Sakura's First time with Syaoran in the Kitchen

Author: SwEeT AnGeL Rating: R

Summary: Touya hears something in his little sister's room that is kind of disturbing.and he decides to investigate

Type: One-shot humor/romance

Author's Note: This is just a silly little one page fanfic I thought up of as I was in the middle of writing chapter 13 of Finding a Mother, Becoming a Mother. Here ya go! I don't care if you review or flame me, though.

Touya was in the dining room, finishing up some math homework, with one eye on his work and one eye on the wall separating his sister, and the Brat, who were in the kitchen.

Fujitaka had let Syaoran come over to their house for a stay, and persuaded Touya to let him stay.

Of course, if it was Touya's choice, he would kick the Brat back the Hong Kong where he came from-and where he belonged.

After solving another problem, he decided to take a break. He started to walk toward the kitchen, when he heard some giggling, and some voices.

"Relax, Touya's not home. And he won't be, for a loooong time," came Syaoran's seductive voice.

There was more giggling, and Sakura said, "Sorry! This is my first time doing this, and I don't want someone to burst in here."

Touya was alarmed. What could they be doing that was Sakura's first time?

Touya smacked himself on the forehead. He could kill the Brat. In the kitchen? That was GROSS.

"Crack it," Syaoran ordered.

"I can't! It's too hard," Sakura complained.

"Try. I can't do it for you. C'mon." Syaoran encouraged Sakura .

"Okay." Sakura's voice was sky, and then she exclaimed, "Ew, it's so gross and drippy."

"They all look like that," Syaoran replied, and said, "Moving on. I have to teach you how to do this in less than an hour."

"Okay. After that, what?"

"Just do it like this," Syaoran showed Sakura.

Touya strained his ears to hear, and Syaoran said, "Yeah, nice and easy. Just slowly, but strongly. Keep on going, you're doing fine."

", what?" Sakura's eager voice made Touya wince.

"Now I'm going to hold it, and you're going to scrape it in."

Touya wondered, with a quizzical look on his face, 'scrape it?'

"Wait, can I lick it first?" Sakura asked, and Syaoran said, "Of course. But don't do it too much, or else we'll run out."

"Okay, now we're going to put it in your *cough*!" Syaoran coughed, choking.

'Cough? What the heck was the cough supposed to mean? Her virginity?' Touya asked himself.

He was bristling in anger, but had enough sense to restrain himself from going into the kitchen and killing Syaoran.

After about ten minutes and a lot of giggling from Sakura, Syaoran said, "Well, we're done. Your first time was a success!"

By that time, Touya had had enough.

"WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING IN THERE??" Touya yelled, his face red from fury.

"Baking a chocolate cake?" Sakura said, "Duh?"

A/N: Haha.yeah, there are a lot of other versions of this. But different. Hehe..oh yeah, the thing they cracked and was hard was an egg (a chicken egg), and the cough was supposed to be an oven. But Syaoran coughed, so Touya couldn't hear him. And neither could you.. Review!!