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On with the story…

"I now pronounce that you are wed. May your lives be filled with happiness and love."

Sam leaned down and pressed a short, sweet kiss to Dean's lips, smiling when he felt the pressure returned. He opened his eyes and smiled at his new husband.

"Perfect," Sam whispered as they pulled apart.

Dean could not believe they were married. Once upon a time he had dreamed such a thing might happen, surely, but to have it come true was something he had not dared to even hope for. And now, a short three months after Sam's proposal, here they were with Sam wheeling him down the hallway to what would now be their bedroom.

"It has been such a long day, I am truly glad we have waited to have our feast tomorrow," Sam said, "for the idea of resting with you is more appealing than entertaining anyone."

Sam's words broke into Dean's musings and he nodded in agreement. They would feast tomorrow but the candlelight ceremony had seemed to be the perfect way to end the day. There were servants waiting for them and they assisted Dean in getting into bed though he had become better at it over the years he did not wish to deny his people their desire to help him.

He must have been more tired than he thought for it was only upon being woken that Dean even realized he had fallen asleep. But once he realized it was Sam's tears which had caused him to awaken all traces of sleep left him and he reached out and touched Sam's shoulder, causing his new husband to flinch.

"I did not mean to wake you," Sam whispered and Dean shook his head and reached out for the wheeled chair next to his place in bed and he worked himself into it as Sam kept speaking. "I have had many nights with this same dream plaguing me and I had hoped that our new life together would banish these dreams. I am sorry my distress has disrupted your sleep."

Dean made his way over to their chest and retrieved some new clothes for his husband. After putting them down on the edge of the bed he went to their bedside table where a pitcher and basin were and he wet a nearby cloth, picking it up and carrying it over to Sam. He tugged on his husband's hem and Sam removed his clothes, reaching for the new ones but Dean shook his head and instead laid a hand on his chest, gently pushing him back. Sam complied and Dean wiped Sam down, watching as Sam closed his eyes and simply let Dean do what he wanted. Sam felt no shame though he did feel shyness, offering his body up to his husband as a gift.

As soon as Dean had finished wiping the sweat and tears from Sam's body he stepped back and placed the cloth on top of the clothes Sam had discarded, picking up the whole pile somewhat awkwardly before dropping them near the chest where they would be picked up and taken to be cleaned. He could hear Sam putting the new clothes on behind him and he went back over to his side of the bed but after only a moment's hesitation he got under the covers and scooted over to Sam. When his husband looked at him over his shoulder Dean opened his arm and Sam smiled, nodding as he pulled the shirt on over his head. Dean wished he had the use of both arms as Sam curled into his side, slipping into place in such a way so his head nestled under Dean's chin, his own chin resting on Dean's shoulder.

"I fit," Sam murmured happily and when Dean used his hand to nudge Sam closer the younger man tucked in even more, letting out a pleased sigh.

The next morning Dean woke to the sun pouring in to the room and he was filled with happiness, until he registered the other sensation…wetness. He had been drooling in his sleep again. It was nothing new, in fact it happened most nights, a byproduct of his mouth's deformation, but this was his and Sam's first night together and he had not wished for it to be marred by anything, let alone something so embarrassing.

"What causes you to frown so?" Sam asked and Dean looked over at his new husband, at the way his curls were in disarray, his cheeks flush with sleep, and shook his head.

Dean gestured to the bed and Sam frowned but dutifully looked where Dean was pointing. When he saw that Sam didn't see what Dean did he picked up the pillow, turning his head away in shame.

"Are you—is this about you drooling?" Sam said, "Because I already know. I was watching you sleep and I think it's adorable."

Dean's head whipped around. Sam had watched him sleep? And then the rest of what Sam had said caught up with him. He thought his drooling was adorable? Sam flushed and looked down and Dean realized he'd been staring at the younger man.

"I'm sorry," Sam said, misinterpreting Dean's look, "I just—I just woke up and when I saw you you looked so at peace I couldn't help it. It made me feel safe and I got caught up. I guess I just wanted to keep that feeling. I didn't mean to upset you."

Dean shook his head but of course Sam couldn't see that so he crossed the distance, using a single finger to lift the younger man's chin up, waiting until his husband had met his eyes again. He again shook his head but this time added a small smile to try and convince Sam he wasn't upset. But when Sam searched his face, clearly trying to read his expression Dean's smile grew wider and he wrapped his arm around the younger man. It took a moment but then Sam's arms were around him as well, and his head was resting on Dean's shoulder.

