Chapter One

I've Got A Feeling

The wind rustled through the leaves of Goshinboku, the revered tree of ages situated on the Sunset Shrine. With each shiver and shake, the tree communicated its unease to the family that lived under its influence.

The Grandfather paused in his daily sweep, and looked to the tree, then glanced down the stairs. The boy was still there... and no teenage boy ever hung out three days in a row across the street from a shrine. Especially when there were was a shopping square with a game center and inexpensive eateries just around the corner.

Resuming his sweeping, he pondered the reasons why the shrine would be watched. Foremost in his thoughts was that terrifying three days a few weeks ago, when his beloved granddaughter had destroyed the Shikon no Tama. Such power in her, tempered with a kind, pure heart. He bowed low to the Goshinboku and clapped before moving away. To give thanks for such a warning was only proper.


Kagome walked up the stairs slowly, the crushing grief for her lost friends and Inuyasha threatening to suffocate her. She was coping with her return as best she could, but occasionally the grief was incapacitating. She'd tried going into the well shrine, but the debilitating fear she'd lived with inside the Shikon no Tama stopped her cold whenever she thought of jumping into the timeslip.

Inuyasha said once that he could be happy, knowing I was on this side with my family and friends. But, I... I want to be with him. Perhaps its like Mama said, and I should focus on my duties here and now. Give the worry over to the gods, since it does nothing but make me feel worse. And maybe, in time...

She took a deep breath as she reached the top. The two men who had followed her home from school again took up their usual places. It seems the present has its own set of worries to deal with, anyway.


Aiko Higurashi looked out of her kitchen window again. These watchers meant no good for her family... there was no other reason for them not to introduce themselves. She wondered if Kagome's travels had been noted, or if the other matter had come to light. She finished the manjuu dough and put it aside to work on the filling. Pulling out a head of cabbage, she deftly chopped it up with the ease and speed that came with over twenty years of cooking experience.

Her thoughts centered on the unwanted attention the shrine was getting as she scored the mushroom caps. Well, her daughter wasn't the only one with odd connections... though it had been over sixteen years since she last saw him; accepting her parent's will to break ties with the foreigner and marry a certain Higurashi boy.

Yes... she'd speak with Father tonight. Her friends could fly them out of Japan tomorrow... and with the god's favor, she'd have Kagome in her father's hands in a matter of days.




Okay, for those who aren't as keen on details from the movies as I am, Tony graduated MIT at age 17. That was clearly in the eighties per pictures... yep, I recognize the styles. His dad's been dead 20 years, and the indication is that it was right around Tony's graduation. That would make him between 37-39. However, for Kagome's age of 16 to fit, I have to cut about three years off. So in my fic, he's 34. IM3 update: He says he was fourteen in 1983, so that makes him 44! Oh well, he gets a decade off in my fic.

Yes, since they met at University, Aiko was the older woman. It's not illegal there for a twenty year old to sleep with a seventeen year old... well, unless the parents make a fuss and are Somebody.

For my purposes, the Chitouri invasion happened while Kagome was trapped in the jewel.

Please enjoy my newest turn in the Avengers/InuYasha crossover universe.