte fanfic. I dedicate this fic to the Order's members who encouraged me to write this and I hope everyone who is reading it right now enjoy it. Good read! o/



Henry was like that: a kind of crazy scientist who invents many things, the most part of them didn't work very well, but anyway she liked him. More than that, she loved him. In every single way he was, even with the most part of the Enclave thinking he is completely insane. Sometimes she thought she needed a little of insanity to carry on moving even with all problems she had and all work with the management of the Institute and all pressure she received because of it.

Sometimes just in the Henry's arms she could relax and forget for a while all her problems and all those envious looks she sometimes received from some people from the Enclave. There was too much comfort inside his arms, inside his kiss… She was really lucky to have a husband so charming, careful and trustable as Henry. Her companion, her redhead, her love.

Yeah, she was sentimental.