Chapter 1

It was 1979 when they first came, I wasn't even alive. They said they came from their dying planet, they need refuge and we gave it too them. They now live in what used to be Europe and Russia, they now call it Eurasia. We don't know much about what happened but their females started dying out and then their planet did the same. Now they have half our world and they need our females to keep their race alive.

They started a ''breeding programme'' , well that might not be the right word but basically every females DNA was processed into a computer which analysed it and tried to match it to a male in Eurasia, some got matches and were paired. The pairs are basically soul-mates, if you believe in that but its very difficult for the females to accept the Revenant (the aliens, if you want to call them that) way of life. The males are dominant and they have a very different way of life.

Today, the moment you are born they take your DNA and try to match it to a male in Eurasia if your not a match then you live life very normally. If you are a match your genetics are altered through a series of injections through out your life(every 3 months) then when your 16 you get your final large dose of Deleaosen. These drugs change your body and brain, on the mentality side of it your sense all improve ten fold, also your brain is faster, develops faster and processes more. Physically your height excels for example at 16 years of age you could be 6'', also all your organs are larger and you start to slow ageing after 22.

These changes are made because Revenant males are 8-9 foot tall at fully grown and live to be about 200 years old.

That's all we, as a public, know about the Revenant because they are secretive and don't want the human public to know everything about them but our government know everything. We live at peace with them but I can't see how we can just hand over a third of our female population to them. Many of the girls who are paired are taken away at 16 to be with their mates. Its hopeless because since then only males have been born, no female Revenant have been born. So that means we sustain a race that should really have died out years ago when their five ships landed on our planet with ten thousand of their males.

Being the people we are we helped and today there is around half a million Revenant living in Eurasia. I think it was a huge mistake..