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Summary: The first time always hurts, so she heard, Sakura (however) felt different about the entire situation, in fact, there was no pain at all, just the most intense mind blowing, lip biting pleasure she had ever received in the history of all her orgasms.

Epilogue – Deep

The final bell rang loudly in Sakura's ears. She looked up at the clock from her doodling and closed her notebook. She gathered her books and walked out of the classroom.

The day had rather flew by quicker than normal, not that she cared honestly. Her mind was elsewhere. Sakura headed to her locker and smiled brightly when she found her lovely boyfriend waiting patiently for her.

She and Sasuke had been together for a year, today, and everything couldn't have been more perfect, despite the fact that Sasuke had continued growing and she remained shorter than ever. Sasuke reached out and pulled her to him while she got on her tip toes and placed a chaste kiss on his lips, smirking (and ignoring) the jealous remarks she had gotten from all the little skanks obsessed with her boyfriend that stood off in the corner.

She pulled away and playfully pushed Sasuke aside as she opened her locker to put her books inside.

Sasuke stepped up behind her, gripping her hips softly, and his lips pressed against her ear. "Want to come to my place after school?" He purred softly in her ear.

Sakura smiled crookedly.

"Depends," she shut her locker and turned to look up at him, "what are we going to do at your place after school?" She asked with a hint of cockiness in her tone.

Sasuke shrugged. "I have a few things in mind."

Sakura's lips curled up and she kissed him again.

Before they could get swarmed by their friends and see what their weekend plans were, Sakura took Sasuke's hand and quickly led them out of the school. They both walked to the familiar camaro that sat in the back of the school's parking lot. Sasuke reached into the pocket of his very baggy pants, and pulled his keys out.

He pressed the unlock button, and Sakura quickly climbed into the passenger side, while Sasuke climbed into the drivers side. He wasted no time to turn the engine on, let it roar a little (making everyone a little jealous) and he sped off out of the student parking lot and into the road, heading to his place.

Despite how calm she looked, the butterflies in Sakura's were fluttering wildly in the pit of her stomach, making her nerves shake uncontrollably.

She knew what Sasuke had planned, and being a shy little virgin (sort of) it didn't help much.

"You okay over there?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah, just fine." Sakura smiled at him.

He reached over and took her hand in his, bringing the back of it to his lips, and he kissed it.

Sakura blushed a little. Sasuke can be quite the Casanova.

They pulled up into his driveway and Sasuke turned the ignition off his baby and the two teens walked into the empty house, kicking their shoes off next to the door. Itachi wasn't expected to be home soon because he had gotten a new job, and pays more money, and takes up most of his days.

They headed into the kitchen and Sakura sat on top of the counter while Sasuke fixed her something to drink. He handed her the cold glass of water and watched as she took a sip. Sakura brought the glass down and licked her lips tantalizingly, teasing Sasuke.

Sasuke stepped forward, pushing her legs apart. Sakura looked him in the eye and placed her hands on his broad shoulders.

The raven haired teen moved forward and he brushed his lips against Sakura's making her own quiver.

Sasuke enjoyed teasing her, since day one.

After he heard Sakura whimper, he finally slammed his lips over hers.

Sakura moaned and she clenched her fingers into his shoulder muscles – which had magically appeared out of no where. After Sasuke joined the basketball team, he had worked out and gained so much muscle, and he somehow grew taller. Sakura gasped when Sasuke gripped her tiny waist and pulled her closer to him, feeling his already growing erection through his pants.

Sasuke broke the kiss and he looked into Sakura's emerald orbs, dilated and black.

He dipped down to kiss her neck and Sakura tilted her head back, hitting the cabinet with a soft thud.

Sasuke toyed with the hem of her shirt, his thumbs brushing her hip bones (which he had found out recently how much she enjoys it when he touches her there). No surprise, he was rewarded with a sweet little moan from his girlfriend as he continued to rub her hipbones.

Sakura moaned directly in his ear, and he clenched her waist.

