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Chapter 8

''Come on, Edward. Try harder, imagine yourself...''

Carlisle was relentlessly trying to teach Edward to turn back to his normal self, well I suppose his not usual self, but his human looking self. Anyway and as hard as Carlisle was trying he was getting no results. I watched them from the lounge, like I had for the last three weeks, and each day Edward was getting increasingly frustrated and Carlisle was getting less and less patient with him. I could understand Edward's frustration, he had been exiled from the house and to an extent me, due to his new awkwardness with his wings.

I sighed and turned away from them, my arm was still encased in the infernal device they call a sling and my fingers were still splinted. I hated being broken, I hated the way Edward looked at me; he was so guilty and sorry for what he had done. The sooner I could be done with it, the better. I finished my coffee and left our section of the house, I was beginning to enjoy the immaculate garden around the house. I have had a lot of time to myself over the last couple of weeks because Esme and the boys had gone to the capital for business, so I have taken to reading the Revenant Handbook in the garden. I'd learnt a lot about their culture and how it has become so like ours in the little time they have been here, how they speak English before their own language, how they slowly die without a mate, how they love unconditionally and I could go on about them. I discovered I was in awe of them, they had changed so much so they wouldn't frighten our race. I had finished the chapters on their anatomy, their culture, the mating and I was starting the re-production chapter. I didn't want to have kids now, obviously, but it never hurt to know about it. Right? I sat down on one of the benches and flicked open the page and started reading.

'' Reproduction

After the mating, the females reproduction organs begin to slowly change and prepare for pregnancy, this can cause some discomfort and pain. After the reproduction organs have fully developed, the female goes into heat for a week every three months. During this time fertility is high and the need to reaffirm the mating is also very strong.

Pregnancy is some what similar to a normal human pregnancy, but gestation is generally longer and multiple births are exceptionally rare. Also, almost all offspring are born by C-section, and offspring are born in true form, but quickly change to the human Revenant form.

Pure-blood pregnancy: Pregnancy is tough on the human female-broken ribs are common, complications are common and fatalities are uncommon, but do happen. Therefore most mated couples are only allowed two children. Gestation approximately sixteen months.

Mixed- blood pregnancy: Pregnancy is also tough, but broken bones and complications are uncommon. Therefore mated couples are allowed up to four offspring. Gestation approximately thirteen months.

Half-breed: Pregnancy almost identical to human pregnancy, therefore mated couples are allowed as many offspring as they decide on. Gestation approximately twelve months.

Turn to page 137 for in-depth information on Pure-blood pregnancy and genetics.

Turn to page 139 for in-depth information on Mixed-blood pregnancy and genetics.

Turn to page 141 for in-depth information on Half-breed pregnancy and genetics.''

I flicked to page 137 and slowly read through it. After reading it, I was pretty put off having children ever. I closed the book in distaste, some chapters were obviously better left unread. I shoved the book under the bench and lay down, enjoying the sunshine on my face. I must have dozed off, only to be rudely awakened by a gust of strong air. I opened my eyes, Edward was standing by the bench looking down at me.

''Hey'' I smiled gently.

''Hey, enjoying the evening sunshine?''

I nodded groggily, he laughed and lifted up my head and sat down. Gently laying my head back down on his lap, I snuggled into the side of him, sighing gently, as his tail wrapped around my waist.

''Any luck with changing back?'' I asked through the bond.

''No, I'm just frustrated at this stage''

''Don't worry you will get it eventually''

He grumbled, I giggled at his petulant state. He began slowly stroking my hair. I relaxed against him and watched as the fading orange sun set lower in the sky and the clouds turned glorious shades of pink and purple. We stayed there for a while until I started getting cold. Without a word he gently lifted me up into his arms and quickly took off into the darkening sky, but all too soon we were back into our garden. He smoothly put me down and kissed my head.