"Dean," Sam whispered, sounding a bit choked up and Dean squeezed him in reply, letting his hand rub down and up Sam's back.

"I know about your injuries and your worries about them in terms of our marriage," Sam began, worrying his lower lip between his teeth when he could feel Dean tense, "but I want you to know how happy I am to be wed to you. Last night proved to me that I can receive the love and affection I must confess I crave from you, and so I have no reason to complain. I can only hope you, too, will grow to find contentment in our marriage bed."

I love you, Dean mouthed and Sam smiled.

"As I love you," he said, leaning down for a quick peck. "And now we shall share a bath together!"

He didn't wait for Dean's answer, merely got out of bed and made his way to the door and upon opening it, called for a servant. It took barely a minute before one was there, bowing.

"May I please have some water brought up here for a bath for me and my husband?" Sam asked with a smile and he received a nod and another bow in reply.

Turning around he saw that Dean was once more upset and he wondered at the cause until it came to him. Sam realized what must have upset Dean. This would be the first time they had disrobed in front of one another, and the idea must be causing Dean no small amount of distress.

"Is it all right if I touch you?" Sam asked. "I wish to be the one to remove your garments and bathe you. Would you allow me to perform these actions?"

And it took longer than Sam had hoped it would for Dean to nod. But at least he had consented, Sam decided, looking on the positive side. He knew he would have to do more than utter pretty words for his husband to believe that there was no one else Sam wanted to be with and he hoped that this bath would be the first step. When the servants arrived Sam waited until it was time to disrobe then he gently dismissed everyone and went over to kneel by his husband's side. He waited until Dean had met his eyes and given him a nod before he too nodded and set about removing Dean's clothes. His eyes greedily drank in each inch of skin bared before him and he knew that Dean did not see himself as beautiful. But Sam did, could only marvel at the beauty that was his husband. And yes there were so many scars and marks; not just from the wall caving in on him but from all the abuse he had suffered, but to Sam he was beautiful. He picked Dean up and carried him over to the tub, where he proceeded to gently lower him in. Once Dean was placed Sam removed his own clothes and got in behind Dean where they proceeded to while away the time until the water went cold with gentle touches and caresses.

As Sam lifted Dean out of the tub and walked back over to the bed Dean felt so much love he almost could not stand it. Sam had been so gentle with him and he did not hesitate to touch him. It was more than Dean had expected and a gift he was ever so grateful for.

When Sam sat Dean down Dean laid back and patted the space next to him. Brows furrowing a little Sam nonetheless complied and lay down next to his husband.

Sam leaned his head down, turning so his nose could rest alongside Dean's neck. He smiled as he felt Dean wrap his arm around his waist, smile widening when he could feel his husband's hand begin to move upwards. Dean's hand stopped at the base of Sam's neck and Sam found himself holding his breath as he waited for his husband's next move. He only had a moment before Dean's head tipped toward his own and he soon felt gentle soft kisses against his jaw. He could only let Dean indulge for a moment before he had to twist his own head and seek out Dean's mouth with his own. They exchanged the gentlest kisses Sam could imagine for what felt like hours, and when Sam opened his eyes and saw Dean's smile he thought his heart would burst. Sam gently captured Dean's fingers within his own and brought them to his lips where he began to press tiny kisses to the pads of Dean's fingers.

"I have never…" He began to say and when he looked up Dean's eyebrow was lifted, the unspoken what? lingering between them.

"Being with you…I am happy."

Dean nodded and Sam smiled at him.

"Touching you, being held so close, I feel—" he broke off and made sure Dean was meeting his gaze before he continued, "I feel loved. Cherished, even. Cared for. It is a thing I had long given up on feeling."

Me too, Dean mouthed and Sam pulled Dean in to him, relishing in the ability to hold his husband like this, in the fact that their marriage gave him the right to be with Dean and no one else.

Later at their wedding feast Sam was delighting in holding Dean's hand and laughing at the tales Giselle and Arthur were telling of his beloved at a much younger age. There was a story about a horse Sam was dying to hear the tail end of when suddenly a rainbow of light erupted in the room. Everyone gasped and Sam tightened his grip on Dean, even more so when there were glittery bits of light which likewise exploded, leaving behind a man who stood up and bowed.

