White Collar- Prison Break – Part 8

Neal snuck out of the cell and down the corridor, hoping that his normal luck was with him and none of the prisoners happened to be awake and looking out to raise an alarm.

Andre was waiting for him, lying on the bed so as not to give anything away to the guards but wide awake. He wasn't carrying anything that Neal could see unless it was under his clothes. Neal quickly unlocked the cell door and let him out putting a finger to his lips that Andre shouldn't say anything. He was relieved beyond measure when Andre reached under his mattress and pulled out a large notebook, tucking it into his trousers and pulling his shift over the top, and then did the same with his knitting needles. Andre saw Neal looking at the needles

"They belonged to my grandmother" Andre told Neal in a whisper. Neal nodded and stepped out into the corridor, leading them through out of the cell area, opening and closing several locked doors on the way. There was no sign of any Guards. It was a lot easier to break out of prison when the authorities were on your side Neal reflected, it almost took all the fun out of it.

The team should be waiting just outside the West entrance to the prison to arrest them. This was the riskiest part of the plan since the camera's were not working and Neal had to keep quiet, there was no way for the surveillance team to know whether everything was going to plan until Neal opened the final building door and they got outside.

They entered the kitchen area which was reassuringly dark and deserted when Neal saw the figure in uniform waiting for them, he thought for a moment it was Peter, and was irritated that Peter had insisted on being here instead of trusting him to get it done. Then as the figure stepped forward Neal realised with a sinking feeling that it wasn't Peter.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Myers asked.

Neal saw Andre reaching to his waist. As much as he disliked Myer's he didn't want to see him skewered. At least the guards inside the prison were not allowed to be armed, Neal thought, just as Myer's grabbed a baton from the table next to him. Well at least it was two to one, Neal thought as Hardman stepped out from behind some shelves also holding a baton. Neal decided to stop looking on the bright side. He hadn't expected that everything would go to plan, as Mozzie would have quoted "Every plan is good until the first shot is fired".

"You caught us." Neal surrendered, holding up his hands and putting them on his head. Hoping the surveillance team was still listening and that Andre wouldn't do anything stupid.

Peter waited worriedly outside the West entrance with the rest of the Harvard team, wearing his Guard uniform when Diana came flying out of the van.

"Myers has intercepted Neal" she told Peter breathlessly. Peter cursed. They had intended to arrest Myers and Hardman for prisoner abuse as soon as they came off shift but they had never come out of the prison.

They didn't have permission to go storming inside the prison with guns, the prison had special response teams for that and Peter didn't trust them not to accidentally shoot Neal.

"I'm going in" he told Diana and Jones. "Get the prison response team ready, if we aren't out in 10 minutes you'll have to send them in."

Peter got inside, the guard on duty seemed completely unaware that anything was going on. Peter hurried to the West entrance and worked his way back the way Neal was supposed to come until he came to the kitchen. He could see four men inside, Myers and that other guard, Neal and Andre. Neal had his hands on his head, looking a little wide eyed. Peter tried to catch Neal's attention without alerting the others but Neal was focused on Myers and he didn't look happy with what Myers was saying.

"Oh no, it's not going to be that easy Caffrey. Dubrek here is scum, but at least he knows his place" Myers told him threateningly as Hardman and one of the other guards edged closer to Andre, getting ready to subdue him. Neal watched Andre's hand slide down to his waist where he had stuck the knitting needles.

"You think you're smarter than us, but you're not so smart now are you?" Myers gave Neal a shove, causing him to fall down and his stitches pulled painfully. Myers loomed over him as Neal climbed up to his feet slowly. He could have run for it. He was fast and only needed to evade them for a few minutes until he got outside. The problem was he didn't know what Andre would do to the guards. Myer's might be a bastard but he didn't deserve to be skewered by Andre. Neal just had to try and both sides from hurting anyone, especially him until Peter arrived with back up. The problem was he had absolutely no idea how he was going to do that.

Peter opened the door distracting everyone. Unfortunately this gave Andre the opening he needed. He grabbed Hardman by the neck and jabbed a needle into his neck, causing him to cry out.

"Stay back or he dies" Andre warns everyone as Myers takes a step forward.

"Everyone calm down" Peter tells everyone. "There's no need for anyone to get hurt here". He told them all in that calming manner he had.

Neal looked a Peter with relief in his eyes, glancing behind Peter and back questioningly to ask where was the rest of the back-up. Peter shook his head slightly to indicate that they were still outside. Still at least Peter raised the odds slightly in Neal's favour he thought.