''You should go inside, it's getting cold'' he whispered. I nodded, I missed him and I hated how he was distanced from me. I turned and left him retreating into the warmth of the house. I left our wing of the house in search of Carlisle, I found him in his office.

''Hi Carlisle, I was wondering if you could take a look at my arm. I was wondering if I didn't need the sling and splint anymore?'' I asked.

''Of course Bella, no problem'' he quickly looked over it. ''Well looks like if, you feel like it, you don't need it. The bonding obviously worked'' he laughed.

He promptly removed everything and sent me on my way. I made my way to the joint living space where I found Jasper and Emmett bickering over Forza motorsports, much to my surprise. I laughed at them, they turned around to look at me.

''Hey Bells, long time no see!'' he paused.'' Hey, what the hell happened to you?'' Emmett said after scrutinizing me.

''Your brother'' I said, standing awkwardly, still holding my arm sub-consciously.

''What? Did Edward do this?'' Jasper yelled, butting in. I nodded.

''Don't worry, guys. It was an accident, he didn't mean to'' I defended Edward, knowing they were pissed.

'' An accident, an accident! Who the hell does he think he is? He hurt his mate, Jasper look at her. I can still see the bruising. Where is he? I am going to go in there and rip him a new one. That bastard!'' Emmett roared, stomping down the hall I came up, Jasper following suit. I sprinted after them.

''Guys! Stop, you don't know anything about it. Leave it.'' I said to them blocking their way.

Jasper looked down at me.

''Yes, we do Bella. We are taught one thing from day one, never hurt your mate. Edward failed, he hurt our little sister. He's getting what's coming to him, so respectfully, get out of our way''

I slowly let them pass, I was a little shocked to say the least, but I followed them in.

'' Edward, where are you? I am going to beat your pretty face, ugly when I find you!'' Emmett roared, it was quite funny really.

They saw Edward moving outside and went after him. I followed them outside, they had Edward cornered.

''I'd beat you senseless if it would make a difference, your an idiot. You hurt her, didn't Carlisle teach you anything?'' Jasper growled.

''I know I screwed up, every time I look at her I see what I did to her. I didn't mean to!'' Edward snarled back.

''Don't you dare get angry at us, you need a good beating and then some, you broke her during mating, the best night of your life was the worst of hers. You're a pure-blood you should have known better than to wait!'' Emmett growled.

''What was the alternative? To rape her? I wanted her to be okay with it, god if I could take it back I would! I hate myself for doing that to her.''

''If you so much as lay a finger on her without her consent again, we'll make sure you never be able grace a magazine cover again'' Jasper snarled, turning and walking off, closely followed by Emmett.

We were soon left alone.

''I don't blame you, you know. I don't hate you'' I said quietly, he looked up.

''Really? How could you not? How can you trust me?''

''I just do, I love you'' I answered.

His lips were on mine before I could think, they held a passion I hadn't felt before. I kissed him back hard. His intoxicating scent was everywhere. The heat between our lips made a moan escape my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, not wanting him to pull away. He places his hands on my waist, deepening the kiss. I breathed heavily as our tongues grazed each other and I felt the hot friction between us become unbearable. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed me up against the glass wall, I groaned. His lips left mine and he trailed hot kisses down my neck, I was panting against him. A hand on my waist moved up my stomach to my covered breasts and started to massage then gently through the fabric. He slowly brushed the underside rubbing his thumb firmly over the nipple. I felt like I was on fire. He attacked my lips again.

I arched into his hand and grabbed his shoulders to hold him close. As he started plucking at one nipple then the other, I moaned into his mouth. This seemed to spur him on.

I felt him responding, a thick bulge was growing ever so quickly against the outside of my hip. I wanted to reach down and stroke him. I grinded against his rock hard cock earning me a deep growl from his chest. He suddenly shivered and broke off the kiss. I looked up at him his skin was now a beautiful milky white, his wings gone and his eyes the dark emerald green, that I loved.

