Chapter 1: The Intro

(Krystal's P.O.V.)

I smiled over at Fox as the meal he was eating was all over his fur, and he was oblivious to it as everyone smiled while looking at him. We were in a restaurant eating spaghetti, but as Fox continue to eat, it was more of like he was wearing it. With a giggle that made Fox stop eating, I reached over with a napkin and began to dab at the sauce everywhere in his fur. He smiled as he set his fork down before grabbing my hand, and then taking the napkin and wiping the sauce off his face even more so. "Fox, when are you going to stop being such a messy eater?" I asked as he chuckled beneath the napkin.

While I took another bite from my own food, I never once removed my eyes from him to make sure he was cleaning his face. When he removed the napkin, I saw he had matted fur instead now. I set my fork down and looked at our plates; we are mostly done, I guess we can always just go whenever now. I looked up at Fox as he smiled and he asked, "Are you ready to go now?"

With a slight nod, I smiled some more as he took out his credit chip, and swiped it along the reader in the side of the table. When he looked back up, his eyes twinkled in the rooms light. I'm so glad he found and saved me on Sauria… if I had died on that planet, I wouldn't have had such a great life. What has it been now… nearly four years since that time?

"Hey, uh Kryssstal… you feeling alright?" I shook my head briefly as I looked up and into Fox's concerned gaze. I smiled as the look reminded me of some far off and forgotten memory.

I got up and out of my chair as I said, "Yes Fox, I'm alright. Let's go, I'm ready to go to sleep already…" It was true, and it was proved by the yawn that was soon issued afterwards. He smiled as he got up as well, and we were soon walking out of the restaurant.

The crisp air outside nipped at my warmth beneath my fur, causing me to reach over and pull Fox closer to me so I could receive some of the excess heat he somehow had. I sighed happily as the feeling of drowsiness once again returned to me while I held close to his side. Smiling happily while his thoughts were beamed out towards me; I even managed to feel the skin beneath my fur heat up from a few of the compliments he was thinking about me. The stars in the night sky were sparkling brightly as we walked down the streets; enjoying each other's company.

"Hey Krystal… I'm sorry to ask, but was Cerinia anything like Corneria?" Fox asked as he looked up and at the sky with me. I felt a breath hitch in my throat at the mention of my home planet, along with a few tears beginning to gather in my eyes. That particular subject still hurt me deeply, but Fox was the one and only one I was willing to discuss it with; and the one time Falco dared to make a cocky remark about it, he hadn't slept well that night. "No, no… if you don't want to talk about it, we can avoid that subject…" Fox said as he quickly stepped away from me and grabbed my hands.

Grabbing his hands as well, I quickly pulled him closer to me and said, "It is still cold out… and yes, Cerinia was everything like Corneria. Yet it was missing one thing…"

As Fox was pressed to my body, he chuckled lightly and nervously as he asked, "What is it?"

I looked back forward as I smiled widely enough to show my teeth, and I said, "It was you Fox. You were the one thing that was missing…"

"T-Thanks K-Krystal." Fox said nervously as we began to walk again. I know there was someone on Cerinia that was going to become my mate… but it has been so long, and so many things have happened I can't remember who it was… or if it really was someone I was going to mate with one day.

I can't believe it took us this long to get to the Arwings… Fox and I stopped in front of the large building that housed our Arwings when we were planet side. I smiled as the prospect of sleeping in a warm bed seemed to radiate out from the hanger, which would enable me to get to the Great Fox. When it felt like someone was watching me, I looked over and saw Fox staring towards me with a dazed expression; even his mind's thoughts were sluggishly focused on me. I giggled quietly as I leaned over and kissed Fox on the side of his cheek. It took a few seconds before the fur around his muzzle began to radiate a faint reddish color beneath his red fur, but that was enough to make me laugh loudly. I know you wish to ask me to marry you Fox… but I also know you must be the one to 'make the first move' for that step. I'm just glad I can watch your embarrassment for the time being.

