Loki's POV

I began cornering Flynn, my disk raised in an offensive position. That's the creator of the grid? I expected more I thought to myself.

"Ha! You're Flynn? You just look like another petty mortal to me." I said this smugly.

"You're Loki...right? Why are you working with Clu?" Flynn asked.

I quirked a smile. "Yes I am Loki and I am a god you pathetic mortal. And why I'm working with Clu is none of your business." I said.

"You're not going to win." Flynn said.

"Ehehehe. Where exactly is my disadvantage? For one thing Clu and I are the ones in charge and you're basically powerless against us!" I said this maliciously.

I could see Flynn taking out his disk. "I'm guessing this is what you and Clu want?" Flynn asked.

I looked in awe at Flynn's disk. That's the key to getting out of here I thought. My mouth was slightly agape as I stared at the disk.

"Unfortunately for you I'm not going to let you get my disk." Flynn said.

Before I could react or say anything in response Flynn rezzed his light cycle and sped off.

Oh no way! There is no way I'm going to let Flynn get away! Not when I'm this close to getting his disk I thought to myself.

I rezzed a light cycle of my own and sped off in pursuit of Flynn. I then cornered him with my light cycle and derezzed Flynn's light cycle with the light band coming off my bike. I could hear Flynn scream in surprise as his bike derezzed. His bike derezzed with a loud 'BANG!'I could see Flynn slide along the smooth surface of the street.

I took out my scepter poised to strike. You've lost Flynn I thought to myself.

I smirked as I saw Flynn hastily get up. To my surprise Flynn put his hands to the ground and released a shock wave.

I starred wide eyed as I got hurled by this shock wave into the nearest building. I could vaguely see Flynn speeding off in the direction of the Outlands.

A few moments later I could see Clu's light cycle coming to a stop near me.

Clu got off his bike and looked at me with what seemed to be a disappointed frown.

I got up groggily onto my feet. "Flynn got away, Clu. He fled to the Outlands." I said.

"I know...but worry not, Loki. We can still get his disk." Clu said attempting to be supportive.

"How ,Clu?!" I asked this in a frustrated tone.

"I know exactly how to get that answer, Loki. I captured TRON. We should be able to use him to get our answers." Clu said as he smirked.

I nodded and then looked in the direction of the Outlands. A new era has begun.

End of Part 1

Continued in Part 2