''Edward'' I gasped.

''I know, not now'' he growled. Next thing I know, I'm upstairs under him on our bed. He ripped off my top and bra, my nipples hard against the cool air. Making me shiver. His lips descended onto my nipples, sending an electric shock straight to my core. I arched against him, whimpering.

''Edward, please'' I moaned.

He pulled off my jeans and panties in one swift motion and then he was gone from me for a second before returning utterly naked, his tail snaked down between my legs flicking against my clit. I was writhing underneath him, I was so close. He suddenly plunged the top of his tail into me, I yelled out as he pumped me fast. He bit done on my mark on my collarbone, it was my undoing. I yelled out as my orgasm crashed over me, I was in ecstasy, completely high off of him. I looked up at him and his eyes had long since turned black. As I rode out the waves of my orgasm, Edward thrust his cock into me. I cried out he was so big, my walls were clenching around him. He started to quickly move in and out, the feeling alone made me want to come again. I was floating, I arched under him and moaned. He snarled, rapidly thrusting into me. I soon came again, and he followed shortly after me, spilling his seeds into me. I was completely out of it, he never failed to make me feel euphoric.

He collapsed to the side of me, his tail, damp from my juices, happily flicked against my leg. His arm's wound around me and pulled me close to him. I could feel his chest vibrating against my back, he was purring. I was exhausted and sleep promptly took me.

The next morning, I woke up sore and stiff in all the right places. I stretched out, enjoying the sensation. Edward's arm and tail tightened around me.

''Good morning, fy nghariad'' Edward spoke softly. I smiled and turned to look at him.

'' Morning, what on earth does fy nghariad mean?'' my curiosity getting the better of me, he chuckled.

''I knew you couldn't resist asking, it means my love or my forever in the old language'' he smiled.

''You can speak the old language?'' I asked, genuinely surprised. It was apparently rare for anyone to be able to speak it.

''Yes, I have to be able to for my job'' he said softly, I nodded. After a while in his arms, I needed to get up and do something for the day.

''Can you let me up? I need to go have a shower''

''If I let you up, can I join you?''I swatted his arm and glared at him.

''No, not a hope in hell'' He groaned in distaste, freed me and rolled over in bed. I got up, my legs stiff from the night before and awkwardly waddled to the bathroom. I heard Edward growl in my head.
''You look so sexy not being able to walk properly because of me, just remember sweetheart I'm the only one who can do that to you''

I shivered involuntary, quickly shaking him from my mind I climbed into the shower and let the hot water defuse my muscles. The room was full of steam by the time I got out of the shower, I quickly wrapped myself in a long, fluffy towel. I stepped out of the bathroom, only to be met by Edward's predatory eyes staring at me from the bed. I quickly dashed across the room, squeaking as I went. I slammed my dressing room door closed behind me, I heard Edward growling behind the door.

''Go and get dressed, you perv! Don't you have better things to be doing?'' I yelled at him through the door

''No, there's only one thing I should be 'doing' right now''

''Get your head out of the gutter and let me get dressed in peace!'' I yelled at him. I heard him huff and stomp off, I laughed at his antics.

I threw on a pair of jeans and a turquoise and grey plaid shirt. I peaked out the door, only to see the room empty and hear the shower running. Shaking all thoughts of water rolling down Edward's naked body, I went downstairs and flipped on the kettle. I went down into the living room, collapsed onto the sofa and absent-mindedly started flicking around on the TV channels. A news report caught my attention, a young woman was standing amongst a group of people celebrating.

''Yes, well as you can see the capital is in celebration much like the rest of the country today, after it was announced yesterday that his royal highness Prince Edward has indeed claimed his mate. The eldest son of his majesty King Carlisle and her highness Queen Esme, is said to be in high spirits and adjusting well. The people now eagerly await a glimpse of the next queen. The only question that remains, is when will the young prince take his rightful place as the next King of Eurasia?''

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