Sasuke gripped her legs and he wrapped them around his waist. Sakura clenched her legs around him, making sure she wouldn't fall and Sasuke crushed his lips over hers and carried Sakura to his room.

As he stumbled clumsily into his room, he deposited Sakura onto the mattress and watched as her deep green eyes watched him hungrily while he pealed his t-shirt off.

Sakura sat up on her knees on the bed and she began placing soft kisses all over his well toned chest. He wasn't all that buff (like body builder on steroids buff) but his muscles were clearly visible, as well as those washboard abs.

Sakura tried not to drool.

Her boyfriend is damn beautiful.

Sasuke watched through half lidded eyes as his girlfriend licked and sucked on his nipples and she slowly moved down, her tongue creating a wet trail to the button of his pants. Sasuke climbed on top of Sakura and she parted her legs to let him lay comfortably between them.

Sakura always loved how Sasuke kissed her when they first started dating.

But now, man it was a tad bit hard to keep up.

His kisses almost swallowed her whole (just by how deep he would kiss her). Sasuke pressed his hips into hers and he moved his lips down to her jaw line, down Sakura's neck and his tongue dipped into the hallow of her throat before it swiped over her lovely collar bones.

Sakura moaned and Sasuke had ripped her shirt over her head, leaving herself in a cute hot pink bra with a black lace design over the cups.

Sasuke kissed her chest and his tongue moved between the swelling of her large breasts before he sucked on the mound. Sakura's eyes closed over and short breaths escaped her full pouting lips.

Sasuke pulled the straps of her bra down, letting them hang off her shoulders and he kissed the soft spot beneath her collar bone. Sakura was in heaven. Sasuke kissed his way down and he unsnapped her bra from the bra expertly with his teeth. Sakura moaned as his tongue move over her nipple while his fingers twisted and pulled on the other.

Sakura's chest heaved as she breathed rather quickly. It felt so good. No matter how many times Sasuke had played with her breasts, it always made her stomach flip and she could feel her womanhood just throb deliciously; a familiar heat pooled and soaked her panties.

Sasuke's tongue flicked over her nipple before he wrapped his lips around the pink flesh and began sucking gently on it, his teeth nibbling and biting all the while.

"Sasuke." Sakura breathed.

Said male looked up to his girlfriend. She looked so beautiful laying there with her face flushed, her lips parted and her eyes dilated with pure lust.

He reached up and cupped her breasts and began kneading and squeezing them, and he felt her nipples hardened against his palms. Sakura gasped and her back arched into his hands. Sasuke smirked watching his girlfriend squirm. He loved making her squirm.

"Oh god..." Sakura moaned, the spot between her legs still throbbing and saturating her underwear with her thirst, her sweet liquid heat.

Sasuke kissed his way down to her navel and he tugged on the ring, making Sakura gasp and she moaned as he sucked on it, gently sucking on it between his teeth.

He ventured south and smirked, noticing the nice wet spot her jeans sported. Sakura whimpered and she bit her lip and arched her hips, wanting him to finally touch her.

"Sasuke please... I need to—ahh! Please." Sakura whimpered, her hips jerking up when he toyed with the button of her jeans. Sasuke unbuttoned her jeans and slowly, agonizingly slowly pulled them down. Her cotton, hot pink panties were soaking wet.

Sasuke placed his hands on her inner thighs, keeping them open whilst his tongue flicked out and he teased her by licking her dripping entrance through her panties. Sakura cried out and dug her head into his soft pillows. Sasuke moaned in response and he finally decided to stop being a tease; he pulled her panties down and dove right in. He sucked on her clit while his long fingers slipped inside her tight entrance. Sasuke moved his fingers rapidly in and out, creating soft squelching sounds as her fluids continued to spill out of her while his tongue flickered over her very swollen clit.

"Ah! Sasuke! Ohh—!" Sakura chewed on her lip and her hand reached down and she clenched his hair between her fingers, pulling on it.

Sasuke moaned and pulled away, leaving Sakura whimpering and throbbing.

He moved up and rested his chin on her chest.

Sakura breathed unevenly.

