Chapter 20: Time to Hit the Dance Floor

Amy, Shade, Sasha, and Roberto stood in front of a large blue and yellow gate. They all stared in awe at it's towering height. "Arceus…" Sasha said in awe still. "Well… lets go in." They all stepped forward underneath the giant arch and stepped towards the white turn styluses where they got their tickets. After receiving them, they all walked towards a giant map which stood tall at the corner of a fountain. "So… we're here." Shade examined it. "Alright, how about we try the slingshot first?" They nodded in agreement. After a couple minutes of walking through crowds, they found themselves standing in front of four massive towering poles in the shape of a square. At the center, was a see through ball which they all sat in. After strapping themselves in, Shade started to sweat. "Everything ok Shade?" Amy asked in concern. "Hmm? Oh, yeah just… just not a huge fan of heights." After a couple seconds, the ball launched into the air, screams filling the ball as they all clung onto their chairs for dear life. The ball suspended itself in mid air for a couple of seconds, allowing everyone a view of the park, and far beyond. Screams filled the ball once more as it plummeted down to earth, it bouncing a couple times when the strings connecting it and the poles stretched. They all stepped off carefully, as they were all dizzy from the fall. Amy was panting from screaming. "That… was…. Scary…." She then looked up at Shade to see him still clinging onto his seat for dear life as if they were still airborne. "Shade?" Rob asked his friend. Shade continued to shake. Sasha giggled a bit. Amy got up and helped Shade out of his seat. "You ok Shade?" Shade shook his head quickly before responding, "Yeah… just fine…."

3 hours later… (Sorry, too lazy to write the rest of their day right now.)

After countless roller coasters, log flumes, Ferris wheels, and churros, they all headed out of the park, still nauseated by their awesome day. "Wow." Was all Sasha said. "Ok!" Rob spoke up. "Now, all of you go to your houses and get ready for the club outing!" They all nodded before walking off in different directions. After Amy and Shade both arrived at their house, they split up to their different rooms. "Ok… what to wear?" Shade asked himself as he stared down his open drawer. "Hmm… No, No, No, No, maybe, No, AHA!" Shade reached into his drawer and pulled out the perfect outfit. "Let's get started."


Amy tore through her closet looking for a nice dress to wear. "I want to look noticeable but not too flashy…" She continuously shoved clothing aside looking for the right outfit. "Hmm… Ooh! That!" She then pulled out a dress which she thought would be perfect. "Yes!" She then slid on a shiny silver dress which went down to right above her knees. She then slipped her feet into some black high heels, as she clipped some fake diamond earrings on. "Too flashy?" She asked herself as she spun around in front of a mirror. "I hope Shade will like it…" Her voice drifted off as her mind went back to the night before, when they kissed. Her spine tingled when his hands rubbed down her back. She shuddered from the thought. *KNOCK KNOCK* She turned to her door and walked towards it. She opened it up to see an umbreon wearing a black button up dress shirt with a white thorny tribal pattern on the back of it, some really dark blue jeans, and black dress shoes. "Wow." They both said at the same time. "Amy, you look… Amazing." Shade was in awe. "You too Shade…" They both stared at each other for a long time before realizing what they were doing. "So… where is this place?" Shade asked. "It's not too far from here." "Alright, when we going?" "A couple minutes." "Oh. Well… what do you want to do until then?" Amy couldn't help but remember the night before again. "Uh…" She awkwardly tried to make it look like she wasn't daydreaming. "How about… TV?" "Sure." They both walked downstairs and sat on the leather couch in the dark while watching some stand up comedian. Amy rested her head on Shade's shoulder without thinking about it. Shade then started to rub her head as she lay. Amy was in total bliss right now. She couldn't be happier. Unless Shade offered making out to kill time. She devilishly smiled at the thought of them making out on this couch. Shade was pretty much thinking about the same thing, but hoped she would offer it. Shade also devilishly grinned at the thought. A couple minutes passed before Shade stretched, and stood up. "I think we should head out now." "Right…" Amy almost fell asleep on him and seemed a bit drowsy. They all walked over to the door before walking out of the house and onto the sidewalk. They both walked for some time before reaching a building with a bright blue sign that said, 'BLUE PLACE' They both walked to the short line outside before seeing Sasha and Rob. Rob wore a reddish brown long sleeve dress shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers. Sasha wore a light blue dress that reached down to just above her knees like Amy's, and wore light green high heels. "Hey guys." Amy greeted them with. "Hi! Amy, you and Shade look nice!" Her voice filled with excitement. "Thanks, you guys do too!" They stood in line in the dark for a couple of minutes before walking inside. They stood on a concrete platform with steps on either side, a giant flashy dance floor full of a sea of people were beneath them. "Wow! This place is packed!" Amy had to scream over the techno music that boomed throughout the building. "Let's go!" They all ran down the steps before working their way towards the middle of the group. They all started dancing closely as to not get separated. After a couple minutes, Amy went up to Shade's ear and yelled into it, "Could you get me a Shirley temple?" "Sure!" He slowly danced his way to the bar on the other side of the dance floor. Sasha approached Amy. "So! What's between you and Shade?" She asked her dancing friend. "I guess we're a thing now!" Amy yelled over the music. "Nice!" "So you two bet on when we'd get together?" "Yeah!" A luxray wearing a red dress shirt with tan khakis and black sneakers worked his way towards Amy.

Shade walked through the crowd holding two red drinks carefully, as not to spill them. When he reached the spot, he saw Amy talking to a luxray. "Sorry!" Amy said to him. "But I'm here with…" Amy looked behind her and saw Shade. She ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him. "With my boyfriend!" She yelled over the music. "Boyfriend?" The luxray had a kind of eastern accent. "Oh, ok." Before anyone could react, the luxray pulled out a red switchblade and swung it down at Shade's face. Blood flew out into the air before Shade flew backwards, onto the dance floor.

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