A second meeting

The Avengers being the nosy bunch they were, iit was unavoidable that the rest of the team soon found out just how special Tony's future child was.

"Hmm," said Clint, blinking a little. He didn't seem overly concerned by the revelation. It was yet another consequence of their job. When you see aliens and Norse gods on a daily basis, human magic almost seemed like a letdown. "Magic. How strange."

"I have indeed heard about Midgardian magic," said Thor, voice booming. He looked delighted by the new development. "To be blessed with such a power is the ultimate gift."

"Not when it could kill me," Tony pointed out rather grimly and Thor expression dimmed.

"I do apologize my friend," he said, looking down, "I did not mean to make light of your situation."

"We should go back to the…club," Steve offered, speaking up for the first time since the magic reveal. It was funny that he looked more unsettled by the whole idea of "clubbing" and of "hooking up" then the whole existence of magic affair.

"I think that is a wonderful idea," said Bruce, pushing himself off of his seat. Tony wondered if he knew he had just volunteered to go investigating with him."Maybe someone at the club knows who your mystery lover is."

Tony looked down at his ratty t-shirt and debated whether he should go change in to something more presentable.

"Yes," Natasha said, as if reading his mind. She looked bored by the whole affair and was filing her nails with a very dangerous looking sharpener.

Tony sighed and allowed himself to be dragged upstairs by Pepper who had came back after walking the doctor to the door.

The bartender who had served them that fateful night was luckily on duty and surprisingly remembered Tony enough to greet him with a smile.

"Hi, it's nice to see you again." he said, "We don't officially open until 5 but I don't mind if you want to wait here until then."

"I'm not here for fun unfortunately," Tony replied, shaking his head in mock sadness. "You seem to remember me from all those days again. I was wondering if you knew the identity of the guy I left with the other day."

The bartender shook his head.

"I don't think so," he said, "Although, I do have to admit he looked awfully familiar. Maybe he's some kind of celebrity? We do get one of those once in a while."

"Oh," Tony said, thinking back to the man's features. Yes, now that the bartender mentioned it, the man had looked rather familiar although his name still eluded Tony. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it," the older man answered, "But oh! I do remember something. He came here with a red-headed girl whom I saw home after my shift because she had been to drunk to walk. If you give me a good reason why you are looking for this guy, I may just tell you where she is currently staying."

"I just found out I got knocked up," Tony said bluntly, confident that no one will relate his current condition to Tony Stark. Tony also figured this was the best way to get the bartender to give him the desired information.

The bartender choked.

"She's staying at the Excellion Hotel. 11th floor. She told me her name was Ginny."

"Ex-lover or relative do you think?" Tony asked as the limo slowly made its way downtown, carrying him and a reluctant Bruce who had been forced to come along for the ride. Tony had decided for the sake of efficiency, they should operate in pairs instead of in big groups. Pepper hadn't been happy but ultimately relented in the face of Bruce's agreement that he will play back-up.

"It could be a family friend," the doctor pointed out, "It's possible, you know."

"I guess," Tony shrugged, "I'm starting to believe that whoever my mystery lover is, he is some kind of celebrity. Not everyone can get a room at the Excellion after all."

"That is true," Bruce said, knowing full well the reputation of such an establishment, "But at least you don't have to worry about being accused of being a gold digger."

"But I'll have to tell him about who I really am."

"If he really is wizard, I doubt he would be fazed by this whole gender changing debacle."

"Point," Tony said, happy that it was Bruce who had came along. They got along the best after all.

In a glorious stroke of luck - or fate as some would say - the duo bumped in to the girl they were looking for in the lobby of the hotel. And she wasn't alone.

"Ouch," said Tony, feeling something hard ram in to him.

"Tony!" Bruce said, coming over to help him just as someone else exclaimed, "Ginny!"

Ignoring his own pain, Tony turned to look at the girl and noted the red hair just as the bartender had said. Which could only mean…

"Oh! Hello again. You're Antonia right? This is a big surprise."

Well, Tony thought, that had been easier then expected.


Next chapter: Revelations and talk about the baby.