"Do you want to?" Sasuke asked. That's when Sakura noticed how hesitant he looked. She couldn't help but smile. It was times like that when she realized how much she loved Sasuke, when he was thinking about her feelings. Sakura slowly nodded. Sasuke moved up to kiss her tenderly on the lips and he pulled away to reach into his nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom.

She watched in fascination as he pulled his pants and boxers down, and he ripped the condom wrapper with his teeth, and he slipped it over his erection. Sasuke moved and positioned himself between her legs. Sakura felt the rubber of the condom rub against her and her eyes widened as Sasuke slowly (carefully) pushed himself inside, inch by inch.

Sakura clenched his hips and she whimpered.

Sasuke moved down and he kissed her cheek, his lips pressed against her ear and he whispered comforting words as he continued pushing himself inside her tight entrance.

"It's going to hurt."

She could hear Ino's words pounding in her head.

Sasuke stopped.

"Are you ready?" He asked, feeling her resistance poking against the tip of his cock.

Sakura slowly nodded her head, her fingers practically digging into his hips. Sasuke pushed himself all the way in and Sakura whimpered, her nails dug deep into his hips, and Sasuke knew he was going to have marks there. Sakura breathed heavily and bit her lip.

It did hurt, but it wasn't as bad as Ino said. It was more of a sore, throbbing pain than a sharp feeling that lasted for minutes. Sasuke kissed her forehead, her nose and her lips. Feeling him inside her only made it feel so—

"Sasuke move... please." She whined.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes." Sakura gasped.

Sasuke kissed her lips chastely and pulled his hips back, and thrust them forward. They both moaned.

"Oh fuck." Sasuke groaned. The dull ache had subsided and Sakura moved her hips up to meet his thrusts. Sasuke moaned and he moved back so he was sitting on his knees. Sakura looked up at him through half lidded eyes and she licked her lips, her hands clenching his satin sheets.

Sasuke gripped her hips, keeping her steady while he thrust himself in and out, slowly and steady. Sakura cried out. It felt so good, no... it felt fucking fantastic.

She wanted more, despite how good it felt with him moving slowly.

"Sasuke... faster." She spread her legs.

He complied. His hips moved faster and her reached down to rub her clit, for added pleasure.


He moved on top of her again, his arms on either side of her head. The fast thrusts of his hips sent jolts of pleasure all the way up and down Sakura's spine.

"Harder." She whimpered in his ear.

Sasuke thrust his hips harder, faster. His cock moved deep inside her, hitting her cervix. Sakura bit his shoulder and Sasuke moaned deep in her ear, making her blush despite how red her face already was. Sasuke could feel her inner walls begin to clench around his cock and he knew that she would come soon. Sakura moaned when Sasuke moved his hips faster, determined to make her cum first.

"Sasuke! Sasuke—ah!" Sakura tossed her head back, her cum coated the condom, but Sasuke continued moving. He wasn't too far behind.

Sakura squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip, hard.

Sasuke's body stiffened and he came with a deep groan, his hips slowly coming to a complete stop as his body collapsed on top of hers.

They both breathed heavily from the after math of their love making. Sasuke kissed her lips and Sakura smiled in the kiss. He sat up and slowly pulled himself out of her entrance. Sakura sighed, suddenly feeling empty. Sasuke removed the condom, tied the end, and walked to the bathroom to throw it away.

Sakura lay on the bed, tired as fuck. The sex definitely took a lot out of her.

Sasuke walked back into his room and he pulled his boxers on, and lay next to Sakura on the bed; Sasuke pulled the sheet up to cover their bodies.

Sakura moved so she was laying on his abs and muttered something about him being really comfortable, sleepily.

"I assume you liked it?" Sasuke asked, passing his fingers through her silky pink tresses.

"Yeah." She answered. Sasuke felt her smile against his stomach.

Sasuke tilted his head back against the headboard of his bed.

Sakura yawned.

"Next time will be better." Sasuke said, promising.

Sakura smirked.

"I don't doubt that for a second." She responded.


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