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Chapter 1



"Ritsuka-kun I need help with something at my house, could you come over after school?"

Why me?...


It's funny how one word could lead to this…

Ritsuka thought as he woke and groggily looked around. He remembered Yuiko begging him to try it with him. One of the girls conned her into buying a small amount of marijuana. He didn't really have anything against drugs, not that he had any desire to try them either...

"I don't know about this Yuiko."

"Everyone's doing it, it's the cool thing in America", she said with dreamy eyes.

He knew if he didn't, she might try with those girls and they'd likely trick her into doing something incredibly foolish or dangerous.

"I heard that it can help clear your mind and maybe even help remember things you forgot. I guess if you lost your house key or something."

That caught his interest, "Are you sure?" "Oh yeah, people remember and see a whole lot of things. They have all sorts of experiences."...

And here he was.

His mind was foggy, and he didn't recall remembering anything pertinent to his past. In fact, he was having difficulty remembering anything that happened after he said "okay".

The dull shine of a street light streaming through the uncovered window revealed night had fallen. He looked for his phone then picked it up off the floor. Three missed calls and five text messages from Soubi: "I love you", "How are you?", "Where are you?", "Are you in trouble Ritsuka? Please call"

A prickling rose to his skin and he shivered, folding his arms for warmth, he confusedly asked aloud "Where are my clothes?"

Standing, he walked across the room and bare feet stepped on cloth. He picked up the clothing beneath him, but the texture was wrong, his clothes didn't have anything like gems or sparkles on them.

Confused, he fumbled through darkness until finding a light switch. With the room illuminated, he asked in shock "Fuck, what happened?"

He was in a girl's room, one he recognized immediately from the stuffed animals and pink everywhere. Turning to the bed, he saw a body covered by blankets. "Oh damn. Yuiko wake up!"

"Five more minutes mom."

"Yuiko we have a problem."

Turning with closed eyes she smiled, "Ritsuka-kun?"

"Yes. Wake up", he answered with a short temper.

She blinked then opened her eyes wholly "Ri Ri Ri" she stuttered pointing to him. He blushed, then became annoyed. This really wasn't the time to be embarrassed.

"Look in the mirror", he told her.

She jumped up then screamed, noticing her nudity as her large breasts bounced. Covering herself as much as she could with hands and arms, she made her way to the full body mirror on the wall. "Waaahhhhhh! My my my ears!" she cried out while tears poured down her face.

She turned around "Your ears".

"Yeah", he said as he picked up his clothing and redressed. Afterward he tossed the other clothes to her.

"Wha wha wha?"

"Happened? It's pretty obvious." He very much didn't want to deal with her idiocy at the moment.

"Ho-how… what?"

Gritting his teeth he ordered "Yuiko stop stammering." Breathing deeply and placing a hand on his aching head, he slowly explained "Remember the drugs? Obviously we got messed up and wound up having sex".

"Sese se se seeeee" she squealed.

Slamming a hand against the wall he demanded "Stop stammering. Get yourself together Yuiko."

She gulped air then with wide eyes said "We're only twelve"

"Yes, we're twelve, but that wasn't "too young" to try some of that crap, was it?"

"My parents are going to ground me forever."

What her parents would do was nothing compared to what his mother was liable to do when she found out.

An annoyingly blissful bubbly ring tone interrupted them. Yuiko looked at her phone "It's Agatsuma-san". Ritsuka grabbed the phone and answered.

"Hello Yuiko-chan I was wondering-" "Soubi it's me" "Ah there you are Ritsuka, I've been worried. Did you receive my text messages?"

"Yeah I did… Soubi something happened-" "Don't tell him!" Moving from the phone for a second, he tersely said "Shut up Yuiko". Turning back, "Can you come to Yuiko's house? I'll meet you outside." "I'll be there right away." They hung up, and Ritsuka tossed the pink phone onto her bed.

Talking to Soubi after waking here made him anxious, but at the same time calmed him somewhat.

"It's late Yuiko, you should get some sleep and we'll talk tomorrow. In the morning tell your parents you're sick and need to rest. We can skip school and go buy fake ears."

She nodded nervously and watched him climb out the window.

After jumping down, he went across the yard and stood on the sidewalk. From his left he heard, "I see what you meant by "something happened"", Soubi said, stepping out from behind a bush.

Ritsuka immediately lost the harsh attitude he displayed to reassure Yuiko, and felt guilt and sadness wash over him. "I'm sorry Soubi, I didn't mean for this happen."

"Yuiko is a nice girl, and she's your age, what's wrong with that?" Soubi asked, remaining calm.

"Don't be like that." He looked down, and after breathing deeply explained "She asked me to try some drug with her, and even though I knew it was a bad idea, I did. She told me people sometimes remember things and I thought that maybe it could help me remember…"

Soubi stepped forward and put a hand on his arm, "I see… Come stay at my apartment for the night."

It seemed the only sensible thing to do at the moment, so Ritsuka did not argue, but followed him.




End of chap 1




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