"Who are you?" Sam asked and the man laughed before executing another bow.

"I am Castiel, formerly prisoner of the mirror and now that I was freed by your husband I am the same simple magician I was before."

"You freed him?" Sam said turning to Dean who blushed at the awe-struck look Sam was sporting but nodded anyway. "You can do magic?"

Dean nodded again, somewhat shyly in return.

"Why didn't you simply use your magic to repair the damage?" Castiel asked Dean, gesturing to his mangled limbs. "You are strong enough to have done so, are you not?"

"You could have done that?" Sam asked and Dean frowned before turning to Castiel.

Repercussions, he mouthed.

"That's only if you use your magic to cause harm," Castiel chided gently. "Or else I should be asking what repercussion did you suffer from freeing me?"

Dean frowned, clearly not having considered the lack of repercussions the last time he employed his magic.

"Dean," Castiel said, losing some of his humor, "I was merely teasing you but now I can see that there is something truly amiss. Who taught you about magic? Surely you know about your magic's abilities and limitations?"

Dean froze. He'd never known that he could use his magic to help people without repercussions. He'd always assumed that whatever bad things had happened after he had used magic were the repercussions he'd been told to fear, never considering perhaps his misfortunes were merely that and not brought about by use of magic. He could have healed himself, could have helped his kingdom, could have—

"I must stop you, Dean," Castiel's voice suddenly interrupted, "for though I can tell what you are thinking I feel compelled to point out that things may not have ended up as they have if you had used your magic."

"A man who called himself Jafar was my brother's tutor," Arthur piped up to explain, "and a foul man he was. He would never allow Dean to use his magic, always stating that to do so would bring grave consequences. He had convinced us all that Dean's magic was a danger. He was only with us for a short time. We discovered he had left the kingdom shortly after a pair of rubies were also discovered missing. They were the rubies Dean would practice his magic on and we suspect they were imbued with his power, that Jafar had been stealing Dean's magic from him but we never suspected Jafar of lying about Dean's magical abilities."

"I shall send out a contingent to track down that snake Jafar!" Arthur announced and Castiel shook his head.

"Although I can understand your want to do just that allow me to assure you that stealing magic always has consequences. Jafar will receive his comeuppance. I am more concerned about your brother, and what damage his magic may have suffered."

"You mean he may not have the ability to heal himself after all?" Arthur asked and Castiel's mouth dropped open a little.

"I had not considered that but yes, I suppose it is possible that Jafar worked it so Dean's magic was still being drained. Well allow me to do the honors, then," Castiel said, "for I have yet to perform any task in gratitude for your employment of your magical skills."

And so saying he stretched his arms out toward Dean and a rainbow of light traveled from his hands to Dean who was picked up by the light. Sam likewise stood, hand outstretched toward his husband as if afraid the light would take him away. The light moved along Dean's body, bubbling beneath his clothes, causing them to dance over the space above his skin. Sam could only join the rest of the gathered assembly as they watched as the light reached Dean's face, which was slowly engulfed. When it finally dissipated Sam couldn't help but echo the gasps which resounded throughout the hall. Dean's face was…perfect. Gone were the scars and ridges which had marred the sides of both his face and neck, and the skin was untouched once more.


Sam's eyes widened and then filled with tears as he realized that was Dean's voice. His husband had his voice back, and the first thing he had said was Sam's name.

"Dean," Sam whispered back and then quite before he knew how it had happened he found himself enfolded in Dean's embrace with not one but two strong arms holding him tight as if he never meant to let go. Which suited Sam just fine as he too clung to his spouse.

"Now that is done I think the lovebirds would like to be reacquainted. And it may take a while. So…we need more wine!" Castiel announced and Sam had only a moment to wonder at his words before he felt the world tip sideways and he clung to Dean until there was once more solid ground beneath their feet. Letting go of his husband he took a step back.

Dean watched as Sam stumbled a bit, obviously off center. When he regained his footing he backed another step away from Dean.

"I guess it is a good thing Castiel transported us here," he said, scratching at the back of his neck as he glanced around at their bedroom, "I suppose we should talk about some stuff, hmm?"

"Talk?" Dean said on the tail end of a laugh, "I do not think that is exactly what he had in mind."

Sam frowned.