Fox reached over and unlocked the door while his hands shook slightly, and I took this chance to mess with him even more. I reached over and placed my hand on his, and helped him guide the key into the slot to unlock the door. When the lock clicked, I stepped back and froze and watched the key slot as my eyes widened. I have done this to someone before… but who! Was it here on Corneria? … no… it can't be, so where?

I shook my head as Fox turned and looked back at me, and I offered him a weak smile so he wouldn't notice the shock I had just felt. I shook my head again as I followed him inside the building, and I forced myself to change my thoughts as I focused solely on Fox's form…

(Hero's P.O.V.)

"Life here is such a treat, but such a waste…" I muttered to myself as I raised my mug of alcohol and downed what was left in one gulp. The loud sound of blaring music grated against my ears as men and women alike cheered loudly. Even sitting ten feet from the nearest group was still too close, but it was the best I could do with for now; so I let it be. I was sitting in a corner of the bars room in a booth with rounded seats, and a round table to accompany it. The light above me was flickering while I was bathed in shadows. "Waiter!" I called out, and set my mug back down on the table. I reached into a pocket along my jackets pocket, and took out a wad of the local currency.

When the waiter finally came over, she was holding another large mug of the alcohol they called the best in all of underground bars. I looked her over beneath as her tail ears were laid back and her tail flickered every once in a while; I think she was of a lynx species from the spots on her fur. She set the mug down as she stood back up with her hands along her hips, and I smiled beneath the shadowy hat I had on and I asked, "So what you doing tonight beautiful?"

She scoffed as she said, "Once again Hero, you will never have the privilege of getting in my bed… now you know the deal, ten solid credits."

The look on her face was anything but amused as I counted out and held out eleven credits to her, which she quickly took as I chuckled and said, "Maybe one of these days, waiter."

"It has been two years and you're not even a step closer… so keep dreaming. And don't touch my tail or it will be worse than just a smack." I smiled widely as I leaned back again, and she watched me closely as she turned around and began to walk away with the empty mug. I shook my head slightly as I reached my hand over and grabbed the other mug. When the light actually cast its light on my arm and hand, I once more saw the custom armor I constantly wore. It was a full body armored suit that had ballistic dampeners; that enabled me to fall from great heights or get hit by anything without suffering too much damage. Next to the armor was the synthetic muscles encased in the first and deepest layer to the system; this gave me strength that rivaled that of any foe I had ever faced, and I could knock aside a vehicle if it was light enough. Thirdly was the laser resistant fabric that covered every surface of the suit; the double layering and cross stitching had more than once saved my life. Next to me and under the shadow of the tables edge sat my helmet, and it was state of the art among anything on Corneria; it had technology not even the top military personnel have even dreamed about.

Picking up the mug and taking in a big gulp, I sighed as we, the mug and I, watched everyone around us. I let my head lull back as I lost consciousness briefly. When I came back too, it seemed a dozen or so minutes had passed, "God… it has been so long since I have had a decent sleep."

Reaching over, I grabbed my mug once more and took another chug. I set it down on the table as I used my gloves to raise my hat, and set my head on the table. The air around me stilled as my mind slowly began to go blank and dark, but just before that happened, I shook my head to rouse myself. I sighed as I reached over and grabbed my helmet from beside me; I used the brief time the light was off to slip my hat off and my helmet on. I sighed once more as my alcohol scented breath filled my helmet. I can afford a brief nap as long as I make it to that robbery tomorrow…

With that final thought and breath, I let myself fall into a slumber on the countertop of this table…

Same area, ten minutes later…

A pair of females entered the bar, and both were armed with heavy blasters as they went up to the bartender. The one in the back, an avian, observed everyone in the bar, but the one that walked up to the barman was a grey wolf and asked, "We are here searching for a mercenary of high skill… we believe he goes by the calling; Hero."

"So you two are here for that drunk, eh? He's right over there in the corner; I can't guarantee he will be willing to talk." The barman said, to which the wolf nodded her head and turned around. The wolf followed his directions and walked towards the corner where a light kept flickering on and off.

Coming to a stop in front of the table, the avian of the two asked, "Should we wake him up?"

