This is my first fanfic ever! Please review as I would appreciate some opinions on this, as I'm not too sure about this story, but I just LOVE this musical. I just wish Christine didn't die, so I thought I'd write my own version of how I think it should have been, starting with Erik never leaving after their night beneath a moonless sky!

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Christine woke, raising her eyelids slowly she saw the familiar surroundings that held so many bad memories. Her eyes shot open quickly, trying to piece together why on earth she was asleep in his bed, under his cape. She removed the make-shift blanket and threw it to the ground, before realising all her clothes were discarded in a pile in the corner of the room. She smiled as her brain made the connection as to why she was there, that perfect night had not been a dream, she was there, with the man she truly loved, all be it the night before she was due to marry Raoul, but she didn't care. She was with the man she loved and couldn't be happier. She heard a faint chuckle, and rose slowly to see a figure in the door way. Erik. He hadn't left her or "got rid" of his problems like he normally did. Their eyes met and she could see the spark dazzling in them, he was happy to see her, Christine's cheeks began to flush pink.

'Morning my angel'

'Morning' she replied in a voice of pure bliss, she was with the man she belonged with, and she was glowing inside as he referred to her as his angel. She was his, on her own accord.

'Would you like something to, um, cover yourself with?' Erik muttered, he sounded almost embarrassed as his eyes wandered across her lying there. She was lying there; she wasn't running from him in disgust, she had confessed every feeling she had to him last night and hadn't run at the thought of what he had replied. They were in love, finally.

Christine blushed and realised that she was lying there totally uncovered, with not a single bit of clothing hiding her body from him. 'That would be lovely, it isn't very warm down here' she giggled. He enveloped her in his arms, both for warmth and to prove to her that he remembered every word that had left her lips last night. Christine smiled in to his chest, and sighed contently as he pulled her closer to him.

'I love you Erik'

The Phantom couldn't believe those words where aimed at him, the murderer who was feared in all of Paris, was loved by a women on Christine's beauty, her talent. Her love for the Vicomte de Chagny was never true and they both knew it, they were made for each other.

Christine glanced up to see her lover in deep thought, his eyes glistening as tears threatened to fall, she was worried she had done something wrong. Was he lying last night? Was it all a lie to get her in to bed? She pulled away and grabbed her underwear, pulling it on while muttering apologies.

'Christine, what are you doing?'

'You, you're crying, I'm sorry, I'll go'

'I'm crying in happiness my angel'

Christine paused, her mind processing his past statement. He was crying in happiness, because of her. He wasn't terrified of the commitment he had entered in to last night. Erik was happy; happy at the thought of the one girl he truly loved just letting those words tumble of her lips. Christine laughed awkwardly at her stupidity and turned to face him. She felt a hand on the small of her back pulling her in towards him, before a pair of swollen lips met hers, which she gracefully met as she kissed him back.

'I love you too, more than you'll ever believe'

Christine answered by pulling him in for a passionate kiss as the tears rolled down her cheeks. The air around them buzzed with electricity as the previous nights events began again without a second thought.

Christine nuzzled her cheek against his chest as she lay across him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing his cheek. Christine was not afraid to kiss every inch of his deformed face, loving the delicate skin and the uneven bumps, because they made him the man she was in love with, him. In her eyes he was every bit as perfect as any man could be, and then perhaps more so. He was a true man, not like Raoul, he was just a small boy compared to her Erik. She shuddered at the thought of him; he was bound to have a search party out by now, looking for his beloved fiancée. She almost felt ashamed of herself, until she remembered that he was not true to her and she deserved better. She deserved Erik, a man who had killed in her name just too prove to her the lengths he would go to be allowed to love her. She kissed Erik lightly, before settling back in to his chest. She felt him draw in a deep breath as he woke, before a grin appeared on his face. He could get used to waking up like this, Christine lying next to him. He began to run his fingers along her back, feeling her skin tingle at his touch.

'I could get used to this angel' he mumbled.

'Mmm, me too'

'But won't your darling fiancée be worried?' He knew they were going to have to bring up the subject of that dreadful man at some point, he just wished he hadn't said it so harshly. He felt her body stiffen up next to him. Something wasn't right, what was she hiding? That boy had done something and he wouldn't allow Christine to hide it from him for long. He realised what she must be thinking, that he would kill him, rip him apart for whatever he had done to his darling Christine.

Christine knew she was going to have to tell him, she just couldn't now. What would he think if he found out that Raoul had been sleeping with some of the other ballet dancers, while swearing his love to Christine. She had a pretty good idea what he would do; the Punjab lasso would be making reappearance.

'You don't have to tell me Christine, but I can see this is distressing you, just keep in mind that I won't react badly'

She hadn't realised how long she had been silent until he said that. Once again she tensed up, could she believe him? She felt him duck his head and kiss her shoulder up to her neck, relaxing her and she felt a smile creep on her face. She would tell him eventually, but for now she was going to enjoy the feel of their body entwined as he began to place delicate kisses on her collar bone.

He knew these passages, Madame Giry had shown him herself the night that demon had stolen Christine from right under his nose. He would find them and he would end the beasts life once and for all, and steal his fiancée back from him. She must be recoiling from him in terror by now, why hadn't he realised she was missing?

Raoul felt damp beneath his feet, he was getting closer to his destination. His future wife would be in his arms again soon, and she would remain there forever.