Chapter 29: The Last Target

Shade hopped out of the hummer and thanked the croconaw that drove him. He approached the door and opened it to see stair, after stair, after stair. Shade walked up tiredly, His muscles sore from the two consecutive fights today. He groaned each time his shoe hit the step. He was exhausted, sore, and his jaw felt numb. He finally arrived at the door where Amber's home was. He entered and walked forward towards where he remembered the couch being. He sat on it and laid down. He stretched and yawned before being sucked into a deep sleep.

Amber heard someone enter and got up off her computer. She peeked her head around the corner of her computer room and saw Shade laying on the couch, already asleep. She laughed. "Must be exhausted after the day he's had." Amber sat back down on her desk chair and continued to type into the computer. Right now she was trying to triangulate the location of the third assassin. She had already gotten a name. The Audino's name was Sheik Albaker. "What's with all these foreign assassins?" She noticed that the Sandslash and the Banette were also foreign, and so was the body of the assassin found at the club. She laughed to herself. "That must have been Shade's doing." She clicked a few things before a box popped up. It said, RUNNING IDENTIFICATION SCAN. It would hack into the street cameras and run scans on the faces of all who get caught in the camera's view. Once it found a match, it would alert all other cameras and take a snapshot of the location. She yawned. Staring at a computer screen most of the day was tiring. She slowly advanced towards the stairs before taking one last look at Shade. He laid on the couch, his left arm hanging off the side and a small line of drool coming out of the corner of his mouth. She continued up the stairs to her bedroom. It looked like the rest of the house, but with a queen sized bed and a TV across the bed frame. She laid down on the cushioned mattress before falling into a deep sleep like Shade.

Amber was the first one to wake up. She got up, walked downstairs and went to her computer. She saw that the scan was still running. She sighed before deciding to try and hack into Jolt's database. She tried before Shade came, but with no success that time. She typed in a few codes before a beep noise emitted from her computer speakers. She was in. Amber decided to look and see if the database had any frequencies that would connect to the assassin. She opened up a file and saw three of them. One was labeled, "Audino" She clicked it open. Inside were a few pictures of people with their faces crossed out. They must have been the already dead targets. She scrolled down the screen and saw a blacked out photo. It looked like a glaceon. "A glaceon?" She then heard a beep from the speakers again. The scan had found something. She opened up the window and saw that the Audino was entering a nightclub. "Strange… Wait a minute." She went to a normal browser and looked at the news. The most recent one was a picture of the dead victims. She scrolled down some more. There was the picture of the dead Luxray with his face in the floor. The picture was taken exactly last week on Saturday. Amber looked at the day today. It was Saturday. She jumped out of her chair and ran towards the sleeping Shade. She started to frantically rock him. She only received a groan. "Damn it!" She then pulled Shade's sleeve, tugging him to the side. "SHIT!" He flopped out of the couch, onto the floor. "What?" He groaned as he pushed himself to his feet. "Come see this." Amber lead Shade into the computer room. She pulled up the article about the guy Shade killed at the club, and then the database for Jolt's army. "Look at this." She lined both pages up with each other. "Jolt is sending the Audino to the club today, exactly one week after the incident. And last week, you and Amy were both there right?" "Yeah, your point?" "Is it possible that Amy could be going today as well?" Amber asked. Shade realized that the club only opens at night on today. "CRAP!" Shade secured his katanas, and ran out the door. "Shade!" He stopped in the doorway. "Good luck." He nodded at Amber before rushing down the stairs, and out the building.


Amy was in her room, softly sighing to herself as she slipped into a shiny blue dress. She looked in the mirror. "I wish Shade was here…" She had been unable to be happy since Shade had left. Her friends invited her out tonight to try and change that. She sighed again, before a gentle knock rang on her door. "Amy? You ready?" Sasha called. "Yeah…" She slowly walked to the door and opened it. Her friend stood there, wearing a short green dress, and blue high heels. "Wow, mixing it up are we?" Amy asked smiling. "Yep, hey… you just smiled!" Sasha hadn't seen her friend smile at anything in a long time. "Come on let's go!" Sasha pulled her friend out of her room, down the stairs, and out the door.

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