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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty

The End


1963 was a momentous year, marking the debut of both the Beatles and the Iron Man comic book series. So, in thanks for a generation of rock and roll we'll never forget, the title Every Little Thing and all the chapter titles (including this one!) come from the Beatles' body of work.

I used ideas, mentioned or used characters, and was generally inspired by the following: AC/DC's discography, the Beatles' discography, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CLAMP's manga, Doctor Who, Five For Fighting, Gone With The Wind, the website Hagakure Productions,Alfred Hitchcock, Hungry Lucy's Apparitions CD, Inuyasha: Sengoku no Otogi Zoshi, Kawaiden, Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar, Marvel Comic's current line of movies, Monty Python, Ozzy Osbourne's discography, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, the Twelve Days Of Christmas, the Twilight Saga's OSTs (Even if you hate the movies, their soundtracks are awesome), The Wizard of Oz, Yu Yu Hakusho. Everything was used without permission. I make no claim on their respective owner's property, nor have I received any recompense.

Thanks to my mom, who nagged me to start writing again and threatened me with dire consequences if I quit. I have no idea what the consequences were going to be, but I know you mean dire. :)

Thanks to my betas, Zeika, Ari-the-Writer, BunnyWK, and Jellolids. You guys made the mediocre superb.

A huge thanks to everyone who read my story. I never thought I had it in me to plot and write a novel length tale. Your support and enthusiasm got me through those weeks when I just couldn't make anything sound right.


Tony answered the phone with a grin, throwing the Skype feed up on the wall. "A very happy New Year, daughter dear. Did you like your Christmas present?"

Kagome huffed, very tempted to jump a plane to America. "Oh, I enjoyed watching my father's house be blown up by a maniac. Hearing ON THE NEWS that you were dead was an even better present. Not hearing from you apart from a text sent two days after Christmas was just the icing on the cake!"

Tony winced, seeing her powers spark. "Yeah. Right. I dropped the both of you, didn't I. I am so, so sorry Kagome."

She buried her head in her hands, relief coursing though her... though Tony immediately started telling her not to cry. "Dad, I've been at Mama's for three weeks. How do you get into messes like this so quickly?"

"Uh, hmm. Genius, maybe? Sorry you had to inherit that ability. But, hey. When you get back I'll take you out, make up for it. You'll probably be happy to know I won't be in the lab all the time anymore. I even had JARVIS destroy the house party on Christmas."

She choked, looking at him wide-eyed. "Destroy? You mean dismantle, right?"

"Nope!" He grinned. "Blew 'em up over the ocean. Better than fireworks."

"Tou-san no baka," she groaned. "Aside from breaking the strict Green policy you hold your employees to, you do know the value of titanium and gold these days, right?"

"Oh. Damn. JARVIS!"




And that's the story. Wow, been a fun ride hasn't it? And it's not quite over... look forward to Every Little Thing: Behind The Scenes. It will be a collection of scenes, background stories, and vignettes that didn't fit into the main story.

As for those of you who are damning me for not following Sesshoumaru's tale further, well... that would require a sequel. Which I do have ideas for... and scenes written... but it really depends on Thor 2, which I haven't seen and doesn't come out on disk till March. I do promise that if there is a sequel, it will have regular-length chapters. Telling this story in five-hundred word increments was a huge challenge I have no wish to repeat. :)

Till my next tale,