The Step Toward Tomorrow

Kagome heaved as she desperately tried to catch her breath. The tears were blurring her vision and making her unable to run any longer. Her phone kept buzzing in her back pocket, probably Sango wondering where she'd gone, but she couldn't talk. When she opened her mouth only the sound of another sob tore from her throat. Sitting on the curb before her knees could give out on her, she gripped her chest as her heart continued to painfully slam against her rib cage.

How could she have been so dumb? How could she have been so selfish, to ask him to put his life on hold and wait for her. She'd lost the love of her life by pussy footing around and trying to string him along. Her throat burned from her effort to halt her tears, and so she simply placed her head in her hands, letting the salty water flow through her fingers and onto the pavement.

"Kagome!" Removing her hands from her face, brown clashed with violet as she looked into Inuyasha's wide eyes. Gingerly she got to her feet, wiping her nose and dusting herself off.

Inuyasha could only stare at the distraught girl in front of him. The whole time he'd been running all he could think about was this moment, what he would do and what he would say. But now he was frozen to his stop, his throat tight with the words he couldn't say. What was he even supposed to say? He fixed his lips to say something, anything, but Kagome beat him to the punch.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, eyes downcast and watching her feet. She moved to look at him once more and he flinched at her tears. "I'm so sorry for everything. I was stupid and selfish and I...I hurt you, for that I'm the most sorry."

"I tried you know." He said finally finding his voice. "I waited for you with my phone attached to my hip waiting for you to call, every second of everyday I sat staring at that stupid hunk of metal. Why didn't you call?" His voice was soft, quiet. The pain oozing from his words making Kagome feel lower than dirt.

"Because I'm a coward and I was afraid of...this. Every time I touched my phone I got the shakes, every nerve of my body on fire with the thought that you'd found someone else and wouldn't want me anymore." She chuckled though it was a haunting and hollow sound, "and then tonight my worst nightmare became a reality."

Another streak of tears fell down her face, and she started when Inuyasha's warm hand came up to wipe her cheek. She leaned into his touch, relishing in the feel of him for what would probably be the last time. She lifted her hand to his, curling her small fingers around his larger ones.

"There was a time when I thought I could hate you." He whispered due to their proximity. "Ayame, the girl from earlier, was there for me. She listened to me and was there for me to lean on." Kagome tried to pull away but he wouldn't allow her to move, was hearing how amazing his new girlfriend was payback for breaking his heart?

"Ayame was everything I could ask for, everything I could've wanted, but then tonight I saw you." Kagome looked up at him at that, his words allowing a sudden hope to bloom in heart. "Reality hit me the moment I looked into your eyes and I knew, no matter how hard I tried, there'd never be anyone else for me."

Kagome gripped his hand daring not to breathe, but she had to ask, "What about her?" Are you sure the room she's created in your heart will allow space for me?

"She's the one who convinced me to follow you. We were friends before we started dating, so she's always known how I feel about you. I think she's suspected for some time now that my heart was never really in it." Inuyasha averted his gaze guiltily, but the tightening of Kagome's hand brought his eyes back towards his face.

"She cared about you enough to let you go, and I'll be forever grateful to her for it." Inuyasha smiled down at her and her heart soared. Reaching up she planted a passionate kiss to his lips and Inuyasha returned it with fervor. Their tongues clashed and their teeth gnashed and all too soon they were coming up for air.

"I love you Inuyasha, more than words will ever be able to explain."

"I love you too wench, forever and always." Their lips met again, but this time is was soft, exploring. After everything they'd been through they needed to get to know each other again. This kiss meant starting over and neither of them could wait begin their new journey together.

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