"Well I think there's some stuff to say, don't you?" and then before Dean could even say anything else he continued. "So are you going to want to—" and he faltered for a moment, "dissolve our marriage?"


"Maybe you thought I was your only choice because of your injuries and now that they're healed you want to find someone else?"

"Where are you coming up with these things? What makes you think that's something I want?"

"Maybe it was different when all we did was kiss. And now that you can maybe do—" and he again faltered, "do other stuff, I mean if you even want to do other stuff, maybe you want to do that other stuff with other people?"



"No, I wish you to be the one I touch, the only one I touch," Dean assured him, "Let us retire to the bed and I shall massage your shoulders. Now that I am able to I wish to ease your muscles' strain and I know I am no lightweight so your muscles must be protesting lifting me earlier."

"They are not," Sam began to protest and then he realized that Dean was going to take his shirt off to avoid getting massage oil on it and he quickly decided that getting to see his husband without clothes was definitely something he should be encouraging so he continued, "I shall not refuse your kind offer of a massage, however, for I do enjoy being close to you."

Dean nodded as he walked over to their bedside table and Sam marveled at something which he had never thought to see again, something as simple as his husband walking. Dean gestured to the bed and Sam nodded, pausing to remove his own shirt and lay face down on the bed.

The chill of the oil against his skin was unexpected enough to cause Sam to yelp, which in turn made Dean laugh. But after a few moments Dean could see that while Sam was smiling he was undeniably saddened, as well.

"Have I offended you?" Dean asked, worried that his mirth had hurt Sam's feelings.

"Not at all. You should know I love your laugh and welcome hearing it even at my expense."

"Then what is it?"

"I cannot help but wonder if it was merely my reaction which causes your laughter or the idea of bedding me at all."


And Sam had not meant to bring this up, not so soon after Dean's miraculous healing. But Sam was not going to be able to deny his attraction to his husband much longer. He had told Dean he was fine with the love and affection he had received and he was, he truly was. But now that Dean was healed maybe Dean was not going to be content in their marriage bed.

"Perhaps you do not feel those types of feelings for me and are no longer able to pretend that bedding me is anything but a ludicrous notion."

"I do not find the idea of lying with you to be amusing," Dean tried to assure him but Sam shook his head and flipped himself over so he was looking up at Dean.

"You must show me then. I need not hear the words but your actions will tell me what I need to know. So please, I implore you. Show me that it is all right to be with you thus. Show me I am not a fool for longing to be joined with you in a lovers' embrace."

"I shall show you that and so much more, my love. You have but to ask and anything I can do for you will be done post haste."

And before Sam could ask again Dean leaned down and took his husband's mouth in a kiss. But not the soft, shy kisses from before. Being restored to his former body was still so new to Dean and he knew he had a long way to go before he was completely comfortable with it but the one thing he did not have to wait for was the desire to claim his husband as he was meant to be claimed. Long had Dean dreamed of having Sam beneath him, of touching his body and igniting a flame within them both that would only be quenched when their shared passions were released. So now he captured Sam's mouth and poured all the desire he had for the lithe form into it, utilizing his new tongue to tease open his husband's lips and lay claim to the sweet cavern behind them, acquainting himself with the taste he would spend the rest of his days addicted to.

Sam was glad they were lying down as he doubted his legs' ability to keep him upright. He had thought Dean would need more time to become comfortable enough to engage in a display such as this, had not even known there was passion this intense to be felt. But Dean did more than Sam asked for, more than he even knew he could ask for, he kissed him and used his hands to arouse Sam to a fever pitch until Sam was no longer sure of anything but his love and desire for the man in his arms.

"Dean," Sam breathed out weakly when their lips parted for a moment, "sweet angels above, Dean…"

"Do you feel this, my love?" Dean whispered as he rubbed his hips against Sam's, causing him to whimper as his desire ratcheted up a notch upon feeling the swelling in Dean's garments which matched his own, "feel how I burn for you?"

"Dean," Sam repeated, unable to think of anything besides his husband.

"You are the only one I desire, the only one I wish to bed. I shall spend forever wanting no other, desiring only your kiss, your touch…if you wish it."

"I do," Sam assured him, "I love you, only you."

"As I love only you," Dean said as he closed the distance between them once more, intent on spending the rest of the day, night, and forever until his love was convinced there was no other for him. It was a task he was looking forward to.

The End