Chapter Fifteen

Come Together

They were surprised to see Thor standing with Fury by the elevators. "Everyone but Banner, that's a surprise." Fury commented, eyes glancing over them all.

"Curiosity is a strong motivator," Natasha commented, entering the elevator that had just opened. "Considering Stark normally wouldn't be happy with me within five hundred yards of any of his properties, I just had to see what was worth him throwing a party for this little group."

Clint's mouth tipped in a small grin. She's going to hold onto that forever and a day, the marksman chuckled to himself. Natasha wasn't the forgive and forget type. He discretely took in her slim figure and the copper silk that made her skin glow, his fingers tensing for a moment as he thought of anyone else ogling her as he was. My she-devil, he thought as she flashed him a scorching look.

Completely ignoring the couple, Steve was first out of the crowded elevator. Tony was waiting just inside the living area, grinning foolishly. "Hey, welcome everyone... except you." he said, pointing to Thor. "You are a party-crasher and can turn right around and leave. Back to Asgard, my regards to your father. Thank you, no, I'm serious, don't go out..."

He threw up his hands as Thor brushed past him. "Really, Fury, did you have to have a plus one? I mean, I never really would have put you two together like that, but doesn't the government frown on that sort of fraternization?"

His temper on a slow boil, Fury tried visualizing ice as he replied to the ass in a suit, "You did say Avengers, and he is one. Besides, apparently Pepper wanted him here, according to Odin."

Tony's eyes narrowed at the thought of peeping gods. "You don't say. Oh, shit..." His brain connecting peeping god with the male who just went out the glass door, Tony turned and went after Thor like the hounds of hell were after him, the group catching snippets of his ranting. "Pepper! He's... out there... without supervision... Keep him away..."

"He's acting like he's got a confidential piece of Stark tech out there." A thought hit Natasha and she smiled widely, and quite cattily, as she headed for the patio. Pepper was talking to a middle-aged Asian woman, a small boy and teenage girl by her side. Tony had managed to catch up with the Asgardian halfway, but the prince was trying determinedly to join the group.

Giving up, Tony motioned to them all while stepping between Thor and the women every time he moved. "Everyone, I want to introduce an old friend of mine, Aiko Higurashi. We met in Tokyo during my MIT days. And this is her son Souta, who can talk about A.I. technology more intelligently than any other kid I know. And, last but definitely not least, this is..." His face quirked into a smug smile as he motioned to her, "this is our daughter, Kagome."

Definitely worth the trouble, for such priceless reactions...




They meet!