"What are you doing here Powers?" Myers asked confused

"He's helping Neal and me" Andre told Myers smugly. "Isn't that right Officer?"

Myers looked like he might be about to have a fit. Neal only had a few seconds before he attacked someone and when that happened all bets were off. Neal was going to have to do something he really wasn't comfortable with. He was going to have to tell the truth, well part of it anyway.

"Myers, the truth is Powers is an undercover agent, he was here investigating Dubrek for an identity scam he's been running right under your nose." Neal told him.

Peter backed him up

"Don't do anything stupid. Help us subdue Dubrek and I'll give you credit in the arrest." Peer told him. He decided not to mention the prisoner abuse charges, in case Myers hadn't put two and two together.

Myers looked confused. Dubrek on the other hand looked furious.

"Do you think I'm stupid" Myers asked, Neal resisted the urge to answer.

"You think you can betray me?" Andre told Neal angrily. "Well you are going to hold up your end of the bargain and get me out of here or I skewer this guy" he ordered. Neal nodded and edged towards Andre. Myers lunged forward a step at the movement causing Andre to poke the needle firmly into Hardman's jugular, making him cry out. Myers and the others froze, Neal used the opportunity to grab the book from Andre's waistband and run for it. He heard Peter shout but ignored him. He had to keep everyone's focus on him.

Neal didn't look back, it wasn't necessary as he could hear Andre and Myers and from the sound of it everyone else chasing him. His side burned and he could feel wetness on his chest. It felt like torn stitches. He hoped it wouldn't leave a scar. It wasn't that he was vain about his looks, scars made you easily identifiable. He bounced off a wall as he turned the corner. The door was there, only a few yards away. He felt someone grab at his arm and twisted out of the grip trying to knock them off balance. There was a grunt behind him as if people collided. He risked a look back, Peter had tackled Myers, there was no sign of Hardman or one of the other guards who hopefully had just been abandoned behind them and not skewered, but Andre shoved past them and was breathing down Neal's neck as he hit the locked door. He fumbled for Peter's card, this was no time to be sniffy about picking the lock and held his breath while it took a precious second to click to green. It was long enough for Andre to tackle him. He punched Neal, once, twice. Neal managed to get his arms up to deflect some of the blows but Andre's fist caught him on the side of his head, making him see stars for a second. He managed to kick Andre's feet out from under him as the door clicked open and scrambled outside. Andre tackled him and they both went down, Andre was in a red mist, punching and kicking at Neal they struggled. Neal considered himself to be fit but Andre was bigger, stronger and psychotic, he knocked Neal down and was on top of him, drawing out his remaining knitting needle.

"This is for my Grandmother" He told Neal, madness in his eyes with one hand on Neal's throat, squeezing he raised the needle to strike it into Neal's face. Neal grabbed his wrist the needle millimetres from his left eye.

So this is how my story ends, Neal thought briefly, as he struggled to keep the needle away, he was having trouble focusing and he was so tired. He was sorry he didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Peter and hoped he didn't blame himself too much as his arm gave way another millimetre.

Then came the most beautiful sounds Neal had ever heard.

"Freeze, FBI! You're under arrest. Don't move or I'll shoot" Unfortunately Andre was in a blood mist but they agents were on him knocking him off Neal and restraining him. Neal lay there unable to move, panting to get his breath back.

"Peter, inside..." he managed pointing to the open door as Jones and Diana grabbed his arms and pulled him up. Neal put his head down between his legs, dizzy. The next thing he knew they had returned with Peter, Myers and Hardman the latter two handcuffed. Peter walked over to Neal who managed to stand mostly upright, still lightheaded

"You okay?" he asked

Neal put on the most pathetic , exhausted expression he could manage, which he figured was plenty exhausted and pathetic.

"Peter?" he whispered croakily

"What's wrong?" Peter asked concerned

"I want tomorrow off" Neal told him. Peter smiled and nodded.

"Sure. No problem. In fact you did such a good job you should take two days." He offered kindly. His expression turned quizzical

"The book?" he asked Neal who retrieved it from the ground where he had dropped it when Andre tackled him. He handed it to Peter who opened it and flicked through a satisfied grin spreading over his face.

"We got him?" Neal asked

"We got him" Peter confirmed grinning. Peter clapped Neal on the shoulder and steered him out of the prison.

Peter clapped him on the shoulder as they walked over to the others.

"You know its Friday today right?" Peter added.

The End