The Second Hunger Games

Hey guys! I have decided to do a SYOT for this. You can only submit tributes by PM. I will not accept review submissions. You may enter as many tributes as you like! Here is the information I need in a submission. Name, District, Appearance, Info about family and life before reaping, whether they were reaped or volunteered, if reaped, what was reaction, and if volunteered, why did they do so? I also need to know whether they would be willing to form alliances or not, and if so, with who? Please also tell me whether they have any kind of romance, their best and worst weapons, strengths and weaknesses, and their interview angle. Also, because these are early games, there is no such thing as careers yet. I have decided that there will be no Careers until the 5th games. Thanks!

Gamemaker Quince Parsnell looked down at her map of the arena for this year's games, and smiled. Last year's games were a complete success. Although the arena was basic, just a forest and a lake, it had really left an impact on the districts. She remembered the citizens of the districts last year, their horrified expressions when the children died. It was perfect.

But she was determined that this year's games would be even more satisfying. The arena was a mountain range with a lake in the center. The lake would definitely draw the tributes into a fight, even though there was snow at the top of the mountains, for those who were strong enough to travel that far. There would be bloodshed and disaster, and fear would be tasted all around Panem.

So, that's the story so far. I know it was short, but it's just an introduction to the second games. I will be making chapters of reapings in different districts once I get tributes. I need all 24 tributes, so submit away! Again, submit as many tributes as you'd like! Thanks!