"No… you can go now, I can handle him when he wakes up." The wolf said as she slid into the booth beside the sleeping form of Hero. She smiled as the avian walked away and back towards the entrance, but she was scooting closer to the sleeping form. When she was right beside him, she lifted his form off of the table and set his head in her lap. She muttered very quietly, "If only you would let me get to know you better… we could become the most dangerous mercenary team in the entire galaxy, even more so than that starfox team…"

As his chest rose silently beneath his armored form, the wolf reached over and downed the last of the beverage in his mug; she grimaced as soon as she tasted the liquor in the mug. "How can he stomach anything as cheap as this…?"

(Hero's P.O.V.)

When I woke up, I was comfortable as it felt like I was lying down, I must've fallen into my seat while I was sleeping… all is well, it just means I'm better rested. I raised my hand until I was covering the faceplate of my helmet, and now that I knew for sure no light would hurt my eyes; I opened them slightly and looked at the time. Hm… if it is 9:43… I got around two hours to relax before I need to arrive… guess I can get up and go get some food in some backwater restaurant.

When I lowered my hand, I saw a familiar wolf above me, and I felt my muscles, synthetic and biological, tense up. I moved to quickly get up, but she held me down, and it was now that I felt conscious of where I was; pacifically in her lap. I frowned beneath my polarized faceplate as she said, "Relax hotshot, I'm only here to make a request from you… one that you can't refuse."

"I'm not taking any job you have to offer, especially after what your last offer was." I said back and began to force my way up. When I was up, I looked around and saw the entire bar was deserted, and desolate of any kind of life. I moved out of the booth as I stood up and began to move towards the exit of the bar; until something collided with my back. I landed heavily on the ground and quickly bolted into action. I rolled over onto my back and grabbed my knife from my hip, but before I could pull it out and unsheathe it, she pounced on top of me and held the muzzle to her blaster along the side of my temple, but well enough in view. If it wasn't for the canines of this planet being so agile, she wouldn't have succeeded in that maneuver… it is so much easier to fight those typical venomains.

As she nudged my helmet with the barrel of the blaster, she leaned closer and said, "Now, now Hero… you wouldn't want to refuse someone like me, now would you? I can tell you this much; my job will pay you much better than robbing some second class loan bank."

"Your jobs also bring out the worst in me when things become confusing. Any other reason why I should help you?" I asked as I felt myself growling deep in my throat. She smiled deviously as she used her other hand to trace down the jawline of my helmet.

I felt the seal on my helmet flick open and the rest of it to slide loose; I jerked my hand up and grabbed her wrist before she could lift it. "You can always just let me get to know you better…" she added with a soft giggle, "If I'm not wrong, you already got enough credits to pay off a year's salary for any leader. But I'm sure you would rather to have me instead of some backwater waitress."

Letting go of her wrist, I resealed my helmet and secured the seal better as I said, "I would rather have neither you nor the waitress, drunk or somber… now get off of me… I will do your bloody job."

She grinned as she removed her blaster from the side of my helmets temple and moved off and away from me. As I stood up, she pressed a holochip into my palm, and the door to the bar opened; the bartender was the first to step in, then the waitress. The wolf in front of me slid her hand down the chest plate of my armor and looked up at me with a sweet smile that sent chills down my spine and goose bumps down my arms. "Find a holoplayer… your objective is to be completed before noon today. Find a safe spot to stay, and you can watch the fireworks…" she looked over her shoulder and towards the two Cornerians watching from near the bar, but then she looked back at me and said, "See you later tonight, love."

Before she walked away, she had to do her signature kiss on my visor; she always made it a point to leave a mark along the glass. She turned around and walked towards the entrance, but not before flashing a smile at the bartender and waitress. We all watched her go through the door, and when it slung closed, the both looked towards me with expectant looks. I sighed as I looked down at the chip in my palm, and while I was looking at it, I could already remember the horrifying experience I had last time we had met. My shoulders slouched as I let my head hang against my chest, Time to find a new hang out spot if she found me again…

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