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The word is unfamiliar to her, strange on her tongue. It even tastes bitter in her mouth, and don't even get her started on the vision it provokes from her mind. She is sure she will never visit this place, this palace of skies, these streets of gold. Because, really, she's not a good person. I mean, c'mon, let's face it. She's a monster. She is never going to visit this place, whatever or wherever it is.

Her idea of heaven is strange. Her image of heaven is not heaven. It is of blood, of silver knives thump thump thump-ing into targets, of blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys that wield swords just so perfectly. It is heaven when she walks onto the stage-her stage, she thinks to herself-and that blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy calls out, "I volunteer!" Because to him, this is heaven.

His heaven is breaking her bones; of shattering them so they crack and crumble beneath his fingers, shattering them so they turn into powder, slipping into the air and looking like something from a fairytale. A dark, twisted fairytale, one of little voices inside his head whispering soft lullabies that make memories swim to the surface (as well as rage), but still a fairytale all the same.

His heaven is breaking her. He wants to break this girl, with her black eyes-darker than his heart he thinks, and a dark shiver goes through him because he wants to see just how messed up she is-and everything about her, because he knows that it'll come down to the two of him, he just knows it. And he wants to give the audience a good show, because Two is sarcastic and sadistic and okay, just a little bit insane, and this is what they're known for. And he knows one thing- the Seventy-Fourth Hunger Games has to have a winner and it's either gonna be him or her because they're insane and sarcastic and sadistic and one hundred percent District Two.

If Clove lends him her hand in these Games, they will conquer them all. And it will come down to Two. He knows it. They'll kill them all.

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